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  1. Hello, was there an answer from them on this by chance?
  2. Is this something CGC will grade since it is officially licensed?
  3. Sent this in twice after being told to do so by cgc for the error label and have spent nearly $60 in doing so. How is this not recognized as an insufficient ink error? Second picture for reference.
  4. Any talk about CGC offering their own branded sleeves we can either order or have included in submissions? I'm buying third party sleeves for sleeving when subs return and sometimes I do receive slabs back that are scuffed in the shipping box.
  5. Can't seem to find in the submission form. Is there a date when it will be added?
  6. How does CGC handle box autos from Galaxy Series 1? Will it just come back "Inked"? Debating on sending to CGC to match the rest of my collection but really don't want a green label on an auto. Thanks!
  7. It appears maybe the form or site is bugged, sometimes it will load the "subgrades" option under grading but will not proceed past that and other times I cannot get that to even load..
  8. Should I add all cards without subgrades then do this process to add subgrades to specific cards?
  9. Trying to submit a bulk order. How do I add certain cards with subgrades and ones without? Will not let me choose no subs after entering the cards with subgrades and will not let me continue saying it doesn't meet the 50 card minimum. I have to be missing something here because this makes no sense.
  10. I wish there was a disclaimer for submitting these on the form somewhere. I submitted 7 orders, each with a metal card and now they have been sitting there with no movement for over a month on economy. I didn't know anything about it until someone had mentioned it elsewhere and I confirmed with a google search. Very frustrating.