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Sara Frazetta Signing

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Today I just got in my raw books that I am sending in for the Sara Frazetta signing.  I ordered 3 from KRS and of them only 2 really made the cut. One had two color breaking spine ticks. I chose the Mars Attacks Red Sonja #5 as I really liked the cover and similarly to Frank's work. Here are the raw pictures.  


Also tried to make sure they could not miss this package in their mountain of  submissions.  20210519_193656.thumb.jpg.a7804b746295297571ec67d7c795ead1.jpg

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48 minutes ago, Golden Pete said:

:golfclap::cloud9: looks like 9.8's all around to me:acclaim:

I hope so. 

The one of the 3 that I pulled I do not think it had a shot. To me it is maybe a 9.2 due to the 3 spine ticks that break color. Although at first I only saw two, but after looking closer there is a third. 20210519_235444.thumb.jpg.de08939c9cef6d258b97bdd1c4ba0c4c.jpg

But the other two look good. So :wishluck:

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Can I ask a question? What was the factors that lead you to getting these sigs? And I mean no disrespect in any way. I guess I'm just curious if it was because how much you like her art or more so because she is related to Frank Frazetta. Or maybe a combination of the two. 

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It was more of an impulse.  I like Red Sonja, and Mars Attacks.  I definitely LOVE Frank Frazetta. When I saw CGC announcement of the in house signing I looked at what covers she had done and saw these . Which led to the subsequent impulse purchase.  Really happy with how they turned out . She signed in the color I requested. I think they look really good. I know these are not everyone's cup of tea, but they have a classic feel with a modern twist. Thank you for the comment ! 

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I will also add that I did this to help support her as an artist.  Right now , even as you questioned, was this due to relation with Frank Frazetta, She has a bit to overcome with that legacy being the benchmark to which she will be compared due to that relation. It is still early in her career and I am curious what "her preference/ style " will evolve into . 

Sure I would love to see similarly to Frank . Yes I would love for her to do a Frank tribute series like Vampirella #1 , Creepy, Conan, Death Dealer, Blazing Combat, etc. What I am really interested in will be what she evolves into on her own . What things will be just hers. You get the idea. 

I just believe several of the artists, especially those living in the shadow of greatness need support and to be given the chance to find their own style and success.  

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On 8/15/2021 at 9:03 PM, wombat said:

Thank you. Appreciate the answers.  I also really like that cover. Definitely has that classic feel like you mentioned. 

You are welcome.  Always happy to share. 

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