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Potentially unlicensed 2007 Tennis cards on eBay

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While looking for new Ace Authentic cards for my PC, I came across what feels similar to the "1993" (2001) Ichiro Suzuki HWL unlicensed cards.

Apparently, someone in Duluth, Georgia formed a company called Ace Authentic, LLC, which produced what look like home made cards using a logo VERY similar to that of Ace Authentic, Inc (also based in Duluth, Georgia).

Anyhow, there are currently three Djokovic items listed on eBay as "unreleased promo" cards, and all three are located in Georgia. I'm not sure if these cards are licensed or produced unlicensed, hoping no one noticed the corporate registration differs.

I don't know how CSG would treat one of these cards, if submitted for grading, as the logo looks so close to the Ace Authentic, Inc mark that one could easily mistake the two.


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Seems CSG has already graded two of these possibly unlicensed cards.

To be clear, Ace Authentic, LLC is a separate entity and not the Ace Authentic brand (Ace Authentic, Inc) that made the other cards under this brand.

There is a third entity, Ace Authentic Memorabilia, LLC, which produced the 2011 Ace Authentic EX brand, but I think that one was from Louisiana.


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