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  1. If any of the stolen goods were made available for sale in his booth, I would think he would be responsible for the booth and his helpers.
  2. Just to give a rough comparison the scans I posted from my ebay store at 300 DPI take up about 2.5 MB on my hard drive before I upload them. Also my scanner does not have a feeder or printer so the lid opens to accommodate thicker books.
  3. I was frustrated with a buyer that reneged on a purchase from me so I fully insured the book with USPS and sent it to the buyer after they opened an item not received case on Paypal. When the book arrived, the buyer refused to accept delivery and the book was returned to me unharmed. I wasted about seventeen bucks to learn the lesson that you can not force a buyer to take a book unless you have a lot of time to kill and want to take your chances in court.
  4. Unfortunately the buyer can ultimately weasel out of any ebay purchase. All they have to do is refuse to accept delivery and open an item not received case. If you are less lucky they could damage your item and return it as not described.
  5. Same thing that will happen to this one In before the poof!
  6. Price is right, let us know how it performs for you.
  7. I am glad you like them. When I have time I am going to have to scan the books I listed before I bought the scanner and upgrade the pictures on my older listings. As long as you are getting a CCD scanner I would think that the higher the model number the newer / better the scanner. In theory the 30000 or 50000 should be better than the 15000 but if I were you I would check the reviews to be sure. Let us know how things work out.
  8. Fishing is no less ethical than low ball offers.
  9. Do you have any pictures of the scans you've done using the scanner? These are at 300 DPI on standard settings:
  10. I almost jumped, - might be worth a shot - new listing on ebay - $140 shipped, buyer protection...... http://www.ebay.com/itm/Epson-GT-15000-Flatbed-Scanner-Power-Cord-Software-See-It-In-The-Video-Below-/162377262925?hash=item25ce70674d:g:Z1UAAOSwNnRYj6Qh I paid $268 shipped. It had cosmetic damage including rust like discoloration on the bottom but it works like a dream. High quality scans (300 DPI using Epson softwate default settings) in less than 10 seconds per scan. Mine came with the power cord and USB cord but not with any manual or software. I was able to download a PDF copy of the manual, all of the software, and the drivers from the Epsoj website.
  11. Somehow my computer tripped their firewall / internet security. When I called them they white listed my IP address so I could get back on. All is good now. Thanks again.
  12. Thanks to those that were able to get on the site for letting me know.
  13. I got the books I wanted for today. Hopefully they can respond to my e-mail and fix it before tomorrow's books are gone.
  14. Well as long as the books went to a fellow boadie. Seriously though is their site down or am I the only one having a problem?
  15. I was bidding on some books in tonight's auction and I suddenly got the following error: Now I can't get back onto the site. Error 1006 Ray ID: 3267c41560b6472e • 2017-01-25 00:56:32 UTC Access denied What happened? The owner of this website (www.comicconnect.com) has banned your IP address ( CloudFlare Ray ID: 3267c41560b6472e • Your IP: • Performance & security by CloudFlare Anyone else having the same problem? Thanks in advance.
  16. I think I have narrowed down my search to two scanners. Epson GT-15000 Used ($250-350 shipped) Microtek Scanmaker i800 Plus Brand New ($730 shipped) Right now I am leaning towards saving a few bucks and getting a used Epson scanner. Both of these scanners produce high quality scans and are lightning fast. Any more feedback before I pull the trigger tomorrow would be greatly appreciated.
  17. I am in the market for a new scanner that I want to use to scan a large number of slabs as well as raw books that I have for sale. One of my friends has the Microtek Scanmaker i800 which does a great job with the scans but takes about 45-50 seconds including warm up to complete a scan. A mutual friend of ours has the Microtek Scanmaker i800 plus which also does a great job with the scans but only takes 5-10 seconds (with no warm up). Although I have gotten over the $600 price tag on the Microtek Scanmaker i800 plus I can not seem to find one available in the US (this also includes the newer Microtek Scanmaker i800 plus AI which has a few extra features). My hope is that someone can tell me where I can find this scanner or recommend a substitute. Priorities (in order) 1. Quality scans of slab or raw book 2. Speed - If it takes more than 15 seconds per scan it is not what I am looking for 3. Available from US Seller - I don't want to worry about shipping in the event of a return 4. Ease of use - Pushing a button or having the right software would be preferable to complex settings 5. Price - Sure I would like a bargain but quality is the priority Also, if there are any problems or quirks you have experienced it would be good to know before I buy the scanner. Any help would be appreciated, thanks in advance. Here is the list of printers (from earlier in this thread) for reference Epson GT-2000 HP 7310 HP 7400 (7710 is the actual number for a search) HP 7410 All-in-one. HP 7780 AIO HP Scanjet 8200 HP 8250 HP 8300 HP 8350 HP 8390 (according to HP specs) Microtek Scanmaker i800 plus Microtek V6UPL Microteks 9600-9700-9800
  18. Voted While I have to admire the chustzpah it took to launch the GoFundMe page, repeatedly failing to deliver books paid for by fellow board members is not cool. The rest of the damning evidence is just more icing on the cake. I was glad to see that some of them did get there books several months after the fact as a result of the nomination but I would like to think we set the bar a bit higher than that.
  19. bravo, sir! This one makes me salivate a little bit… And yes, I know they are all for sale on eBay. I am glad you like it. Real nice Veronica cover.
  20. My top Archie books One of my favorite variants from the new series I got a sketch cover of the last one drawn by a freelance artist, I will post it when I have it uploaded where I can link to it.
  21. I had not seen this title before. I forgot this one was a pedigree until I glanced at the picture you included in your quote.
  22. Thanks, I when I was checking some of my books against the census I was surprised how rare some of them were. I also have several more with only four copies on the census as well.
  23. These are the books I have with 3 or less copies on the census: Black Diamond Western # 15 (only copy on census - 1 of 1 highest graded) Cowboys N Injuns # 6 (only copy on census - 1 of 1 highest graded) Ka'a'nga Comics # 16 (only copy on census - 1 of 1 highest graded) Marge's Little Lulu # 184 (only copy on census - 1 of 1 highest graded) Marge's Little Lulu # 185 (only copy on census - 1 of 1 highest graded) Nyoka the Jungle Girl # 61 (only copy on census - 1 of 1 highest graded) Crack Comics # 45 (2 on census - highest graded) Nyoka the Jungle Girl # 35 (2 on census - highest graded) Raggedy Ann and Andy # 24 (2 on census - highest graded) Nyoka the Jungle Girl # 39 (2 on census - second highest graded) Nyoka the Jungle Girl # 60 (2 on census - highest graded) Stanley & His Monster # 112 (Last Issue, 2 on census - second highest graded) Marge's Little Lulu # 181 (3 on census - second highest graded) Marge's Little Lulu # 183 (3 on census - second highest graded) Tessie the Typist # 5 (3 on census - highest graded)
  24. Don't worry they will come up with an even worse one next year.