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  1. Where did I put my fiddle? zzz


    I won that fiddle from you fair & square back in 1979. Times are tough though, and I mailed it in to "cashforgold.com" last month.


    I managed to capture a recreation of our battle on video, though...




  2. The boards did not interest me until lately.


    Fair enough.


    I see lots of people on here getting caught up in the CGC game.


    Fair enough, again. Many people don't think that encapsulating books by CGC is good for the hobby. I don't agree, but you're welcome to your opinion.


    I have 30 years experience in this comic hobby, so you should consider my opinions :)


    Got it, you're old school, and aren't going for "the CGC game".


    I am a seller on ebay usually with 500+ cgc comics listed




    My last cgc submission was 500 comics pre-screened for 9.8.




    ... I wont tell you who. It's not pertinent, nor should it matter.


    I think it kind of does matter, at this point. For someone who decries others for 'being caught up in the CGC game', you seem to use their encapsulation services quite a lot.


    Why the need for anonymity?



    Apologies to RMA for using his post-dissecting technique. lol

  3. If so, DD has changed his MO. There's alot of talk about him selling restored books as unrestored.


    Looking at his current ebay auctions under Robojo33, all RAW books he sells might be overgraded with poor photos but he seems to now declare restoration:




    Forgot to address this.


    As for his new habit of posting CGC'd books and declaring resto on some of his raws, he hopes to fool buyers who know his rep into thinking he's turned over a new leaf.


    Don't fall for it. He sprinkles his auctions these days with slabs and disclosed restored books like a hateful Johnny Appleseed, in hopes that people will think that his other books are indeed pristine, since he's being honest about a couple of them.


    Don't believe the hype. When he finally starts scanning books and makes his FB public, I might consider the thought that he's going legit...but I'd still never give him a dime.

  4. I haven't trawled through all 52 pages for this thread.


    You really should, there's a lot of good info there, including what I'm about to tell you so you don't have to search for it.


    He also claims that all raw books have a 'guarantee' against restoration. If it's a PLOD from CGC, he will refund all costs.




    At the bottom of the yellow-highlighted box, in the 'fine print', is this disclaimer:


    "There is a 7-day approval period from the time you receive your item to request a refund."


    Now, I don't know about you, but I sure can't get a comic sent to, graded by, and returned to me by CGC within seven days. As a matter of fact, you'd be hard-pressed to get a book graded and returned before the time limit for placing a Paypal claim runs out, especially these days.


    This is what he counts on.


    The only way you'll get a book CGC graded within that window is if you have the book graded on-site at a con. How many of his customers do you think actually do that? Not many, and this is why when someone does get a book graded as restored in time for a paypal claim, he's more than happy to refund the money. It's probably less than one percent of his auctions that he gets caught, and has to do a refund. For all the rest, he's laughing all the way to the bank.

  5. Tight grader, and books were sent in excellent packaging...A+++.


    Wait, what? This isn't Ebay? I can ramble along as much as I want? Awesome!


    Well, maybe not so much. I thought I had more to say, but I've already made it known I was more than satisfied with the books he sold me.


    Drat. I was all ready to regale you all with the "Chinchilla Story", as it's become known around campfires.


    Maybe next time.

  6. Packages his books double-boxed and 'bomb-proof'. Not only was the slab double boxed, it was also sandwiched in cardboard and bubble wrap. He shipped out the book the same day I paid, and charged exact shipping and not a penny more. All around great transaction and pleasant to deal with!

  7. Perhaps now you realize why such a blatant attitude and a flippant remark about the board rules can come back to haunt you


    What rule is that Bio-Burp? Making it up as you go along now? The only thing "blatant" and "flippant" is my condensation for a boy like yourself who gets in other people's business. Your life is so boring your cruise these boards looking for drama to jump into the middle of and if you can't find it, you create it on your own. McPitiful. :makepoint:




    Condensation is the process of water vapor becoming a liquid.


    That's like a double whammy, being condescending towards someone who misspelled 'condescension'. lol

  8. Steve is one of the rock stars of this forum, who gets extra props from me because he's also a horror fan. I've only gotten one package from him, but it was packed superbly.


    I only hate him a little bit because he's always getting paid to go golfing with clients during business hours. Just a little bit. lol

  9. I sold my af15cgc 1.0 to vtcomics ands been paid for and I'm happy. I have no need for comicseekers to be on the probation list for myself at least


    The fact that you had a successful sale with someone else for that book doesn't negate the fact that that CS didn't follow through on his end of the deal. I understand where you're coming from, but you had to wait 30 days to relist the book. What if you'd needed the money for some emergency? You were left swinging in the breeze for a month, and by the rules of the selling forum, couldn't relist until 30 days had passed.

  10. I think this was the first time.



    This is just pure win:


    Everyone who tried to turn me into something i'm not and totally make me sick about this hobby can take their silver age precious 9.6 books and stick it up their you know whats. That CGC ship is going to crash and you cannibals are taking it down with you.


    Eerily prophetic! :insane:







    also, how did he find out where I keep my 9.6 SA books? I need better curtains...

  11. I actually really liked that. I know jack about poetry, but that reads very well, and I could picture the scene you were painting with your words.


    I also liked the term 'urban lullaby'. :)

  12. Tweenies (my word, and y'all should know whom it is I'm talking about) should never be allowed in the marketplace here (there are a few here here who are , of course, exceptions and everyone here knows who they are... +BaltimoreLauren+ ... -CapFreak- )


    This thread was broken from the first post and IN THE WRONG FORUM unless you're a DQ King :gossip:


    hm is there anything else or anyone else I can :baiting: to get this thread locked so I can get some points too?


    But honestly, it needs to continue HERE not here.


    Lock enough for ya? :devil:


    d-bag out


    Tweenies? There's almost a decade's age difference between BL and CapFreak. BL can legally buy alcohol, Connor didn't even have a driver's license.