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Action Comics 367

My latest acquisition of a DC Neal Adams cover from the 1968-69 era. There's not many by Adams on this title that I'm interested in, but this one I like.    Love the orange background here, which is a highlight on other DC covers of his - World's Finest 180, Superboy 152 and, of course, Superman 233 are other examples. Funny that with everything happening at such a fast pace on this cover, the two of them manage to get all those words in. LOL!  

john ivic

john ivic in silver age comic

Secret Hearts 143

Picked this one up on eBay the other day as I continue my search for DC romance books. Described as an 8.0, I plan to submit this for slabbing. There is only one of these on the CGC census (9.4), which shows just how tough it is to find in a decent grade. But then again, any DC books in this genre are tough to find. Something of note here though. Neal Adams was involved with this issue. No interior or cover art work. Instead, Neal did the coloring in this book. Weird, huh?  

john ivic

john ivic in love is in the air

Adams Adventure

Just picked this one up from Comic Connect, where my best offer was accepted. There are a few covers on this title by Neal Adams that are not bad. So it goes  with my hunt for books with Adams cover work only. Enjoy.

john ivic

john ivic in Adams Legion

Adams Tomahawk

Now that I'm back on my feet financially post pandemic, I've decided to go after the remaining books with Neal Adams covers on my want list, about a dozen altogether. Here's one that I was outbid on recently on eBay. One of the best of the Adams Tomahawk covers, if not the best. Looking to re-acquire issues 121, 123 and 125 also. Other than that, most of the remaining Adams books I want are issues from the Superman titles.    

john ivic

john ivic in dc western frontier

Conan 2

Won this in the Comic Link auction that just ended. Yet another great cover by Barry Windsor-Smith. Again, this book is a re-acquisition to replace the 9.6 I sold during the pandemic. So in this case we're looking at a downgrade. But my winning bid for this book was a surprise, having secured it for under $250. Enjoy.

Flash 204

Just won this from the Comic Link auction. Had this one before in 9.4, but like many books in my collection I sold it during the pandemic. So here I've managed an upgrade.  One of several issues on this title Neal Adams did during the early seventies. Most of them were also in this same auction. Enjoy.

john ivic

john ivic in speedster guy

Some You Win, Some You Lose

Bid for this book last night in the Comic Connect auction, which featured Conans 1-24, all in pristine 9.4 grade with white pages. Alas, I was outbid at the end. A beautiful cover by Barry Windsor-Smith, my favorite of his from the Marvel picture frame era. Being a CVA copy, the winning bid was quite high for this grade - $361. Well, better luck next time. There are a couple of slabbed 9.6s coming up for auction at Heritage, so I'll a have go with one of those.

Bob Hope 108

Just won this in the Comic Link auction. Extremely hard to find in high grade due to the dark green cover. As a matter of fact, there are only five copies on the CGC census. And only a single 9.4 has been graded higher than this one. This replaces the 7.0 slabbed copy that I've had for the last 15 years. Artwork by Neal Adams, who began his career at DC doing the humor titles. Here we have Bob joining a biker gang calling themselves.....The Ghost Riders? Hmmm. Predates Marvel's Johnny Blaze

john ivic

john ivic in DC humor by Adams

World's Finest 178

A book that does not come up too often for sale in high grade. One of the few covers I like by Neal Adams on this title. What's interesting here is that the cover features the first Green Arrow illustration by Adams, a character who would, of course, become one of Neal's signature heroes later on. That would also include the new costume and facial hair. It's good to be back at the journals after a five month hiatus. Enjoy the image.

john ivic

john ivic in DC Team Up

Who Owns This Book, And Are You Willing To Sell It?

An extremely hard to find issue of HOM. And it just so happens to be my favorite Neal Adams HOM cover. This book was listed on the Comic Link for sale section a few years back, along with other DC horror books belonging to the Mass. pedigree. After a while, the seller pulled all of them from the site. I'm interested in making an offer for it, since it's next to impossible to find on the market. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

john ivic

john ivic in Adams Horror

Conan 37

Picked this up on eBay the other day. There were a few other issues in this title with inking duties assigned to Neal Adams, but this is the only one where he did the complete layouts. And a pretty cool cover too! I'm unable to save the image from eBay. An upgrade from my previous copy, which was a 9.4.

End Of The Adams Era At DC

Won this at the recent Comic Link auction. Quite the cover by famous horror artist Bernie Wrightson. But this book happens to be pretty much the last of Neal Adams' interior artwork at DC. A career that started with the company in 1967, Adams would end up redefining Batman, Green Lantern/Green Arrow, and make Deadman his own. After this book, the only interior work Adams did for DC was the Superman vs. Muhammad Ali treasury edition in 1978. After that it would be decades before his return to DC.

john ivic

john ivic in 1970s Dc horror

GL 82

Picked up this one from a local dealer. Another book that I've reacquired, having sold my copy last year due to the pandemic while trying to avoid falling behind on the bills. From the glorious Neal Adams run on this title. This issue is one of the few that deals with a horror storyline instead of the social commentary that made this run by Adams and O'Neil famous. Enjoy.

john ivic

john ivic in bronze age DC

Moon Of The Wolf

Won this yesterday in the recent Pedigree Comics auction. A common theme in DC and Marvel comics during the 1970s was horror. Here we have an awesome example of the genre written by Len Wein and drawn by Neal Adams. Personally, I'm not a fan of covers with multiple panels, like this one. But that was par for the course with these DC 100 page super spectaculars. Now, if this had been a 20 cent issue, with the Adams artwork donning the entire cover, it would probably rank as my favorite on the Bat

john ivic

john ivic in 1970s DC horror

Lois Lane 90

My latest Neal Adams cover work acquisition. Love the science fiction themed covers of this era from DC. Once again, Superman is denied his favorite gal. As of now, I have half of the issues of this title that feature Neal's covers. Enjoy.

john ivic

john ivic in DC sci - fi

Restored Power Of Goliath

Won this in the recent Comic Link auction. I've had to sell several books due to the pandemic, which resulted in the loss of my job. Now I've re-acquired this one. Features an early appearance of the Collector.

john ivic

john ivic in Marvel Age

Thor 185 - In The Grip Of Infinity!

A very tough book to find in slabbed high grade (9.2) that's taken me ages to acquire. Awesome cover by John Buscuma, the second in the five issue Infinity saga. It's also my first Marvel book after spending the last year buying nothing but DC. Unfortunately, I'm unable to save the image of the book from the eBay posting.

john ivic

john ivic in bronze age marvel

SA 210

Back to the journals after a winter hiatus, with this win in a Comic Connect auction. Actually, an upgrade. Had this one in 9.4 already, but qualified (detached staple). So now I have a universal copy. Enjoy.

john ivic

john ivic in silver age comic

jerry lewis 93

My latest acquisition from the recent Comic Link auction. This book being from 1966, it's the oldest 9.8 in my collection. Always nice to have books in 9.8 from this era, which I have very few of. It's also nice when they end up at a lower price than expected at the end of the auction. My winning bid here was under $300. Enjoy.

john ivic

john ivic

SA 216

Just won this on eBay. The last Deadman story in this title. This has always been my favorite Neal Adams run. Awesome covers and stories to boot. Enjoy.

john ivic

john ivic

Adventure Comics 373

Won this book on eBay today. My first signature series purchase in four years. Continuing with my acquisition of Neal Adams covers. Features the first appearance of the Tornado Twins, Don and Dawn Allen, far future descendants of Barry Allen. Enjoy.

john ivic

john ivic

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