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AT Duran

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Just not Fun anymore.



Well its already the end of March 2021 heading into April. And as things tend to get better... or worse depending who you are. The card world is still back logged worse than it was. More and more people thinking it is a gold mine of money out there. I don't know maybe it is I have not Received the 2nd or 3rd round of stimmy's or received my tax return. Yet out here there are drug addicts running around with thousands of dollars. So as I sweat how I'm gonna pay for my submission, Or even when. Surprise!! charge.. Prices keep going up and turn around times along with it. So now cards that should be paying for other cards are taking longer and now there is no longer a buy market cause now every one and there mothers are all certified Pokémon experts and sellers. That and the fact its sealed product selling for $1000 a booster box when a complete set is selling for $600 if your lucky to find a buyer. cant go to the store and just buy some packs. card shops have raised prices too. so in just 6 months everything fun about the hobby has turned to mess. So I set a goal awhile back to complete a couple binders. and one of those Binders is to complete base set in 4 variations (1st edition) (shadowless) (unlimited) (1999-2000) and now what was once possible now seems to be possible if I win the lottery. Cause 1st edition Charizard last year few grand obtainable. Now what seems half a million for a graded 10 and for a bent fresh out the washer and dryer one for 4k. And to think I'm 48 cards from completing all 4 variations, but thinking of throwing in the towel. Except no one will pay half what the binder is worth prolly. even with about 50 of them so far in cgc slabs. Cause it would be nice to get them all in slabs for protection but that would cost 4K and wouldn't get them back for a year. And to think the other Binder is Jungle 1st edition and unlimited with Fossil 1st and unlimited along with Team Rocket 1st and unlimited. (jungle is complete) (fossil 18 cards left) (team Rocket 40 Cards left) So with little money I have besides trying to keep my son wanting to stay with me cause his moms parents buy him anything and everything pay for it all life must be amazing. 10 people in that house all the time so kid just goes to the next person who is not ready to spank his and send to bed cause yup just me lol. And he is with me about 70 Percent. So with more cards on my hands a 4 year old hating me more each day prices going up for cards Along with turnaround times, a kid to young for school cant afford 1000 month for daycare. Kid will not let me mess Cause Got to be right next to him. Don't get me wrong I enjoy that I get time with him I love it. but I'm losing the fight. And the one thing I use to Enjoy doing Just is not fun anymore. I was able to run to Walmart for some stuff and pick up some packs enjoy looking for cool boxes or discounted items has disappeared. I was at the point where my son and me were sleeving cards together he was almost to point of Enjoying with dad next level, but now he has lost interest. posting on eBay wish I had the time yet I continue to send in cards to get grades to hopefully sell to pay for the cards I need to finish the binders its the only way for someone with little money. so through all the complaining and whining I just did it was a vent cause I don't have any other way place or people to vent to. even if this gets zero reads I feel a little better. but in the end I stare at my stuff with no emotion or care anymore it does not bring enjoyment as it once did. but something has to be done with it all..... 



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I just read your journal entry and I can understand your frustration and losing your desire to finish completing your set.

Life always has its ups and downs and we all deal with the effects of trials and tribulations. My advice is to take a step back and don’t overreact based on your emotions. You obviously love the collecting hobby and you expressed a lot of joy you have experienced throughout the years that you have also passed on to your son. (Which those experiences are priceless)

I would just take some time to reflect on your current collection and be proud for what you accomplished up to this point. You might even have to take a healthy hiatus for a time, which I highly recommend, because every true collector knows that you cannot just turn the “off” switch. Once you become a collector, you are a collector for LIFE! :-)

From my personal experiences, I once felt like you did and threw in the towel and sold a very high-end CGC Comic Book collection back in November of 2013. I was dealing with lots of personal issues, which included the first stages of divorce (although I didn’t know it at the time), losing my job due to constant relocation (due to my now ex-wife’s career) and not being qualified for unemployment insurance and also facing several deaths in the family. I was very vulnerable and emotional and lost my passion for collecting and just decided to sell everything. I unfortunately took major loses on almost every high-end book I worked countless hours of buying and selling to acquire, which included the Mile High 2 Pedigree copy of Incredible Hulk #181 CGC 9.8 WP and X-Men #94 CGC 9.8 OW-WP just to name a few!

As I eventually got myself back on track, I saw some of my former books sell for at least 3 times what they sold for in just a year after I sold them! (That hurt really bad!)

Long story short; I definitely regretted my decision to just throw in the towel and sell everything and even if I didn’t take loses on those high-end books, I still missed owning them because my collecting passion came back to me...as it never went away...it was just being repressed by outside factors.

I hope this has helped. As I read your post, I couldn’t help but to respond; especially if I can share my previous experiences to help another fellow collector out.

Hang in there! God Bless!

Professor Pecora

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Thank you for posting what you are going through. Lot's of people here have similar experiences.

My advice: Focus on your son. He doesn't care how many cards you have, what the grades are, or how much money you make. He just wants to spend time with you.

It's easy to get caught up in all the trappings that make us adults. Kids don't care about any of that.

Your son thinks you are Superman. Straight out of Action Comics 1. You are the greatest, most perfect, amazing, fun, and awesome person ever made! Nobody can take that away from you. Enjoy it for every moment you have it.

There will be lots of time for your collection. I promise you at some point he will be super excited about what you have and you will spend hours talking about how you got it, graded it, how excited you were to get it, and every detail you can remember. Be patient, it will come.

Enjoy your time with your boy. Everything else will fall into place.

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Thanks for all your input everyone as things begin to open up I have been getting outside more with the kiddo and left the cards alone for awhile but as luck would have it lol I am now having to re-Skirt the entire house and insulate and paper under due to raccoons trying have there babies. My genius neighbor thinks there cute and friendly and clean so she feeds them giant bowls of food and they come here by the dozens. with the car having blown the engine it has made it a little difficult haha. we will see what happens mom and pops helping out when they can but it is a lot of work but managing best I can with just about 200+ cards at CGC Could defiantly use them back right now to help pay for some things. 

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