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CSG Senior Grader Andy Broome Interviewed by Tampa Sports Radio Stars

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Before I go and waste my time listening, does he address any of the following questions:

Where are the larger cases and why do you continue to push false information to individual customers about when they will arrive? Who still remembers them telling you they will be here in May? Now it's two months from now. yet a Customer Service rep told me they were getting small quantities in periodically. Those most likely are earmarked for the higher submission levels.

Why after being drowned in a sea of cardboard are they still accepting submissions when they don't have the supplies nor the employee capacity necessary to fulfill the current backlog?

Why did you set turnaround times at 60 "estimated" days, change them to 199 days and then refuse to return our cards when customers decide they don't want to wait that long? Can I change my mind and only pay half for the service? No, but you can change your side of the contract? 199 business days is now entering PSA turnaround times prior to their shutdown. They will have shorter turnaround times once they open back up. Why then should we submit with CSG instead of PSA? ROI? No.

Why are customers who submitted cards in March getting the option to have their orders partially shipped back but my order from February that only needs two of the larger cases still sits there with no email for me?

Yeah, he doesn't address those questions does he? Why is Andy Broome hiding and not addressing the real issues with his organization?

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I seriously doubt he has much to do with this honestly. I imagine yo'ure probably looking more towards the director of operations, or their boss.

As someone who's income is reliant on selling cards at the moment I definitely feel your frustrations.

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On 6/16/2021 at 4:43 PM, tmoore_25 said:

You're probably right but considering they have made him the face of the company, he should be the one addressing those issues.

They only give the canned fluff corporate answers.. once someone asks serious questions they disappear.. sad

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