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My first group of comic slabs are back! YAY

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When I sent my first package to CGC way back in early January, I had no idea how much things would change because of this pandemic.   Both Marvel and DC have canceled titles as well putting remaining issues of titles on digital format...which I don't do.  My comic pull list has decreased alot which is sad.  I find myself wondering which will be the next set of comic books that I will want to preserve a tad longer than just boarding/bagging them.  It has become a crazy world.  The following picture are the grade results. ;) I am happy with the grades, the one thing I am surprised was Superman 1, I thought for sure that it would come back as off-white pages because I thought the interior pages where somewhat similar to the yellow color on the title page but I was wrong, no problem with 9.6 with white pages. :) I find it cool that my Birds of prey which was part of a mini-series ends up being the only 9.6 on the census hahahahaha.  The picture shows the before and after when my slab was register into the census. ;)  Now the next set will be exciting because it will the signature signings coming back which will be sometime this summer maybe?? or fall? ;)  I do expect some low grades on some of those comics because of the condition of the books, it is what it is. Catch you later. :)



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9 hours ago, 1950's war comics said:

you didn't get any 9.8's but still a nice group of CGC comics !

Thanks,  now it's likely a long wait for the next batch to come back because it consists of in-house signatures. :)  and with pressing as well. :) 

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