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Archie Comics - UK Price Variants

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Archie Comics - UK Price Variants

Hello Reader :)

Here is a summary of the Archie UK Price Variants (UKPVs) that I have found hiding between the cover dates of March 1960 to August 1960.

UK Price Variants were printed in the USA at the same time as their cents priced counterparts. They are part of the same first printing run and are not reprints. If you would like to know more about them, please click the picture below and you'll be magically transported to the Archie discussion thread in which we talk about them in more detail:

       Pointer.png.09f883c1adafd20b6f14391af8eee02e.png.bfde7263b2a1b335e6391f3e4720dd66.png  1924121535_Archie(2).jpg.7727b9ba882a8adfbc7cfb400894a34f.jpg

The Headlines

  • Archie UK Price Variants have been found to exist between the cover dates of March 1960 to August 1960 inclusive. Across those cover dates, a total of 54 cents priced comics exist spanning 16 titles. At the time of writing, 26 of them have a matching single printed price UKPV confirmed spanning 11 of the 16 overall titles
  • The first known Archie UKPV is, appropriately enough, Archie #108 priced at 9d. This book is not only the only known March 1960 cover dated Archie UKPV, but the earliest known UK Price Variant of any of the seven known pence producing US publishers (Archie, Charlton, DC, Dell, Gold Key, King, Marvel). It may be the only March dated Archie UKPV because it was the last to be printed according to the 'on-sale' / Library of Congress dates that can be found on Mike's Comic Newsstand website. Here are the March applicable issues, plotted by production date:


  • You can see how the instruction to produce a 9d book might have hit the printers some time after January the 18th. If this theory is correct, we may never see a UKPV for the other March dated books. 
  • The last known UKPV copies are Archie’s Pal Jughead #63 and Laugh #113, both cover dated August 1960 and also priced at 9d. I plotted the titles for the final months using their 'on sale' dates, and found no meaningful pattern. Consequently, the others August cover dated books may exist. 
  • Of the 16 titles in scope, the following 11 titles have one or more UK Price Variant confirmed:


  • At the time of writing, no UK Price Variants have been found for the remaining 5 eligible titles:


I haven't found any UKPVs for giant 25c issues after four years of looking, so it's reasonable to assume that they were excluded from the UKPV experiment. The two remaining 10c titles, Jughead's Fantasy and Life With Archie, could have a UKPV hiding out there somewhere.

  • All 26 issues have a printed cover price of 9d (nine pre-decimal English pence) in place of their US counterpart's 10c price:

633170946_ArchiesMadhouse6(July1960)9d.jpg.94b30a84b74e82b0b22fa204ca62b39b.jpg 326876093_ArchiesMadhouse6(July1960)10c.jpg.ba6dfc6a49b06285dd2ce64c247c1cd2.jpg

  • Only one pence copy may turn out to exist for the three ‘adventure’ titles of Adventures of Pipsqueak, Adventures of Super Duck and Adventures of The Fly, each of which currently have only one UKPV each confirmed. Adventures of The Fly #6 has surfaced multiple times as a pence priced copy but no pence copies have ever been seen to date for issues #5 and 7.
  • It is not currently known who was responsible for distributing Archie Comics in the UK and copies have been found to exist with both ‘L Miller & Co’ and ‘Thorpe & Porter’ price stamps in evidence. My research here indicates that Thorpe & Porter were the more likely of the two

Happy hunting, if you decide to try and build a set! :)

By Stephen Cranch based on v2.0 of the ‘Archie Comics – UK Price Variant Summary’ 


Here are eleven 9d cover examples - one from each known title :)

1141543620_AdventuresofPipsqueak38(May1960)9d.thumb.jpg.1dfa1ea3b6700e54bd25fa4c9a6b5e81.jpg  935828642_AdventuresofSuperDuck91(June1960)9d.thumb.jpg.c444df0a73beaacc40dc71b4cae1e542.jpg  1795459369_AdventuresofTheFly6(May1960)9d.thumb.jpg.864c9d97b8ace6c95afbcf303408743e.jpg

1915728569_Archie111(July1960)9d.thumb.jpg.0d2b8287ee46d73624b2bb78485df6e4.jpg  1252158338_ArchiesGirlsBettyandVeronica54(June1960)9d.thumb.jpg.67ceb76d039aa67c33addf541f4a949a.jpg  1751092142_ArchiesJokeBookMagazine46(May1960)9d.thumb.jpg.2487ecfb001ad4e313c9f70b924210ce.jpg

1175056420_ArchiesMadhouse5(May1960)9d.thumb.jpg.9c9c592d4809e9f2f7ed7751b39eab4a.jpg  320949613_ArchiesPalJughead60(May1960)9d.thumb.jpg.ab4dbd5c482dce5491c2f5955065e197.jpg  90477132_KatyKeeneComics53(July1960)9d.thumb.jpg.b150bf8ffa4944452a95ca991d44c9d7.jpg

256861612_Laugh110(May1960)9d.thumb.jpg.c2775ae45c657d644001ea1308726a24.jpg  862898820_Pep138(April1960)9d.thumb.jpg.fce0ebe5e3119920ee7fabf980bca60b.jpg

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Recommended Comments

This not really relevant as it's not UKPV's, but I was told by an informed source (accept the word of one who knows) that Archie comics were imported by World Distributors in the early 70's which intrigued me as there do not seem to be PV's from the early 70's and World had no stamping team and could only distribute UK priced comics.  Then, when you check you find there are loads of these.....

jughead 206  6p sticker  july 1972 (2).jpg

jughead 209 oct 1972  6p sticker (2).jpg

jughead 210   6p sticker  november 1972 (2).jpg

jughead 211  6p sticker dec 1972 (2).jpg

jughead 212 6p sticker  january 1973 (2).jpg

life with archie 129  6p  january 1973 (2).jpg

lwa  127 6p sticker november 1972 (2).jpg

lwa 128  6p sticker december 1972 (2).jpg

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......and also, weirdly, lots of these pen mark ones which appear to be by someone who did not understand either new money or the old money. Fifty shillings was a super insane price in the old money and not much better in decimal currency. These Archie comics seem to cost the same as a bottle of whisky in 1973 money or about 9 and half packs of cigarettes (so about £129 today).  

Is there an Archie fan out there who can explain this?

aarh 10  50p pen september 1973 (2).jpg

aarh 11  50 p pen  october 1973 (2).jpg

archies joke book 188 50p pen (2).jpg

everything's archie 29  50p pen (2).jpg

laugh out 22  50p pen (2).jpg

life with archie 138 50p pen  october 1973 (2).jpg

lwa  140  50p pen  december 1973 (2).jpg

mad house glads 51  50p pen (2).jpg

reggie and me 65  50p pen (2).jpg

woa 213  50p pen (2).jpg

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