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  1. Maybe some investors got rich on crypto and are moving over to comics.
  2. I'll have to see if I can find my copy. I paid $20 for my copy before the price explosion. It also wasn't advertised well.
  3. A couple of Flamingo's NFS. Keepers
  4. ongrats on this great copy. I didn't even know a 7.0 had popped up. What could have also happened is that another artist took previous Baker illustrations (we've seen this in other instances) and used it for APATLS. If you look at the male figure he looks a lot like the pose in CL26.
  5. I also never did get lucky to find one of these for sale. Rare issue and great cover!
  6. Here's my theory on this one. The hands are clearly not Baker style. I'm thinking they were an after thought. I'm thinking this cover was modeled after Klimt, The Kiss.
  7. Nothing gets by you Baker detectives.
  8. Worthy of living room fireplace mantel placement
  9. Thank you, how cool is it that the source for CL25 was uncovered. The cover for this Greek magazine is an incredible find and also to know he used this source for a Flamingo swipe as well.
  10. Yes, it was a great pleasure to interview F.Robinson such a kind man. Shaun was also very instrumental in this books creation. He had a way of finding sources and really learning their stories.
  11. I can't remember where I got mine, maybe eBay many years ago.I was never able to locate any of the Honeymoon Romance series. Super rare.
  12. Oh man that has to be the worse damage I've seen to a comic that is still around. Some mouse had a comfortable expensive nest.
  13. Here's the one that started this thread..
  14. I have never seen a high grade of this TR 12. Does anyone have a high grade of this one? My copy is detached but still a great one to have. I like this cover because the interior story is about the background characters.
  15. Thanks for the update. I'll add some images to the thread. I'd love to see yours and everyones favorite covers they own. I don't have a high grade but my favorite cover is CL26. I was trying to find the image of my best Baker find but I can't seem to locate it. There was once an auction I went to where you had to bid by the box and my heart pounded when there was Baker after Baker in this box. This guy knew he liked Baker. I sold most of it off and kept some of the ones I needed to fill in my collection.