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  1. Reading the responses in this thread, it looks like if Cap ever wants to attend another con, he better hire security. I don't mean 'bring a big friend' security, I mean 'Secret Service'-type security, 10 man team minimum. You messed up big this time me boyo, and there are a lot of people angry at you.

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    Well I for one don't understand how comic supply a dealer is on the probation list, I for one am very happy with comic supply I spent 800.00 there just in the past couple of days and I got great looking books and fast service, I will be going back there again.


    Btw, this poster has been on my ignore list for so long, I can't even remember why . . . :grin:


    I remember why, a couple of years ago you posted a :takeit: on a cap 110 cgc 9.0 that I had for sale on the forums then you backed out of the deal saying that the book wasn't what I said that it was. I remember telling you that its a cgc 9.0 with ow-w pages and you still said that it wasn't what you wanted. I then tried to put you on the probation list and you erased it.


    Quoted so Divad will see it, unless he has me on ignore as well, which is entirely possible.

  4. Do you know if that line Juggy is saying is from anything or did the Archie writers just wax poetic?


    Probably an homage to Omar Khayyam's Rubiyat.


    "A Book of Verses underneath the Bough,

    A Jug of Wine, a Loaf of Bread--and Thou

    Beside me singing in the Wilderness--

    Oh, Wilderness were Paradise enow!"


    Great covers, everyone! Loved that Cricket O'Dell story. :D


  5. Ooops, had this in the "Just back from CGC" thread by mistake.


    Although an oddball character, these two issues are hard to come by and especially nice to have since #18 ties in with Uncanny X-Men 140 and #19 is the 1st Jack O'Lantern (Hobgoblin II).


    #19 only has two 9.6 copies in the census, which made this sweeter. The second copy belongs to someone on the board, so at least we kept it in the forum family.








    I like Machine Man!


    I started to like him a lot more after seeing his performance in marvel zombies 3. He kicked their spoon where no other could. :golfclap: Even got to get with jocasta.



    Machine Man fans should check out the trades of 'Next Wave' if they haven't already. It's a fun, absurd book.

  6. From a thrift shop, I pulled this little treasure. It was surrounded by 90's drek like 'Ravage 2099', and was one of the few that were actually bagged & boarded. Now, I like ASM, but I'm by no means a completist, or someone trying to make a full run. However, I couldn't pass this one up, it was too damn pretty.




    NO spine dings. NO creases. If it weren't for the miswrap (that's not spine roll), I bet this would score a 9.4 at least. I say 9.4 because the pages are OW, if the PQ were W it'd be a 9.6 easy, maybe higher. Really, if you held it in hand, the cover gloss is freakin' stunning. The blacks look like someone used 3-D glasses to pen them in, the deliniation from blacks to color is so sharp, it looks like an X-Acto blade was involved. I've never held another book from that era where the color separations slapped me in the face as this one did.

  7. I love how in the pic quoted earlier, FT, JC, and r1970d are all tapping out a particular rythym, while Gregorio is just 'SPAMSPAMSPAMSPAMSPAM'. :D


    Btw Flee, the whole thing is genuis, not just that one panel. Great concept and execution. I keep noticing little things like Gregorio's 'spamming' every time I give it another gander.

  8. It's for really real! I've seen it with mine own eyes (the comic, not the wood.).


    Yup, just today Glockwookie was over @ my house and eyeballed that comic, which is prominently displayed on the TPB section of my bookshelves, facing front. It was next to the 'KIlldozer' issue.


    He gave it a courtesy chuckle, but I saw him roll his eyes regarding that purchase. I SAW IT! You're on my mess list now, Glockwookie. ;)

  9. Today, I received not one, but two key issues of Western comics, both of them a #10 issue.


    First is from a boardie, my first copy, and unslabbed so I get to actually read it! Huzzah!




    Second is from Ebay, in much better condition than I expected. I was shocked at first, but then I noticed the seller charged me 3X more for shipping than they spent, so all was once again right in the world.


    As for this being a key, it's a key to me. :D:sumo:



  10. What, is this Fantasy Quarterly 1 week? I posted a CGC 9.8 a few clicks back. What an underrated book.


    Nice pickups!


    Just saw your book after reading this post, very nice! Mine has corner impacts on both upper & lower LC, keeping down the grade. Now that I've seen yours, I can't say that mine is the nicest copy I've seen, but...it's more than good enough for me! That was also a very sweet Tick you posted.

  11. That FQ is a super cool book. My LCS has one on the wall right now that I'm thinking of picking up. It doesn't fit in with my collecting interests but I've never seen another.


    Mine either, really; I have a full run of the Epic reprints/new issues from the 80's, but that's about it. I've always had a soft spot for Elfquest though.


    This is probably the nicest copy I've seen. It was raw when I bought it, but since it was a Borock thread I wasn't worried about an inaccurate grade (thumbs u . Actually, in the sales thread he graded the PQ as OW-W, and as you can see it came back with W PQ.


    I'm really going to miss Steve's sales. :sorry:

  12. Here's a couple from Steve B., bought before he quit selling. I'm just now getting them because he was a prince and subbed the FQ to CGC for me.








    Oddly enough I'm more stoked about the FQ #1 than I am the X-Men, but the X-Men holds the record as the biggest amount I've ever dropped on a single book (I know, I'm small-time).

  13. VIA PM's, the latest Joker-Fish update:




    I wasn't attacking you in any way when I posted a reponse in the thread, please dont think I was. I didnt think you were trying to smear my name or anything like that. I just read the response you had written, and I think maybe you took what I posted personally, that was not my intent.


    As for the shipping within 24 hrs of that post, its just a coincedence. I brought all of the packages to my friends comic shop for shipping Friday when I finally had a day off since I started the sales thread, but picked them all up today to bring them to the post office because a few people were EXTRA worried about what they had bought and I wanted to get them the tracking info without any delays.


    I dont think you should have had to PM me about an update, or anything like that, but usually a PM is a lot better than posting in a thread. I just logged in this morning when I saw your PM to me, and I responded immediately. I didnt even know about the thread you started till awhile later when it was pointed out to me.


    I put quite a few extra books with your order, hopefully there will be no hard feelings after you receive them. I am not here to screw people over, I just honestly had no chance to get the books out sooner than when I dropped them off friday.




    My reply:

    Honestly, when I started that thread, I was concerned about your well-being. I didn't mean to start the mess-storm that followed. You've been a nice guy in the PM's we exchanged. It was just kind of off-kilter that you stopped posting two days after we concluded our sales, and not contacting buyers. I hope you can see my point of view. I didn't know about your past history on the probation list, or any of that. All I knew was a cat took my money, and didn't deliver.


    I have no hard feelings. I'll also post this exchange on the forums, because I think it needs te be known.