It's been 80 YEARS! Class of 1942
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On 11/21/2022 at 12:06 PM, sagii said:

When I posted in the Looney Tunes Thread today that Tweety debuted 80 years ago today in his first short, it got me to thinking i used to post anniversary Threads by years a little ways back. Gap in time, and I may have done '42 on it's 75th anniversary five years a go. But what the heck, great year for golden age as the U.S. had officially entered WWII the previous year, so War covers were in full swing and an 80th year anniversary is a big deal 

I'll kick it off, show what ya got, here's to the class of 1942! 

Four Color #16.jpg

68 pages of entertainment for a dime...

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