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  1. Final update on this: 90 days door to door, all in all very satisfied with the turnaround and the final result.
  2. Quick update: I have 4 levels of service in: Standard (Delivered 4/30, entered as "received" 5 weeks later, now "scheduled for grading") Economy (Delivered 4/30, entered as "received" 5 weeks later, now "scheduled for grading") Bulk with Subs (Delivered 5/1, entered as "received" 5 weeks later) Bulk w/o subs (Delivered 5/2, entered as "received" 5 weeks later) All in all, that is not bad considering the volume their dealing with.
  3. My orders have now been logged into the system, the pre-wait is over. now the main event wait begins.
  4. Glad to hear we're getting closer..... hopefully not to much longer.
  5. According to them, they are opening boxes received the week of March 29th.
  6. https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/2019/08/06/baseball-cards-has-latest-sports-trading-card-scam-been-uncovered/1929959001/ https://www.washingtonpost.com/sports/2019/07/18/baseball-card-collectors-suspected-rampant-fraud-their-hobby-now-fbi-is-investigating/ https://forloveofthecards.blogspot.com/2019/06/there-has-been-heck-of-scandal-with.html
  7. I sent in two. One was delivered on 3/31 (standard) still not entered. The other delivered on 4/1 (bulk) , still not entered.
  8. Then you need to look better. LOL.
  9. Price increase ALREADY? Unbelievable.
  10. I have? They are there for all to see. Go on youtube or ebay and look.
  11. My Packages were delivered on the 31st of March and the 1st of April. Still not logged in. Hopefully next week.
  12. My packages were delivered on the 31st of March and the 1st of April. Still not logged in. Hopefully this week.
  13. Investors. Yes. What they actually bring to the table in the world of grading is the question. So far all we have seen is them not handle their backlog properly, send multitudes of wrong cards to people, double their prices and shut down submissions for 3+ months. I really hope they can straighten PSA out and competition is a good thing. CSG has a real opportunity here. I hope they can step into it.
  14. I have no expectations other than to have my stuff catalogued properly, have it placed in a great holder and have my cards graded fairly and consistently. People are so enamored with PSA because of their resale values.... time will tell if that is a market that will crash and burn.
  15. The biggest problem with your statement is that grading is subjective. It absolutely should not be and with them it obviously is. PSA is either corrupt, incompetent, plays favorites or all three. Just because they were there first does not mean their position is guaranteed to stay that way. Acting like their position is permanent is just silly.
  16. Truth I dont think I'll wait, I may just crack it out and send it raw.
  17. I have never sent anyone my personal cards to be graded before because of PSA's shoddy rep. BGS IMO is a joke and the worst of them all. Honestly I was waiting for a company to get into grading that had a good rep. CSG, being under he CCG umbrella is the company I was waiting for or so it would seem. PSA isn't going anywhere but there is an opportunity for another company to step up and at the very least take a solid number 2 position and hopefully push PSA aside, or at least challenge them to clean up their act. It wont be BGS, they are a joke, SGC dropped the ball, HGA is stumbling out of the gate even though I love their labels and slabs. I am not a flip seller, I am a collector and CSG just seems like the company for me as I get older to start preserving and cataloging my collection for my kids because of that reputation. Of course this is all subject to change based on the service they provide. I just sent 70 cards in and now the wait begins. I did not send my best because I want to see how this goes first and I have always been skiddish about sending big money cards through the mail. I am hopeful and early on it seems their customer service is on the ball, not taking more than 48 hours to answer any question I have asked which for a grading company is like a miracle. Time will tell, I am hopeful.
  18. If all you care about is money, go ahead use them. There are a LOT of allegations against them and they are currently embroiled in PSA & BGS's FBI investigation for corruption. For me a couple of extra dollars isn't worth it to me to use a company that employs card doctors, been accused of card swapping and forging autographs. Let's not even talk about having PSA on their payroll to get inordinate amounts of 10 GEM MINTS.
  19. Definitely ask them, their customer service is surprisingly on the ball.