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After spending 34 years of reading comics, maybe it's time to preserve my older comics.

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Back in the saddle again!

This whole summer was pretty much a bust for me because I was in flux,  I had to put my comic collection in storage and really had no fixed address so I couldn't send of my comics to get graded,  But now I do have fixed address and I now have easy access to my comic collection so I can pick were I left off from the end of last year.   Seeing all the variety of writers and artists do some signings at CGC was driving me nuts cause my hands were tied to get some of my comics signed but now it's tim

Can you spot the difference?

First time this has occurred to's always that risk of it happening, it had to have occurred after grading cause they sure would not grade it that high if it occurred before the grade process.  Oh well it is what it is.  Also that is why you always scan your covers before sending them out to any grading company.... Nice signature matches the color layout of the cover....


Etreiw in Slabbing Superman!

First time sending a full cover wrap on a signature submission. :)

I don't recall of seeing alot of complete cover wraps on the comics that I have, in fact how I came across this one was trying to find the comics that have the least amount of spine ticks and etc to send down to get Mark Waid to sign on Nov. 11.  I know he had a long run on the Flash but the only time I read the Flash was when he was in the JLA series/Titans/ or crossover with Green Arrow/Green Lantern. As for other issues, I enjoyed the JLA mini-series that lead to the Grant Morrison run.   I r

If you said to me 30 years ago, there would not be a Current Green Lantern series today, I would have-

laughed in your face!  Funny thing is, back in the late eighties I had no interest in Green Lantern whatsoever because there was a whole corp out there in space that had the same power as this guy named Hal on earth, it wasn't till after the rebirth of Superman/destruction of Coast City as well as the destruction of the Green Lanterns that got me into reading Green Lantern aka the one and only Kyle Rayner!!!!!  I enjoyed reading his adventures and the process of how the other Lanterns came back


Etreiw in Green Lantern

Woot! Some Artgerm slabs came back! YAY!

Well my submission for some of my books to be signed by Mr. Stanley "Artgerm" Lau came back, close to the schedule if only my books I sent out for signing by Mr. Chuck Dixon would return as well as small submission of blue slabs would be come back(just over the 8 month status at CCS)     


Etreiw in July books

What a 6.0 on a modern slab?!?! ;(

My biggest regret was I should have taken a few pictures of the damage envelope inside the book, just to show how bent the envelope paper was and it was thicker than your typical comic paper.  Hell that type of envelope was also included in my 1st issue of my Superman and that one came back as a 9.6.   Oh well it is what it is.    


Etreiw in Slabbing old books

Books I'm sending down for Stanley "Artgerm" Lau signing. :)

As I was going through my vast comic collection to figure out exactly which issues that I had come across his cover art or varient art, I was reminded how DC ended the latest "Supergirl" series, which I guess was the start of me not committing myself to other DC titles.  DC would probably blame it on the pandemic but just of it was they had cancelled the latest Supergirl series even before the last 2 issues were to be printed.  I think you could read the 2 issues through digital at that time but

Books to be signed by Chuck Dixon! Yay! :)

I was sad after finding out that signature signing by Mr. George Perez has been cancelled, it is what it is and then I found out that I get another chance to get Mr. Chuck Dixon to sign some of my old books.  The last time he was providing some signature signings, it was around the same time that I had aquired signatures from other writers/artists and thus my wallet was too full to fit Mr. Chuck Dixon... but this year I can fit him in!   I would have loved to have him sign the very first on

It all comes to the space I have to store my comics. :)

Looking at my titles that I have read over the years.... the only mild interest I have reading in today's comic market are a few short DC series, Wondergirl and that's it. ;( I guess DC made it pretty easy for me to wind down my comic reading.  looking at my titles that I have read over the years.... the only mild interest I have reading in today's comic market are a few short DC series, Wondergirl and that's it. ;( I guess DC made it pretty easy for me to wind down my comic readi


Etreiw in Storage for my comics

One more order to fill up the packing box. ;)

Rather than filling up the rest of the box with bubble wrap, sending off 5 more books.   As I reread them one last time, I noticed the Action Comics one with the Teen Titans that the "Man of Steel" contest form which also in Superman #1 was somewhat bent and thus was somewhat indenting the pages in front of it soooo will the pressing of the book smooth out the minor indenting? Guess I will find out if not probably come back like a 9.2.  I always liked the 1st cover of the mini-series for Supergi

Well, time to send some books down before the year is over.

Since the turn around at CGC has been very long, I have not sent any books to them because of it but next week is gonna be October.   So if I send them down in October maybe they will get a chance to look at them in December, har har har har.   I forgot that my Superman #4 was newstand edition, so I'm curious what Grade I will get outta that one.  As for Birds of Prey, I already sent the first 2 issues of the mini-series and got a 9.6 and a 9.8 so I'm curious what grades will be for the last 2. 


Etreiw in October books

Signature Slabs by Howard Porter. Yay. :)

It's been about 7 months since I had any reason to post in this particular journal.   This year I have yet to send any further old DC comic books down to get slabbed because my wallet says "NO! NOT YET....maybe by October you can." I could have got Howard Porter to sign some of my newer books he had recently done but the first time I came across his art was actually the JLA reboot back in 1997 and that JLA run was a fun run.  What a better way to start slabbing that particular run by gettin

Today, was the last day I bought new comics.

The summer of 1987 was my first experience walking into a comic-book shop and buying stack of superman comics and then today was the last time going into my local shop picking up the last round of comics as well as closing my account. Due to some big bills coming up,  I realized that the most expensive thing I have to trim from my budget is comics. Last week alone I spent $20 bucks on 2 new modern DC comics, something is wrong with that.  There looked to be some interesting stories that wer

Slabs of Signature signings by Dan Jurgens. YAY

Another fun time opening up a box from CGC with the youngest nephews.  My brother convinced me to try out the whole green screen thing aka background soooo I did thus the results are pretty rough  .  So as of today being Sunday, the last set of books that consist of Howard Porter's signature are still at the "Receiving" stage so probably maybe by the middle of February I'll see them..... then after new slab stuff my wallet says I can afford to send more old comic books down to be gra

Signature Signing from writer Peter David.

It has been awhile because of the waiting period for slabs to come back and finally getting around to posting the video of the unboxing. In this video I shared my experience with my oldest niece and nephew cause they hardly read comic books but now they know the process of preserving somewhat old books.  When I'm an elder, I will be asking them to do the job for me.    This is the first set of books that have come back, the Dan Jurgens books are currently at the Grading stage and the ones from H

Sadly only sent 10 books for signature signings for that big October shingding.

After looking at the state of the Canadian dollar exchange rate at the time of prepping for signatures, I had to take Mrs. Louise Simonson off my wish list.   Getting her signature on the first 3 issues of Superman: Man of Steel would have been awesome.    Not long after sending the package of books, I find out now that Mr. Chuck Dixon, who I enjoyed his Bird of Prey run and Mr. Rags Morales, who I enjoyed his art during his run on Hourman will be signing sometime in December.......I've mapped o



CGC Unboxing with some special guests. :)

It was quite the learning experience this year when I decided to start slabbing some of my older books and then taking a stab a prepping comic books for signings. As of now, I have about 26 books slabbed and that was all I was gonna do this year.   Then came that big signing thing sometime in October/November as well as that Geoff John's and company signing in January.  The end result, my budget on slabbing is gonna be hitting the ceiling.  It's time like this where it would be awesome to win lo