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  1. Thanks for helping me figure out where this bad boy lands. I appreciate your time. And I’m happy to grade anything that you put out there. I feel pretty confident in my skills, but need some back up on this one.
  2. I saw Fast Times at Ridgemont high on opening day at the Avco on Wilshire. They had to call my mom to give permission.
  3. I’ve bought comics from Bill, and I have sold comics to Bill. He is a great human being, and a great person to do business with.
  4. Love that album. I will listen as well in solidarity.
  5. JJ Abrams was my next-door neighbor growing up. My first bike was a Green hand--me-down Schwinn that he gave me. he was my babysitter…
  6. Worth paying the extra for the clean/ press in your opinion? Thank you again.
  7. Super appreciative of your time and feedback. Just would like to ask for some clarification on when you said “I think lower.” Were you saying that you think that the book would be likely to be graded on the lower end of the 3.5/4.0?
  8. Hello. I would love your opinion on how this book will be graded. More specifically, do you believe that it will get a blue label or a green one? Also would love your opinion on the grade. The thing that makes it quirky is the cover is completely detached. Other than that it’s a pretty solid copy. I can’t thank you enough for taking the time.