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My Top 50 (New books added on 05-04)

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My days of collecting anything and everything are over. After accumulating almost 100,000 comics (most of them worthless), I decided to strip my collection down to 50 comics. The 1st 30 keepers were pretty easy, but it got much harder as I got toward #50. This journal will document my "One in /One out" strategy of collecting from this day forward. I added scans of all 50 comics, so I can sift through my comics without having to get them out of safe storage.  I have new additions on the way, so I will share my thought process on each one I kick out. This is primairly for my amusement, but feel free to comment on the decisions that I make!


Scan_20180906 (8).png

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Well, I'm impressed.

That's an amazing cross-section of books, from gold to silver on into bronze, with first appearances, classic covers, price variants, personal favorites and that occasional "just because it's so cool" issue.

I can't imagine narrowing my junkpile down to 50 (and I have nowhere near the high-grade stuff that you have), so I can only imagine how difficult it was for you - bravo!  :applause:

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Book #16 side story....

On an early December night in 1973, my mom asked me to fetch my favorite comic for her.  I sifted through my comics and picked out the one that had the best cover;  Marvel's Greatest Comics #42.  She tore the cover off right in front of me and handed the remainder.  No big deal....I went back to playing with football cards. 


Christmas morning came and the reason for the dastardly act of comic destruction was revealed;



This brings me to comic entry #16.  Marvel's Greatest Comics #42 is the rightful owner of the slot, but a 9.2 (with amazing deep colors) is the best copy I could find. When I found this...

Scan_20180906 (7).png

I fell in love with it.  As a result, I kicked out the most important comic of my childhood. I couldn't get rid of it, so it became #16B.  So much for limiting myself to 50 comics. 

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On 11/21/2018 at 3:38 AM, Comicsarefun said:

I'm kicking out my 3rd favorite mirror cover....

Scan_20180906 (36).png

And I am replacing it with my 2nd favorite mirror cover.  

Scan_20181120 (4).png


Great all round collection! Got to say I prefer "mirror comic 3". (thumbsu

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I do think, weird as it sounds, an almost emotional attachment is formed with the books and things we collect. Every choice is going to be a hard one. :(

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On 9/6/2018 at 9:36 PM, Comicsarefun said:

That is all of them. 

What an amazing 50 books. Very eclectic. Given that 'comics are fun' is your board name, what prompted you to downsize so drastically if you don't mind me asking? 

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WOW! Im not even sure how that's possible!?? (all your books!) Great collection!!! :applause::headbang:(worship)  Erm keep both! :flamed:


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16 minutes ago, Comicsarefun said:

It is time for this one to go.  I found it cool to own, but it is one that can be repurchased if need be.  Perhaps if I can find the right 9.6, X-Men 94 will find its way back. 

Scan_20180906 (20).png

In its place, a Mile High book and the oldest book in my collection. 


Congrats!  Fantastic MH!

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It has been a while since I updated my journal. In a trade to acquire my most prized comic, I had to part with half of my Top 50.  I am going to redo the entire current gallery following this post. I chose to leave the original Top 50 photos, so I can look back and cry while thinking of the cool books that have departed my collection. 


Anyway....Here are my new Top 50!

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