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  1. As some of you know, a buddy & I self-published a little short story called "The Ghost of Kareema-Lou". We handed them out for free at Heroes Con (and to anyone here who wanted one). I figured since I was at HC, and CGC was at HC, why not sub a few for signature series? It wasn't something we had really planned, so most of the copies were in rough (to us collectors, anyway) shape. We'd been carrying them around in backpacks and laptop bags all day, un-bagged and un-boarded...not to mention we had the darn things printed up at Kinko's, and then folded & stapled them ourselves in the hotel room the night before the con.





    Our professional comic book creation station. :P


    So, after a full day of wandering around the con, we hit up the CGC booth when they didn't look very busy (what was NOT the case when I had checked earlier...man, they were working like crazy!). We dumped out the copies we still had on hand and I did a quick spot check for major defects, then we picked out six, signed them, and handed 'em over..


    I got them back today and couldn't be happier. The grades are only part of it, but what grades! Remember, these were hand-folded & stapled in a hotel room, then lugged around loose in bags during a con. I was expecting 7.5s, maybe.




    So the grades were an unexpected surprise. But, to have in my hands a slabbed book that I wrote almost gives me goosebumps. I know that any yahoo can make a comic and get it slabbed, but by golly, this one is mine! That's MY name on the yellow label :cloud9:




    We (Golden Hour Comics) are behind on launching "When Hell is Full", but it's coming...and having a slabbed book with my name on it next to my monitor, well, that's one hell of an impetus to shake a freakin' leg!

  2. This thread needs more cal-bot.


    I made this ages ago, but it's still an appropriate response to the above:




    I'm know I'm waaaay late to the game, but I figure this thread is the best one to get an answer to a question I've had for quite some time. A while back, Par2ch ran a charity auction for cancer research, and asked forum members to do cover sketches, which were then auctioned. I never found out who won mine...was it anyone here?


    I can't draw worth a lick, but I do know a professional artist, so I told him what I wanted, and he drew it for me. So, the question is, who now owns this?




    I'm just curious. If the winner wants to remain anonymous, that's cool.


  3. Sucks to waste your time in this type of situation. I drove to buy a collection of Magic the Gathering cards off someone via a Craigslist type transaction about 6 weeks ago. My drive time round trip was 3 hours. The guy didn't even have the whole collection with him at the time and now wants me to meet up with him again to finalize some sort of deal.


    What pissed me off is he wouldn't just sell me everything that he had brought with him and I could offer to buy the rest another time. Nope insisted he sells it as one collection. I even tried to get him to sell me just a handful of cards to cover my time and gas but nope. He insisted on letting me borrow the cards. Good thing is I got about $150 worth of cards to cover my time and gas, and if we don't complete the deal and I drive there again I will be deducting my time and gas from those cards.


    On a side note my wife says Branget needs to be put on some sort of list so he is prohibited from selling me anymore Walking Dead goodies. Little does she know I plan to spend a lot more during the summer on stuff from him hopefully.


    Commas and semicolons can be your friends. ;)

  4. I’m not sure if or how I can help to fix this current issue between Mike and Beau, but if it helps any, I’d be willing to either repay you both for your troubles or offer up a donation to a future charitable cause on both your behalves. I never got to see the books in question or what the PM exchange consisted of, but I do know that both of you are very respectable collectors who were willing to go above and beyond to help a fellow boardie in need. With all that in mind, I give you both a (worship)


    Thanks for the kind words, Julio - the situation you went through last year is not something I'd wish on anyone, and I'm glad to hear that you're in a better position now.


    I think it's time to just put this to rest ... I'm going to donate the books in question to the next charity auction that rolls around, and hopefully that'll be the end of that.


    Since you wanted an apology Mike; here it is: I'm sorry. I'm pretty sure nothing I say can mend our fences, and it probably shouldn't.


    We're a community here, and I hope this hadn't caused any sort of schism. Hopefully our catfight will be short-lived in forum member-memory.


    I doubt it, though. :P

  5. Hey man, I don't bear you any real enmity; that's why I changed the amount of money in my OP...I thought that would be enough to derail the board detectives. I was mistaken.


    That was great of you to shoot Julio an additional $50. However, I don't know if you knew this, but Julio already had the money you paid for those books, and I wasn't about to ask him for the money back. The refund (and original postage) came out of my exceedingly empty pockets. I was seriously counting every penny those days. After my charity auction went down, 90% of the money immediately went to seriously overdue bills, and the rest was quickly gone as well, doing things like going to the dentist to take care of a cavity that had been bothering me for a year. At any rate, I honestly couldn't afford the return postage for those books. Seven bucks may not seem like a lot to most here, but when you've got no money coming in whatsoever, $7 buys a lot of Top Ramen.


    I think I've got a positive solution for this dilemma. Next time there's a charity auction, put those books up for sale. I'll pay the shipping. That way those books can help out two different people in need.

  6. The best thing, though, is that you did the right thing and made it meaningful instead of affecting someone who was in need. And for that, you get the first



    I shall wear it like a badge of honor, and I'll wear it silently lest you honor me again. :D

  7. I made the comment because it always seems those sales where I perceive it as doing someone a favour are the biggest headaches


    A little while back, this forum did me a huge favor by conducting a charity auction in my name. After that, I made a promise to myself to give back when I could. Any time a charity auction came up for any forum member, I made sure I was 'Johnny on the Spot' with donations. That stopped when I offered up some sweet books at 33% of GPA, and 50% of OS from two years ago.


    It's for a good cause, right?


    The buyer got the books, and claimed that they were of a lower grade than advertised. What's funny is that if they were the grade he said they were, he still made bank. To complain about a minor grade difference in a charity auction seems pretty low-class to me. Put away the jeweler's loupe. It's one thing if I send you a rat-chewed book, but it's another if the grade is a matter of personal eyeballing between forumites.


    Anyway, I fully refunded him, told him to keep the books, and made sure the charity auction recipient got 100% of the original proceeds. I just wanted to be done with this guy. This particular forumite has a record of selling over-graded books, and complaining that the books he buys are weak sauce. He knows who he is.


    I was still recovering from my financial hardships when this happened, but I ate the $80 + loss & shipping. From then on, I've only donated directly via Paypal.

  8. I just finished the published "Emberverse" books by S.M. Stirling, and while the series hasn't been finished yet, Stirling is a solid writer who has managed to combine the Sci-Fi & Fantasy genres.


    To basically describe the books, imagine if everything from gunpowder to internal combustion engines stopped working. Tomorrow. A total reversal of physics, which dropped the world back into the early Bronze Age (and I'm not talking about GL #76).


    It's a great story that spans over many books, and I'd recommend them to anyone who enjoys good writing.

  9. your opinion of all my statements will change depending on who you figure me out to be. interesting....


    I'm pretty sure most would still consider you a blowhard no matter who you 'really' are.


    Edit: Seanfingh said it better.

  10. Why do you say this to me Beau? What offends you in my postings? I only post to discuss, not to offend.


    You post to offend, or to get a rise from people. I admit I fell for it. You're a half-decent troll. However, I'm bored, and too tired to deign to romp with a troll like you ATM.

  11. Wow, Greengood, you should probably STFU.




    Not because you don't have anything worthwhile to say, but..Jesus, you need to remove your foot from your mouth. Maybe you should taste that foot first, and remember that flavor before you ever post again. Just give that big toe a good lick.