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About this journal

I will start a Journal to keep my submission pictures as well as the return scans . This will help me keep better track of it all. 

Entries in this journal

George Perez

Like all of my off to see the Wizard entries this is showing my submissions to CGC. Raw pictures, updates as I receive them, and final pictures ( well hopefully as with some of the others there were times they had to make return trips. [Which were also posted]) So when they announced they would be doing one last signing with George Perez, I knew I had to send some of my books. The problem was narrowing down which I would send.  Here are the ones I selected to send and they are all gett

Superman #75 Platinum Ash Gonzales

This was one I decided a while back that I wanted to commission.  Here is the original book that I sent to Ash Gonzales.  We had several discussions about what I would like to have done to this book, placement, etc and I sent the book to him to work on. The full process took roughly a year. I recieved several messages with updates and pictures throughout the process.  Here are some of those.  It made it to CGC and actually went through the grading really quick. ( my only issue is

My Comic Shop Consignment

Packaged up all of the books from my recent VCC booth and sales thread . I will be sending them off to My Comic Shop Consignment. Figured I would give them a try considering what other board members have posted about their results.   I am sending in 34 graded books. This is the largest single shipment of graded books that I have ever sent. Due to my CIS policy I shipped Fed Ex. Here is the invoice.  Total of 34 CGC graded books all in one box. Measuring 21"×17"×18" total weight wa

Jock Signing

Ok so I debated this one until it is probably too late, but sent it off today anyway.  Will see if I wasted shipping or if CGC will still take it.  I have a copy of Detective Comics #880 Newsstand that I got pretty cheap that was previously graded CGC 7.0 main defect is on the back and kinda looks like it breaks color as the press more than likely will not help. Still taking a chance to see.  Without further delay..  window bag and  color..  package.   shippsh

Bill Sienkiewicz Signing

So with CGC backlog and the in house signings being announced almost daily, I decided I would send a couple more . This one I was torn on which books to send as there were several I had been considering.  Ultimately I decided on these two and opted for the remark.  Will see how this goes.  1st is New Mutants  #26( was CGC 9.6)  . I requested a Legion head sketch.  next is Transformers #1 (1st print) . I requested an Optimus Prime head sketch.   all prepped.  

Amazing Spider-man #238

So this is one that I bought from a fellow boardie.  @Azkaban It currently sits in a CGC 8.5 case and presents better. The graders notes say:  Light spine stress lines to cover, Very light creasing to cover. I am sending it to Joey over at CFP to have him work some magic on it before it making the trip to CGC. Here are high resolution scans of it currently.   and the package ( although not showing label)  like the other entries.  I will update this when the book gets back fro

Sara Frazetta Signing

Today I just got in my raw books that I am sending in for the Sara Frazetta signing.  I ordered 3 from KRS and of them only 2 really made the cut. One had two color breaking spine ticks. I chose the Mars Attacks Red Sonja #5 as I really liked the cover and similarly to Frank's work. Here are the raw pictures.   Also tried to make sure they could not miss this package in their mountain of  submissions.  

Man of Steel Raffle Store/ Customer Editions

Here are four books I just got back from CGC that originally were all graded the same. Man of Steel Trade Paperback #nn Raffle Edition. They had to go back to CGC due to Mechanical Error . Here is my submission form explaining the difference and it was accompanied by copies of the letters and the following images .     These originally were given away by Raffle to customers who filled out survey cards found  in Superman #1, The Adventures of Superman # 424 , and Action Comics #584  and sent

25 Modern Slow Track.

Ok uploading the pictures I realized I didn't get pictures of the 3 copies of Superman #73 second print  I will still update with scans of them when they come back. Here are the rest.  Also you will see 3 Platinum Editions at the end the last two are the error editions that were not originally noted. All of these are headed to Joey at CFP first.
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