CLOSED TPBs, Hardcovers, Omnis priced low!
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🤝🏻 💲 This thread is open good faith buyers. Please be prepared to make payment within 48 hours of receiving an invoice from me. I accept PayPal or Zelle.

:takeit: First take it wins. DMs are open.

📮 I will ship these to you at cost via USPS Media Mail. I will share the package weight with you and my sender address. I follow the golden 📏 and ship unto others as I would have them ship unto me: with care.

📦 I have packaging on hand in the form of cardboard mailers and boxes that you'd expect to receive with 1-3 slabs in them. I can get bigger boxes if you are book hungry, but even Media Mail can get pricey as the box gets bigger and heavier. Returns are accepted at your shipping cost if dissatisfied; I pay for returns if I have mispresented the book somehow.

🚫 Would-be buyers on probation or in the Hall of Shame are disallowed. And that one guy from before--he knows who he is--he definitely can't transact in this thread or PM.

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