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  1. It would be interesting CSG offered a no 9.5 option. Take your chance, 9 or 10? What do you think?
  2. He is also the first person I've heard of that licks their cards before grading. Seriously, I can understand a post about cards being returned as 'altered', even if it is a bit suspect as a first post. But the holder, like it or not, is no surprise, so when I read that part of the post, I considered it troll material. Not saying it isn't a real post. He could post a picture of the card and CSG's altered designation. Also, did have the cross over removed from the PSA holder? It was, it didn't need to be. Specify to not cross at a lower grade, but only at the same or better grade.
  3. I'm a big fan of the 9.5 grade. I also think it is a largely 'modern' phenomenon, as is modern cards. I collect Panini Prizm, Opti-Chrome cards and the production values are quite high, so these brand new cards should be in premium condition, like Mint + and Gem. So yes you are seeing alot of 9.5s on modern. Not a bad thing. Mint is almost a minimum grade.
  4. I'm collecting 2021 Panini Prizm Draft Picks baseball autographed cards. I'm looking at the pop report. I can see where it says autographed when it is appropriate. But how do I know which autographed cards have had their autograph graded and then what is that grade? https://www.csgcards.com/population-report/baseball/1/2020-present/2/2021-panini-prizm-draft-picks/13411/?page=1
  5. Front left, too. That not an artistic thing, that's a printer roller smearing wet not yet dry ink. It could be ink transfer from an unclean printer roller.
  6. I see major printer roller marks on the back, along the left edge and bottom right.
  7. And no you do not have to have the autograph graded. Your choice. If you're paying $14 or $16 or more already, why not pay the extra $2, unless it's a bad smudged or smeared auto? Just my $.02.
  8. CSG does not certify autographs, and only grades pack pulled autographs like Panini Prizm. If I got the same Prizm card personally signed, CSG would not accept it. They only grade pack pulled autos and that's what you're paying $2 for the auto grade.
  9. I read that CSG is tough on surfaces, and that a failure to properly account for surface issues in pre-grading accounts for many disappointing grades. Also, these surface issues are often only detected under 10x or what have you. Obviously that has my attention. Centering is cut and dried, but with surface, there seems to be some art involved. So - I am asking for your opinion of this surface issue, if it is an issue. Card has strong eye appeal, left-right centering needs a look, while back centering, edges, corners are sharp. Surface clean. Then I looked under magnification and saw this (see attached). Is this is a surface issue and what effect might it have on the grade? Not visible to the naked eye, only under magnification.