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  1. They deserve to get punished. Their grading is clearly off the mark. I wish I read these boards before eating my money here. I’ll need to break the whole batch of 50 cards I sent in out of the holders and regrade them at PSA or SGC now for a fair grade and fair market value at auction. Total waste of over a $1,000 here flushed down the toilet. Never again.
  2. Closing in on a year later it’s not looking like collectors are viewing CSG as some superior option to PSA. Not only are their lower graded cards not surpassing PSA graded cards, for the most part CSG equally graded cards are fetching far lower prices than PSA graded cards at auction. After trying here once I’m not willing to risk ever sending another batch of cards for their much lower grades and much lower prices wishing on a star that is going to change because I doubt it will. This service is a waste of money. Raw cards are worth more.
  3. Semantics. I pretend nothing. The facts are what they are. Call it what you want. A fifty cards submission inspected with a professional grade lighted magnified jewelers loupe used many times previously submitting to multiple other graders with MUCH better results produced zero 10, zero 9.5, 1 nine and the other 49 cards 8.5 and below with this joke of a grading service. It’s freaking ridiculous. I’ve NEVER had anything even remotely close to this bad on cards I’ve sent with ANY other grader I’ve used. And I’ve graded hundreds of cards the past five years with 4 different grading services. My position is people would be foolish to spend their money grading here considering their unrealistic low scoring and the very low opinion CSG holds among collectors buying graded cards on resale values. I’m done with this subject and this grading service. I’m logging out and never coming back here. Anyone reading this, don’t say you weren’t warned.
  4. You can have whatever opinion you like about the grading here. No big deal to me. That said Im also entitled to my take on it. I’m knowledgeable and experienced on the subject of card grading. Plainly put consumers spending their money vote with their wallets and CSG will never get any more business from me. I’ve tried a few different ones now but SGC will be the only other service I ever consider besides PSA going forward. For now I’ll sit back and wait for PSA to reopen their value service. The grades there are more fair and the resale values higher on top of it. I should have done that to begin with. Impatience cost me. Lesson learned.
  5. I’m not new at this and have sent cards in to multiple grading services (PSA, SGC, HGA) in the past so I certainly have reference to judge grades by. I examine my cards with a lighted magnified jewelers loupe before I send them in. While I don’t expect all 9.5’s and 10’s the grades I got here were absurd. Mostly 8’s. I don't send in 8’s for grading. Plenty of others on here agree with my assessment of this service so I’d say you're misinformed if you think “most” would say they are accurate. They are not. I only wish I read these boards before I wasted my money here.
  6. I sent a 50 card bulk order in January 11 and it’s already been shipped so it doesn’t appear you were just lucky. I haven’t received it yet but after looking at the online grades I’m in no hurry. What good is fast when their grades are so horrible? Outrageously tough and I totally disagree with their scoring. I’ll have to break them all out of their holders and send them somewhere else now for regrading. First and last time I’ll send cards here. Total waste of $1,000+
  7. Agree. My turnaround time was way faster than expected which I guess is good? But the grades were way lower than expected. Very unreasonable as far as I’m concerned. I won’t be sending any more cards here. Waste of money.