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  1. I am a long time Cap fan and THIS was the Cap movie that I had been waiting for. They had to do the obligatory origin in the first movie along with some character setup, but Cap 2 nails it. Some things that I really enjoyed were the emphasis on "Super Soldier"and still keeping the old school moral compass intact. Cap was presented as a leader, a soldier, a strategic mind, a normal joe, and best of all "the ultimate hand to hand fighter" with plenty of shield throwing action too. In the theater I sat in front of a couple of 8 and 10 year old boys. At the start they were typical boisterous kids and I started to turn around and tell them to nip it. But them I remembered that as much of a old, emphasis on old, Cap fan that I am; this was a movie made for the next generation and I hoped they were going to get a thrill. They did. It was old school screen talk back..."no, don't kill Black Widow too" ...."get em Cap"...."whoa, did you see that back kick". A weird thought on critic reviews. I read one review before seeing the movie where the guy blasts the film for having comic book violence where no one gets hurts. What? Dude must of had his eyes closed for most of the film. This was not a touchy-feely movie. Some serious stuff was going on.
  2. If memory serves me, Rick's group has only secured their section of the prison(inner and outer) not the whole prison. The latest episode has Hershel and Carl talking about the "tombs" and how walkers may have wandered into to the tombs indicating that they haven't sealed them off yet. Tombs = lower/rear area cells and back gate. That being said I'd hope they'd secured the prison more than they have, but hey, you can only have so many psychotic mind bends and continued loss of loved one; and still be on a tight inspection/brain bashing schedule. Plus Kirkman had to get Tyrese into the prison somehow. I look forward to seeing how the show develops the "weaker" characters left behind at the prison. Carl's already got Tyreses's respect, we'll see how the other characters progress.
  3. Speaking of Mr. Stevens. One of my prized posessions. (thumbs u prized possession indeed.
  4. The above highlight is really the most important aspect of Alter Ego, Roy Thomas.
  5. Squa Tront #2 - Year 1968 EC Comics appreciation fanzine. Al Williamson portfolio - the Frazetta Collector - Profile on Bernie Wrightson - Jerry Weist article - EC Comics cover gallery. Well known zine and deservely so. Tons of content and history on EC.
  6. Graphic Showcase #3 - Year 1970 Gray Morrow covers - Mike Kaluta story - fan artwork This zine has a ton of artwork with the text mainly being concerned with reviewing golden age comics. I was never a big fan of Morrow, but maybe if he had done more color work I would have been. Nice Spysmasher cover.
  7. Infinity #2 - Year 1970 A nice Frank Brunner cover, but wait til you open it and find interviews and artwork with Berni Wrightson AND Frank Frazetta. Plus a very long portfolio by Roy Krenkel. If you've read the above, then you know this is a great zine.
  8. Reality #2 - Year 1971 Artwork by Berni Wrightson, Mike Kaluta, Frank Brunner. Stories by Bruce Jones(which seems very similar to his work on Pacific Comics) and Howard Chaykin. A quality mag with lots of comic history to read(golden to bronze age) and plenty of eye candy. I'm kind of speechless about what to say about the cover art. Sea Creatures at war??, eh.
  9. Forgotten Fantasies #1 - Year 1976 Mike Kaluta & Charles Vess, Oh, and a bunch of other fan art by other guys...good guys, but no where near the quality of Kaluta and Vess. This zine has a lot of portfolios of fan and near professional artists, but the Kaluta and Vess just shine. A very nice zine. Back cover.....Vess goodness(a few years before he started showing up in Marvel Comics).
  10. The Comic World #16 - Year 1978 Full mag length Golden Age Sheena of the Jungle review with pics, fan art, biblio, and reviews. Not to be confused with Captain George's Comic World, a very long running fanzine. This is the shorter run with the sporatic printing schedule that was done by Robert Jennings and Harry Thomas. Who? you say. Why none other than the teenage friends of Mr. Robert Overstreet. Overstreet even contributed to a few of the zines, though not this particular issue. These can be pricey issues to obtain. Harry Thomas was from my hometown and a good friend. Bob Overstreet grew up just 30 minutes from me, but I never met him(just saw him at a Cleveland, Tn comic store a few times, never had the nerve to go up to him...hey, I was a kid and he was a grown man at the time). I gave away a couple of these zines during past CGC secret santa years. One of the few instances where I actually miss having the mags. Lucky dogs.
  11. RBCC #143 - Year 1978 More Basil Wolverton, Steve Ditko review, Marc Hempel artwork, Kerry Gammill artwork, a Don Rosa underground comic strip, and the superhero parody as shown on the cover(very funny stuff). I don't have any older RBCCs but if the quality was as good as these 1978 mags are, then I need to go out and find them. Oops, I had to edit the Black Canary.
