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World's Finest 178

john ivic


A book that does not come up too often for sale in high grade. One of the few covers I like by Neal Adams on this title.

What's interesting here is that the cover features the first Green Arrow illustration by Adams, a character who would, of course, become one of Neal's signature heroes later on. That would also include the new costume and facial hair.

It's good to be back at the journals after a five month hiatus. Enjoy the image.



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Thanks for giving kudos to this cover. I have a nice copy of this issue as it highlights the color details Neal pursued in his early days at DC. :golfclap: 

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Thanks for the compliments guys!

I was outbid on this book in the current Comic Link auction. Winning bid was $162, a rather high price for that grade. A 9.8 sold at auction at Heritage a year ago for $360, including the 20% buyer's premium. So without the premium the winning bid would have been around $300. I was kicking myself afterwards for not bidding on that copy.

Oh well, another high grade copy will come up eventually on the market.

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