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  1. Possibly someone made what we used to call a "Page 8" mistake in the gaming community. What I mean is that he maybe thought he was logged in on the other account instead of the one he posted from. Many years ago, when I used to play some online games. There was a time when someone had cheated someone else out of some good gear if I remember correctly. Well anyways, there were, what we thought, two guys arguing back and forth. Kind of a good cop bad cop thing. On the eighth page of the forum's posts the guy forgot which account he was on and replied using the wrong one. All of a sudden the guy giving the cheater the most grief, turned out to be the same person using two different logins. I cannot remember if it was EQ, WOW, or another online game's forum. The fallout from that forum was all over the news in the gaming forums back then. The cheater would have his pristine main character, and another he would use to swindle people, so if the bad one got caught and banned, the other one would be insulated from that one.
  2. This is good news and I plan on picking these up. I guessing that all the art is done on a computer nowadays. These covers, to me, seem to have a different feel to them. Now don't get me wrong, I like them and all and plan on supporting this endeavor. Maybe it's just because they are modern. This is why they feel a little off to me, as I am so used to the older hand drawn comics.
  3. The ability to regenerate any damaged body part. Childhood scars - gone. Able to see a 3-d movie - now possible.
  4. It probably was created by one of the posters in the FB group Archie H__ posting - which I am not a member of, but because I like Archie Comics, FB seems to put anything with Archie in my newsfeed - good, bad or indifferent. I see many modified pictures like the OP. I am not sure if the CGC filter will edit out the word horn with a y at the end, so I just used underlines. Anyways innuendos are taken to the nth degree by some of those folks
  5. Okay, I just did a quick scan and didn't see my guess. Of course I'm probably out in left field anyways, but I'm guessing $1,898.98. It looks like an awful lot of coins there.
  6. Thank you! I remember reading that story years ago but I do not have the original Uncanny Tales # 3. I do have the "Where Monsters Dwell" run, and that must be where I read that.
  7. I had never known of that website. It looks like a wonderful resource to use. RIP Mike and thank you for your contribution to our hobby
  8. If time traveling, use paper currency from the era that you are traveling to. Coins are expensive, but paper currency is cheaper. Buying a pre-1950's twenty dollar bill is a lot less than twenty silver dollars.
  9. And we have a winner! Yeah, after I posted the photo I went back to the Shorpy website and there were a couple of posts stating it was Batman 11. I would never have figured that others at the site would also be into comics.
  10. From the Shorpy website - a place I visit now and then, which uploads old photos. Anyone ID this comic? Info: June 1942. "Queens, New York. Nursery school at Queensbridge housing project. Children listening to music during rest period." Acetate negative by Arthur Rothstein.
  11. Talking about AI and its effects on society, this reminds me of an episode of a television anthology series similar to the Twilight Zone, but which I cannot remember the name of. Set in the future, a young woman was chatting online with another person and she discovered that he was a real person and not an AI generated whatever. She got out of her house to go meet him and if I remember correctly, the show inferred that they were the last two humans. The neighborhood where she lived was well kept with lawns mowed etc. but it was all done by robots. So here was human civilization with no humans, or nearly none. This was quite a long time ago that I watched this episode, but it always stuck with me a possible future, and now even more so with talks of population declines. I guess if there's no people to do the jobs, then we will have to have our AI driven machines do them.
  12. If Dylan wants to wreck CGC, just tell him to put on a dress and get his own special label, it seemed to have happened with the beer company. (If this is the guy I remember saying he was out to get CGC - or was that someone else?)
  13. A second hand story, but I believe it to be true as my friend that told me was pretty reliable and not known to tell tall tales. Back in the 1990's, I was talking to one of my co-worker friends about going to comic conventions and such, and to be honest, I cannot remember if he said that this happened at a Comic convention or a Star Trek convention. This co-worker friend, he had a good friend of his that liked this girl, but of course she had friend-zoned him quite a while ago. He knew her for years. Well, the guy thought that he was getting somewhere when she agreed to share a room with him during the time they would be at the convention, with separate beds of course. He still had hopes. At the show, they had split up for a while to each take in their interests/sites at the convention, and when he got back to their room later on, there she was going at it with some random guy she met earlier that day at the convention. My co-worker friend told me that his guy friend, upon seeing the gal he was in love with, with another guy, just sat on his bed and cried....Ouch. I don't remember too many details of this story as it was from the 90's, but I do remember him saying it was at a convention in Detroit/Novi. So anyone here the lucky one? Me, I've never tried to get lucky myself at a comic-con. I'm too interested in comics while there.
