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Door to Door Trading cards



OK so on July 12th I sent a Card to CGC and SGC Both locations are in Florida. CGC order was with a elite membership express service level with sub grades and Turnaround times of 7 days for express and an additional 5 days for sub grades. SGC was a basic account basic service 30 day Turn around. Broken down this is how it stacks up to one another.

CGC Express with Sub Grades On Elite member account. CGC bill- $98.50

Plus the Additional $32.50 paid for Shipping with $3000 insurance through USPS from me to CGC 

  1. Grading (1) - 51.00
  2. Handling   -  5.00
  3. Sub-Grades- 8.50
  4. USPS Ship- 34.00

So in total for the 1 card with express level sub graded $131.30


with advertised turn around of 7 days + 5 days (12 Business Days)

Currently I shipped 7/12/21 USPS delivered 7/16/21

nothing else as of now 


Ok So now onto SGC there thing is No backlog, No Bloated Turnarounds, No Games just accurate grades in a timely manner. starting at just $30 a card. now I picked this company for a reason they have been around for awhile they are a very reputable company and a similar grading style to CGC.

SGC standard Service $30 Standard account with return Shipping $15 SGC Bill - $45

Plus the $7.49 paid for Shipping with $500 insurance through USPS from me to SGC

  1. SGC 30 day service - $30
  2. Shipping fee - $15

So in total for the 1 card standard level $52.49


with advertised turnaround time of 30 days (business days)

Currently I Shipped 7/12/21 USPS Delivered 7/15/21

On 7/16/21 SGC sent email letting me know that they have received my card and appreciate my business


And although the card values are different this is just a side by side to better understand things automated emails when cards are received the fact that a population report should have been released instead of opening sports cards and games soon in stead work on the things that need to be worked on. some may see CGC is gonna be the Pokémon standard. well it is starting to look like opening more types of service is more important. This is just a comparison of how company's receive cards and how long it takes to process it all. Fix what matters, focus at the task at hand before tackling a new one. 




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OK so Update on the two Cards Currently SGC has delivered my card back I Received a Email on 7/29/21 That My card was in the mail. Also that my card's grade was viewable through my account. On 7/31/21 I received my card in a small Flat rate box packaged very well with a invoice copy rubber banded around the slab. I do like the look SGC has gone with there slabs there tag displays the needed information and a large grade which is one thing I like compared to PSA. I just hate PSA labels they look like a 6th grade power point slide. all in all I will defiantly use SGC for all my non Pokémon cards. If they keep up on there 30 day $30 no bloated turnaround no games slogan they may be a true go to company also having a population report is VERY nice.

As for My CGC card I emailed customer service thinking maybe a billing problem was why my card was being held up. With the advertised but not guaranteed 7 day turn around and +5 days for sub grades had changed DRAMATICALLY while my card had just been received from 7 day turn around to 32 days and since has jumped another 5 days putting express at 37! days. I did get a return email from CGC on 7/29/21 and it says they are "experiencing extremely high submission volumes and are working hard to complete submissions as quickly as possible while ensuring the quality of our services." And that my card has been graded and that it is currently in queue for encapsulation.  The Card officially received by CGC on 7/20/21 so technically they are still in there turnaround time stated when submitted. So that's nice it just happens to be one of my cards where I tend to watch very closely. I have card scans with resolution that makes real life seem like a video game from 1980. I family in Florida on standby in case I need them to pick up from CGC just in case. This card has already been graded by PSA and BGS but since my base set cards are all CGC this was gonna be its final stop and once returned I will have a comparison of the 3 grades by each company. Teaser PSA actually graded this card lower Than BGS hmmmmmmm. (PSA was the first BGS 2nd and CGC is now the third in that order)

Excited and worried to see what comes out of it once this is done the BIG dog version of this card will be hand delivered as I have already done to PSA just a hour drive from me, now I just need to get to Texas to hand deliver to BGS. And finish it with a trip to see family in Florida and deliver to CGC. update coming soon.

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Ok Up date I have sent another card So SGC Sent on 08/02/2021 SGC has since Received my card same exact as the first one just better condition I think.  Since then I would update any thing on my CGC Submission but not one of my Submissions are showing on my page. well I guess I cannot be to upset. I used Safari Zone Submissions powered by Lukins That was sent In June LAST YEAR. And at least Here you get responses. instead of rude remarks. threats to your cards... I assume jokingly but are they? No tracker shown no invoice shown. no Emails asking if there was a problem. so Current Personal opinion on Services:

CGC: SCORE- 4 / 5  Subtract a half Grade for the Turnaround times Jumping 30 days on a high level Paid Service , Subtract half a grade for the payment System, Along with No Population Report a Year in. Overall CGC is A Great Contender with there Chance to Make a Move but instead of taking it zero in on other objectives. Customer Service in my Experience has been Top notch. Always someone to talk to. even when your taking mess from PSA fan boys in Post someone From CGC reached out which I thought was REALLY cool. a main reason why I have stuck with them. And ultimately feel deep down they have what it takes to become Poke Go to Graders. 

SGC: SCORE - 4.5 / 5 Subtract a bit of grade for Pop Report, although they have been around not much in numbers for certain categories. I have had only one card Graded and there Slogan Is well what they say it is. down to the point. which I get there price point is nice basically no one is gonna send bulk orders in has that Threshold which is nice makes ya think about what cards ya send in more. There Slabs are cool I like them written data with bigger grade which is what it should be. I mean it is what your paying for right? If there slabs with PSA CGC size that would be sick as I like the black around really focuses on the card. and to some degree though just looks like construction paper.  All in All Anything not pokemon will defiantly go to SGC 

PSA: SCORE - 2 / 5 What can I Say I'm not a Fan. My view Company Built on Sandal Right out the Gate. building blocks of lies. Wayne Gretzky Honus Wagner was graded with the Grader admitting that he Graded the card knowing that it was doctored and altered. Ok so that blows over PSA gets a running start on Grading no competition really So they become the favorite cause really they were all that was... kind of.  fast forward 15 some odd years Federal investigation....... Doctor was back and they believe PWCC had something to do with it as well. the biggest auction house on eBay.  Soon as things get heated owners sells majority stocks to private group, Joe Orlando Says "LATER"  ummm Fishy amongst a lot of other stuff.  People were all saying but CGC scandal what a couple employees hyped about the company they work for cause they have a great service. Ill take that over doctors and auction house ting on the industry. Sound to me like a console war Intellivision and Atari literally on national TV mess on each other.  Put your big boy pants on and look at the real mess going on.

I'm gonna stop here and put this in a new journal with the rest of my personal experience scores and opinions..... Unaffiliated with any service or brand just someone's opinion don't like it to bad go journal about it.                                                                                                                          

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