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25 Modern Slow Track.

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Ok uploading the pictures I realized I didn't get pictures of the 3 copies of Superman #73 second print :facepalm: I will still update with scans of them when they come back. Here are the rest.  Also you will see 3 Platinum Editions at the end the last two are the error editions that were not originally noted. All of these are headed to Joey at CFP first.20210324_130604.thumb.jpg.d51e4030651529f702572492c95163f4.jpg20210324_130613.thumb.jpg.430183918a138eb08b307f4b73b12d8b.jpg20210324_131110.thumb.jpg.4930bf38dd994799c27c40d4687b24a6.jpg20210324_131119.thumb.jpg.336a38b1acf671df2f17f28fc2944b15.jpg20210324_131228.thumb.jpg.2ae823567a6727d47c4e93da18df1e71.jpg20210324_131236.thumb.jpg.d79c9f8af343915973278d8f863ee03d.jpg20210324_123854.thumb.jpg.f78eea4a55599c079847535e88549660.jpg20210324_123905.thumb.jpg.ef1e735ef3009511531831619047ec38.jpg20210324_125025.thumb.jpg.790549e268b3e349ce4d1887580758a5.jpg20210324_125033.thumb.jpg.0f0cf60cdb6724deb6389a76777622d1.jpg20210324_130427.thumb.jpg.576bbf6553209f8353abe86ce6409dc2.jpg20210324_130434.thumb.jpg.33d8f6cfcc6944dbf7443d5240a976d0.jpg20210324_130709.thumb.jpg.9e75f6f71323edb232e6d6cd79a1dbcb.jpg20210324_130718.thumb.jpg.795b242229ca5581201d3bfa09a781e5.jpg20210324_131336.thumb.jpg.3f1e9611841b8fe189caae6a673e5d86.jpg20210324_131343.thumb.jpg.374d9a9663895f437c857b4703e42ba9.jpg20210324_131409.thumb.jpg.cd3e6f852d0c7354a44fd7e6e473ec61.jpg20210324_131417.thumb.jpg.bb7e24f490c92d0202d2a5c722943c3a.jpg20210324_131450.thumb.jpg.b876662e28c036d3074cb00becf50c5a.jpg20210324_131457.thumb.jpg.7de7bae1fb25ae2f80596e3d9c3a87e2.jpg20210324_121504.thumb.jpg.03e086ddef4ca9b67a9f54d66345d20f.jpg20210324_121512.thumb.jpg.b99bd8b0ceb31d104c4e8099b2c4a225.jpg20210324_140940.thumb.jpg.a863f340213292499abe1277b231ea92.jpg20210324_140948.thumb.jpg.6bf17b90fc1004ce39ca5c0bf6c84162.jpg20210324_141632.thumb.jpg.e3adeba100c92a6e335fb1c56c093ac9.jpg20210324_141640.thumb.jpg.3c5481582e7820bd8d872d42547181c6.jpg20210324_130052.thumb.jpg.65908504fbdca1ab049447ccabc2462b.jpg20210324_130114.thumb.jpg.3efda0d4414d8562472b85b5de8ba1d4.jpg20210324_125906.thumb.jpg.2e4d25a8d67542b92bf15f0950c7f50d.jpg20210324_125912.thumb.jpg.bd3980b979c845ad56b16d7db381029c.jpg20210324_135529.thumb.jpg.ecf9a024633fe6f2177b5feaa4608e88.jpg20210324_135539.thumb.jpg.680870bdef4dbfbd7701d7a18547a921.jpg20210324_135752.thumb.jpg.10740cd2a9bba1952af4eeb4da4a37bc.jpg20210324_135807.thumb.jpg.666f90fc0909875e96f78c99b7e569e8.jpg20210324_140041.thumb.jpg.35ba2f7c3304bfde0b7553c91b091e3d.jpg20210324_140053.thumb.jpg.eff07708dd809b1435521a0f578dbb68.jpg20210324_140317.thumb.jpg.7e5806333f8ea048f3525eea87ea6f66.jpg20210324_140325.thumb.jpg.f28968c8805defc4871ec7f5618b4fdc.jpg20210324_142539.thumb.jpg.e2b6947cf4e93bb7bf6b10e69ff7fd27.jpg20210324_142548.thumb.jpg.6c2f95cbca65cb90e906b79a9cec9cf8.jpg20210324_143149.thumb.jpg.373a71c45bbb798bea387e486f7c576a.jpg20210324_143156.thumb.jpg.1e032a6a488112bee9078748fb1db762.jpg20210324_184045.thumb.jpg.df05db8ba13b64ea920d272544410d71.jpg20210324_184053.thumb.jpg.f06bd3a331f6f99d047e7ca081aae07f.jpg

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4 hours ago, Brandon Shepherd said:

Wow, you have two Legacy of Superman second printings, that’s like capturing two Big Foots! Good luck my friend.

Thank you. I actually have 3, but my last one came back a 9.2 due to scuffing on back cover which I missed and some dull blade issues along the top when book was manufactured.  I have been debating when to send these, but figured I might as well send them in this one. No time like the present.  

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2 hours ago, Iconic1s said:

Best of luck with these!  Some pretty nice books for sure and the pics sure do look promising!

Thank you. I had a hard time picking which ones made the cut this submission.  I went through just 3 of my potential submission short boxes and opened those two packs. Ended up pulling about 60 issues, which got narrowed down to these 25 and as you can see I am also gambling on this one with a few CPR's and a crossover (although it will not be graded as such since it will be cracked at CFP)  , but two of the Platinum 500's are the error that were not noted. Thank you. 

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Ok. Slipped on updating this one, but here are the results they were just marked shipped today. Some awesome wins and a few that were a bit of a let down . Most of those that got graders notes were all "light bends" to cover ..








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On 8/14/2021 at 12:00 PM, Falcon760 said:

How do they know if the pages are white if its polybagged or sealed up?

They have to be opened prior to submission.  Any poly bagged books must be removed or they will and if they do it you may not get the bag or any other contents back. 

They just note on the label any books that were distributed in sealed bags. 

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On 8/15/2021 at 12:56 AM, onlyweaknesskryptonite said:

2021-08-15-0024 (2).jpg

This is a beautiful copy! I don't think I've seen a 9.8 that didn't have a top spine corner tear that appears very common with this issue. Congratulations on your most recent submission, you really captured Big Foot, the Loch Ness Monster and a chupacabra! 

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On 8/15/2021 at 9:00 AM, Brandon Shepherd said:

This is a beautiful copy! I don't think I've seen a 9.8 that didn't have a top spine corner tear that appears very common with this issue. Congratulations on your most recent submission, you really captured Big Foot, the Loch Ness Monster and a chupacabra! 

A lot of the later printing tend to have those issues as well as color rub or widening staple holes . I was very happy with how this one presented raw and was hoping for a real elusive 9.9+ but knew better. :roflmao:

Thank you. 

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