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  1. 8.0 unless there are additional defects that are not detecctable in the images provided or disclosed by the OP.
  2. 7.0 as is, clean and press to possibly 9.0
  3. Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 I think I can, I think I can, I thought I could.........grades misses submitted!
  4. 5.0 IMHO moisture damage appears to be present throughout the book. Definitely a canididate for CPR to get the grade bumps it deserves. Thanks for sharing this stunning book!
  5. A beautiful newsstand edition of Daredevil #183. The book lies perfectly flat. There are no visible spine tics, finger bends or page dents. The corners appear crisp and sharp. The interior of the book is complete but unfortunately I did not take an interior snap shot of this book. Thanks in advance!
  6. 9.4 IMHO If you have the book pressed to remove the small wrinkle in the BRHC of the back cover and any other imperfections that are not visible in the scan that do not break colour, I could see this book getting a 9.6 or even a 9.8. The LRHC of the front cover I believe is just "tucked under" from the slight overhang and does not appear to be blunted. But keep in mind we are only looking at a scan and having the book in hand will provide you with a "true grade".
  7. 9.4 but it wouldn't surprise me if you got it cleaned and pressed and it comes back 9.6 to 9.8
  8. Grades are in......or all around! But I think I got it this time!!