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  1. 9.0 IMHO nice copy that could improve with a clean and press. Thanks for posting!
  2. 9.4 IMHO More and better pictures would be helpful, thanks for posting.
  3. 9.2 IMHO There are a number of small spine tics that could be improved with a C&P. There also appears to be scratches on the front cover just to the right of Wolverine's left eye in the black of his costume. I don't think there's anything that can be done to enhance this area. Maybe the OP can confirm if these scratches are there or not as they don't appear in the first full cover picture. Thanks for posting!
  4. 7.5 IMHO Nice copy but there are too many small defects that accumulate to effective the grade. I am not certain from the pictures provided that this book would benefit from a C&P. Thanks for posting!
  5. Staple tears are a common flaw on the ASM #361 similar to the gripper tears that are visible on the bottom of the back cover near the TSR ad. Many copies of this book exist that have been given a 9.8 grade by CGC and can be viewed on the Heritage Auctions website. Having said that, I think this book would benefit from a clean and press to remove the issues along the bottom of the front cover just below the 30th Anniversary label. 9.4 IMHO but 9.8 with C&P is not out of the question IMHO (unless there are undisclosed non-visible issues with this book) Nice copy, thanks for posting.
  6. The grades are submitted! Thank you once again for all your time and hard work putting this tournament together! It is truly appreciated by all!
  7. Mopsy #1 = 3.5 +1pt Revealing Romances #5 = 4.0 +3pt Dotty #36 = 4.0 +1pt Cutie Pie #3 = 7.0 +1pt Farmers Daughter #2 = 4.5 +1pt 7pts
  8. 9.2 IMHO You have a colour breaking spine tic, an indentation on the back lower LH side of the cover (near the word "Disk"), the bottom LH corner on the back cover has colour breaking crease and the lower RH corner back cover/LH corner front cover is slightly blunted. You might sqeak out a 9.4 but that would be tops in my opinion. Thanks for posting! (Please correct me if what I think I am seeing is not right)
  9. 9.2 IMHO With a clean and press I could see 9.4 but I don't think anything higher than that due mainly to the spine issues. Thanks for posting!
  10. 9.2 but I think you could press out some of the spine tics and get a grade bump or two depending on the grader's mood but as scburdet says this is a book they can be hard on b/c they see a lot of copies. Nice copy, thanks for posting.
  11. 9.6 IMHO there are only two images to grade from and from what I can see there is only minor corner wear on the front cover BRFC and a possible very small bindery tear on the corner BLFC. I would imagine 9.8 is definitley not out of the question. Post more images and close ups of the spine and corners, you'll likely get a better reaction to your post. Regardless, very nice book! Thanks for posting!
  12. 9.4 IMHO I think CPR would max out at 9.6 given the colour breking spine tic and the bindery tears top & bottom. Thanks for posting
  13. 6.5 with the accumulation of defects. The front cover presents well however the number of defects inmy opinion cap this book at 6.5. Thanks for sharing!
  14. 6.0 A press and clean would make the book present nicer but a grade bump would be minimum IMHO. The pen mark is not an issue. Thanks for posting!