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  1. First purchase on the boards in a couple years so wanted it to be a good one from a great seller! via PM: - Action 424 - Adventure 286 - Adventure 294 - Avengers 162 - Brave and the Bold 103 - Flash 150 - Flash 151 - Flash 209
  2. Damn, I haven't logged in to or visited the boards in almost two years due to some personal stuff and just happened to pick today to jump back in, only to see this news... Bird originally signed up shortly after I did and I recall everything he added to the community with his humor, opinions, and great books that he would offer for sale. Some of these examples above were reminiscent of things I had bought from him, too, which remain some gems among my Bronze collection - they'll have some special meaning, now, too, in his memory. Thinking of his family and everyone around here touched by his loss. The boards will be lesser without his presence.
  3. Finally got to my mystery box package from Robert / @fastballspecial and I was blown away! He had asked for my collecting interests and I had mentioned I was mostly into Silver/Bronze but really liked anything with good art and stories, and mentioned some of the modern titles I had picked up recently, including Saga. He promised a cool mix of surprises, and he delivered! There was a diverse assortment of recent titles, including a couple of awesome classic reprints like FF 51. I love that Bullseye 1 and the Eternals by Gaiman and Romita is great: Then we had some Bronze/Copper issues, including Jim Lee's first work at Marvel (Alpha Flight 51), a sweet MCP Wolvie cover, and a classic Hulk-Doc Samson tale: Next was an awesome variant cover first issue of Department of Truth, a USPS First Day Issue DC superhero stamp set, and the fun "Stan Lee Meets" HC: And last but not least... the crown jewel of the package for me - a signed promotional first printing of Fiona Staples Digest 1!!! This has some beautiful work in it and is definitely an amazing addition to my collection. I never expected to get such an awesome prize, let alone at pick No. 32, but Robert really went out of his way to make this special. Thanks to him and congrats to everyone on issuing such awesome raffle prizes this year!
  4. Almost forgot about the deadline here, but getting this in under the gun - will ship to USA/Canada! Vintage SF-themed book lot with Star Trek focus! Available here is a lot of 10 '50s-'60s SF paperbacks with some awesome painted covers in very nice shape, along with nine Star Trek-themed paperbacks from the '70s/early '80s, seven of which are Fotonovels... so like comics, but with real photos! Also adding in a signed 8"x10" of Captain Kirk himself, William Shatner, obtained at the 2019 Montreal Comiccon.
  5. Argh, missed the deadline on this and am annoyed about it. Despite being a usual lurker I always enjoy the interaction of these and getting to connect with at least a giver and a receiver in the exchange. Hope all participants enjoy and are pleased with what they get... and don't experience any delays/lost/stolen packages on the shipping front! I will dig through my stuff to come up with something for the raffle and get into that, at least.
  6. Just some friendly advice that it's probably preferable to consolidate all your listings into one thread rather than starting a new one with each listing you have.
  7. I'm having a bit of trouble following what's still available but if Pals and Gals 23 is still up for grabs at 20% off.