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  1. DC Comics Presents #33 FREE w/purchase if allowed
  2. 1 of the GL25 VF/NM variants X-Men #11 NM Direct Edition per PM
  3. My question is whether the police are involved since the CGC employee actually admitted to stealing books worth several thousand dollars?
  4. What if there was nothing exploitable with the slab cases at all? What if someone on the inside was helping the seller get the lower grade books straight through to the reholder slabbing and matching the books to certification numbers of HG books the seller already owns? The seller may not even crack the HG book out and swap books in slabs. He could just be telling the insider what numbers to use for each book he sends to the insider. There would need be an investigation of CGC's internal controls and separation of duties.
  5. Collector's Comics says it's rough out there for dealers. Selling off PC.
  6. Finally a member of this club after many years of trying.
  7. Uncanny X-Men had a great run of artists. The Lee, Portacio, Kubert era stands out for me as a kid collector in the 90s.
  8. The Toyota Supra STH is very nice. Congrats.
  9. Yes the Hasui era was the best. The new cartoon look seemed to increase QC issues with the newer figures. MP-47 Hound was a total disaster and the only figure I have had to ever return for a refund. I didn't pick up the new seekers because I feared QC issues and didn't feel the need to replace the MP-11 molds. I do want an MP-44 Optimus Prime though and hope they re-release him one day.
  10. Agree on them being "cheap". Way cheaper than collecting vintage comic books lol. I could probably have a nice collection of RLC and STH HWs for the price a low grade SA Marvel key. Not even a major key.
  11. I picked up MP-57 as well. I haven't gotten around to opening him yet because I also have Siege Jetfire in my Autobot display and he already is a great figure. I love how big MP Jetfire is though. Can't wait for MP Devastator one day.
  12. I've been interested in Hot Wheels for a while now but didn't want to start another collection of stuff. However I recently gave in and bought a few cars. I want to keep my collection small and for display only so I joined Red Line Club and plan to collect only certain RLC cars. At first I was interested in collecting Super Treasure Hunts but finding them in the wild is nearly impossible. Therefore I think RLC offers a high quality, collectible product that I can display and at an OK price. I weigh the time it takes to find STH cars versus the premium cost for RLC so I think spending the extra cash is reasonable. Below is my first buy and my real life dream car.
  13. LEGO 76027 Black Manta Deep Sea Strike $55
  14. LEGO 76034 Batboat Harbour Pursuit $70
  15. Unfortunately no. Only reissues and newer stuff. Thanks for asking.
  16. Fellow Plastic Crackheads. I have a sales thread in the Mixed Forum. I'll be posting more items in the coming days. Go on and give in to your addiction.
  17. Transformers Masterpiece MP-06 Bluestreak (Toys R Us exclusive) $95
  18. Let's try something else... Transformers Generation 1 Devastator Reissue (Walmart exclusive) $175
  19. LEGO 76012 Batman: The Riddler Chase $50
  20. LEGO 75182 Republic Fighter Tank $100
  21. LEGO 75294 Bespin Duel $150