  14. Not sure if it is related, but posts where I had left a comment used to have a star, now no longer. All the posts present the same
  15. An interesting debate. It's too bad someone here doesn't have a relative or friend that worked at one of the publishers, that has or had access to the accounting department at one of those places. Somewhere there has to be paper records of how much was paid for how many comics being published, either at the publishers or at the printers. One day someone may buy an old warehouse with records still in it and they may say "issue xxx, 300,000 printed with the direct edition cover, 200,000 printed with the newsstand cover." I've got to think that these records exist somewhere. Back in 1981-84 I worked at a seed company that bought a closed car dealership building that was next to their property. I was doing some cleaning work and in the basement of that dealership were all the books from their years in operation. I thumbed through some of the records and was amazed at how much in commissions these car guys were making in the 60's. I think that they listed every nut and bolt and part, plus the cars that they bought and how much they sold them for. I've got to believe that the printing plants kept the same type of records for comics they were paid to print, and I would think that the records would all be on paper up until the last twenty years or so. Of course chances are they are all gone, but we can hope something will be discovered in the future.
  16. Disney company said no more reprints of I think Don's 11th story in the 12 story arc. There were two of Mr. Rosa's stories that Disney will not longer allow to be reprinted. Don goes into detail in this on his Facebook group.
  17. A couple of years ago a friend gave me his collection. I hired my son to inventory it just over this last summer. I went and created a database to log them in as all I wanted to know was what I had. I initially paid my son by the hour but as he had many interruptions I ended up paying him by the long box. After he was done with the first few long boxes we figured out a good rate per long box. That way he could do them here and there as time permitted. I think that the collection had 17 long boxes and five or six short boxes. These comics (all but a handful) were in 30+ year old poly bags with backing boards (they seemed to have held up pretty well). The only data that I had my son put in the database was the title, issue number, printing (if not a first print), cover price, publisher, and date published. I think it took him about five hours or so per long box (but I'll have to ask him when I get home as I may not be remembering that time correctly). Anyways I didn't have him try to grade them, just inventory them and it took a long time. As many comics were duplicates and were put away 30+ years ago, most appear to be 9.0 and better so I didn't bother slowing down the process by having him grade them. Plus I do not plan on selling any and all I wanted to know was what was there. I'll have to post a story about this collection, maybe by the end of the year. My friend that gave them to me was a Marvel collector while at that time I was mainly a DC/independent collector, so now I filled a big hole I had missed in my Marvel part of my collection.
  18. I think that I will buy one also. I am curious as to how this compares to Overstreet.
  19. I second the photocopy idea. I haven't displayed any of my books yet, but after I get my collection all scanned and bagged, I plan on taking a few of the scans and get poster sized prints made, which I'll frame and display.
  20. Finally, lol. My grandparents were religious though, I just do not remember them ever talking about going to a religious type store. I do not think they ever missed a Sunday going to church.
  21. I started out using Excel, but after I hit a thousand or so comics, it got to be too unwieldy. Scroll scroll scroll to get to an issue. That got to be too old. Yes, I know you can use control F to find something, but still too much of a pain. I wanted a program that would be on my pc, would be private (I'm sorry, but I don't trust anything on a web based database), and that I could print out lists as needed. I was going to use MS Access but instead I opted to get LibreOffice's free package (they are really close to MS Word, Excel, Access, etc.) and used their Base program. It took me a while to figure out, mostly by watching a series of older Youtube tutorials. Right now I am having my son log my newest acquired comics into the database I made, and it is up to over 3k of comics with no real problems yet. One initial problem that I had was what to do with duplicates, which I solved by just assigning a .2 for the second copy and a .3 for the third, like issue no 100.2, 100.3, 100.4, etc. I am sure that there is a better way to do this, which I hope to eventually figure out. One thing I have not solved in Base is how to set it up to show a running total of how many comics I have. Right now I have to open another Base program to get that, whereas my old database program displayed it without an issue. The last database I used for my comics was a program I created using Dataperfect back in 1992. That old program did not even have the capability of using a mouse, only a keyboard. It's a pain because every time I want to use it, I have to load Oracle Virtual machine and run it under an older 32 bit operating system. Yeah, time to upgrade. So if LibreOffice's base program doesn't do everything I need, then I'll be searching again. Sigh, if only Dataperfect still existed and was usable in a modern computer.
  22. I remember back in the early 90's when Warner pulled the ten volume VHS set of Looney Tunes cartoons because they had included some WW II racist ones. There was a store at the local mall that had the set, maybe called Suncoast, but I cannot remember for sure. As soon as they announced it on the news I went to the mall and paid my $90 for the set because I was sort of a completest when it came to those cartoons and thought I would never get a chance to own them again. Yeah, in one cartoon Bugs was handing our bombs to soldiers of one of the countries that we were at war with and he used about every, um, racist word about that ethic group that I had ever heard. Yeah, the times were different.
  23. I'll have to check tonight when I get home from work. I'm thinking that it should be the first printing as my local dealer back then used to get books hot off the presses.
  24. After you listed all of those I had to go check my old database to see what I have. Scout 1-24...check. Scout War Shaman I have 1-13 & 16, apparently missing 14 & 15. I'll have to pull my boxes out and see if I really did miss those two. Swords of Texas and New America I have four of each of those series. So it looks like I'm only missing two issues.
  25. I bought those books and remember liking them, but being so many years have passed, I'm going to have to dig them out and re-read as I cannot remember the stories. But I still can visualize the first issue's cover.