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A few simple guidelines for the Marketplace

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1. Comics related material only.


2. To be used only for mixed selling by real members of the community.


3. Not to be used for promoting "pay to play" giveaways.


4. No spamming. Keep the number of new threads to a reasonable standard per person.  No more than 2 threads per person are allowed on the first page at any given time.  


5. Add a tag of "offeredelsewhere" for posts that are announcements of sales that are offered elsewhere besides just on these boards.


6. Add a tag of "boardsonly" for items only listed here on these boards. This allows those who have already scanned through ebay items on ebay or other venues to quickly find off boards-only sales that represent new material.


7. Use the $ post icon for Want To Buy posts. Again, it allows people to find them quickly.


8. Threads may be bumped three times total AND only ONE FULL DAY AFTER falling off of the front page. This does not include "sold" notices, or truly useful informational updates. Note: we CAN tell the difference between a real update and a fake bump-update. Tread that line at your own risk. If you're spam bumping, "lawyering" the rules will not save you.



IF the listing is a boards for sale as opposed to an off-site link:

1. It must list purchase prices. It is acceptable to bulk price, and/or to note that package discounts may be available, but you must list a starting price that you WILL sell for.


2. List scans or information about the condition.


3. List estimated shipping costs, times, and methods.


4. List acceptable forms of payment (NOTE: Personal PayPal payment is NOT allowed as a listed option in your post as it is not appropriate for item purchases.)


5. If posting a trading thread you must list a dollar value price for the book that you WILL accept in TRADE VALUE, and you MUST put "TRADE ONLY" in the title of your thread if you will not accept money.


6. Prompt responses must be made to buy requests made through the boards (posts or PMs).


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