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  1. WOW John Fisher those are some shockingly harsh grades. Your cards look better than that to me.
  2. Only recently have i become remotely interested in having cards graded after sitting on them for years and years. One thing i dont understand is on EBAY there are professional sellers who seem to sell quality cards cheap. Many look like they grade really high. So why would they offer them for only a few dollars when it seems they could get much more out of them with a high grade?
  3. Ne1....thanks for the info and the education. So right now then my gut feeling is these graders know in order to retain customers they must return values at probably twice what it cost to send in a submission. In other words, they cant keep making money if their clients arent. For example if it cost me $600 on a bulk submission, CSG and others know if they want my business in the future i have to have at least a $1000 to $1200 return on investment. Am i wrong or what do you think about that??? I realize that a card is only what its worth. But if i cant send in good cards that score high i know to just keep them in my boxes. And i have another question for you after you respond to this one.
  4. I have had 1000's of sports cards for many years. Mostly just sitting in a closet. I always avoided the grading game until recently. Clearly when you look around on EBAY and such, buyers are more willing to pay more for PSA graded cards. WHY? I dont know. To me a card should grade the same across all graders. Either a card is mint or its not, no matter who the grader is. From what i can tell PSA charges $100 per card. 2 things i take away from that is - 1. How could you send a card to them if you thought there was a chance it might not be worth $100. Then 2. It would seem to me people would send their cards where they could get them graded for less and force PSA to lower prices. As a newbie to the grading game this is just some stuff im trying to figure out.
  5. Sent in economy sub. Received 10/21. Shipped 12/13, I'm not unhappy with that at all.
  6. what i am trying to figure out is why grading companies cant hire and train more graders to meet demand. i dont think being a grader requires a 4 year college degree. seems like you could learn the ropes in about 1 8 hour day.
  7. As a newbie i may be out of line here but i think it would be helpful to be able to see all CSG submissions in numerical order. That way perhaps people could see their subs moving to the top of the queue and have a better idea of the wait time. Am i thinking right on that or is that not doable?
  8. I'd sell it to you. I have approx. 3000 mostly minor league autographed baseball cards of guys who never made it to the majors i obtained in person as i live in a AA city. Some, like Berkman and Greinke and Damon did well. And i had friends that lived in another baseball town and we would mail cards to each other to get signed. The rest of my stuff is mostly late 80's, early 90's factory sets and hand collated sets. Im in Arkansas.
  9. Not stupid questions. I quit collecting about 25 years ago when pack and box prices skyrocketed and if you didnt get an insert card in a pack you lost. It became much more than just set building. And now you have to have a graded 10 or you dont have anything. Anyway i decided to sort through some of my old cards and maybe get some graded. I find the whole process tedious and tiring. I would rather sell my entire collection and be done with it.