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Back Centering

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On 2/6/2022 at 8:45 PM, Glen Campbell said:

I am curious if the centering grades apply equally to the front and back of the card.  Most grading companies are less critical of the back of the card, but your grading criteria does not specify a difference.  Some clarity would be appreciated.

Hey Glen, I don't know their specific grading verbiage for the back, but I can tell you with certainty that they grade the back very tough. CSG is, in my opinion, by far the toughest grader on the market right now and part of that is bc they go after the back pretty harshly. If you want the true grade of the card then go with CSG, but if you want a higher grade from a company that doesn't ding for the back, SGC is your go-to. They are extremely lenient on the back. PSA is pretty lenient too. 

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On 2/12/2022 at 12:54 PM, Jeremy Autry said:

Grade hardest and sell for about the cheapest= not a formula for success.  Great for PC I guess 

Selling for the cheapest is temporary. I don't know why people are expecting a company that's been in business for just a year to have the same ROI as PSA when other grading companies that have been around decades still don't. The short sightedness of this hobby is staggering.

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They’ve been in the grading business much longer.  I think based on many factors including billing far in advance of getting cards, the claim they are the hardest grader, etc.  No one is saying it doesn’t make sense for a select few.  Also BGS killed themselves by encouraging no subs and shutting down for so long.   They basically refused business also and cut their own nose off. You also would think if a company were giving out tougher grades then their cards would be more scarce and sell higher.   Short sided maybe but turning a profit several times over before CSG catches up isn’t a dumb concept.  One day they may be the place to go.   Just not now for me.   But hey if you like being billed 2 -3 months before getting your orders, If you like pop control grades, and a neon label in a big plastic holder then that’s your call.  Mine was to give them a chance.  They delayed all orders, lost CC #s,  billed early, and the grades were inconsistent as different orders rolled back to me.  Short sided doesn’t really fit my experience.  All companies service is bad.  Most just have some upside currently.  Lastly no one expects them to sell at PSA level but more than 20% over raw would be nice.  Lol 

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