  12. Alrighty, mr. frozentundraguy, I like your suggestion of a fanzine thread. So here are my small contributions to the cause. I'll list them in descending chronological order, along with a pic, highlights, and my personal observations. 1st up...... RBCC or Rocket Blast Comic Collector #144 - Year 1978 Vaughn Bode interview/story - EC comics cover galley - a letter from Steven Spielberg - and a Basil Wolverton reprint. I love me some RBCC. It covered everything from golden to bronze age(or modern age for it's time). Current comic reviews, market analysis, portfolios, even an underground type of superheroes comic. Please let me know if the cover girl's naughty bits aren't obsure enough if I need to edit. thanks go to ft88 on the boards who hooked me up with many of these zines.
  13. 1st time through I was Andrea....but is that wimpy Andrea or badass Andrea? 2nd time I changed two answers and got Rick. Once again is that wimpy Rick or Ricktator???
  14. Change of direction..... Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy. It's a zombie hoard. Lock your damn RV door. Well he was a throwaway character, but did he have to go so stupidly. Otherwise, great season finale. I had odd emotions watching the episode with my nephew who had just gotten released from jail after 4 years(more Jimmy like stupidity). He and his mates had not read any of the comics or been on the internet... so they had been watching the TV show with a fresh outlook. He about hit the ceiling when he saw Michonne and really flipped with the prison reveal. I had as much fun watching his reactions as I did watching the show.
  15. Agreed, thought for sure that it would go down that way. Made sense as far at TV censors go though. Carl still done it, but then again he didn't do it !! I was beginning to think that they were going to have Glenn be the trigger man so he could earn his manhood back. Did anyone think that it seemed funky that the searchers walked a long way into the woods only to wind up still being within sight distance of the farmhouse and Carl.
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    More great fanzines. Smooth transaction. Highly pleased. Thanks again.
  17. 1st time buyer of Dr. X books and hghly pleased. Great mags & smooth transaction. Kudos galore. Thanks.
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    Kudos to Ed for some great high grade Fanzines. Great stuff. Highly Pleased. Thanks.
  19. Only in the movies...can a boy get shot through the chest and feel well enough to target shoot a couple days later. fixed that for you. I enjoyed the episode well enough, but I'm kicking myself for having read the spoiler about Sophia before watching it. Rick gets Alpha Dog points for being the only one able to pull the trigger. We're finally getting to the possible end of Shane and the beginning of Rick.
  20. Which would be a BIG mistake IMO. And I'm not only saying that because he's my favorite. I just thing he adds another element to the show, instead of the other cookie-cutter characterizations. There are just so many different angles you could do. Have him go full on "villian" if you want; have the group fracture and some go with Rick, some with Shane, etc. Love him or hate him, you have to admit Shane is a good character. It would be a waste to kill him just because the majority of the viewers dislike him and his actions. I like Shane as well. And I think that in a real world situation you'll probably have more Shane types than Rick. There's more sheeple out there than leaders and the most cunning/diabolical would take full advantage of any collapse to take over and the sheeple would baaaaaa on behind them. And that's how a guy like the Govenor is created.
  21. Did they have low print runs? I've only recently picked up a few of the earlier issues but at some point will try and track down the rest. Here's a quote from me on a two year old thread about Epic Illustrated... "I've been a fan of the Epic Illustrated Mags since they first came out. I was in college at that time and found myself very receptive to reading offbeat stuff. I originally had the first 20 or so mags back in the day, but I sold them to a LCS in the late 1980s. So about a year ago I decided to go and get the run again....and just finished getting the whole set this past week thanks to sckao and the VCC. Surprisingly, for me, the mag is still a fun read today. Outstanding covers and interesting and occasionaly oddball stories. The things that I learned in gathering the series is that you can wallpaper your house with #1 issues ; for me issues #20 and #30 to #34 were the hardest to find in decent condition. Some sellers were ready to part with the mags for pennies on the dollar while a few understood the whole concept of "end of run" print runs and it took $10/$15 a pop to get those last issues" Basically it is probably easier to get the #1 issue then the later ones. But then again things can change in two years.
  22. Kudos right back Peter Palmer for quicker than anticipated payment and excellent communication. Good Luck on the TMNT submit. 9.8
  23. Great now everyone will want something Special !!!! Kudos to Patrick for speedy payment and excellent communication throughout. I look forward to more transactions with the SixxMan. (thumbs u
  24. Kudos back at you Rob for the fast payment and smooth communication. (thumbs u