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  1. As Stormflora said - if you have the books in your possession and they are your books just ignore any and all threats of legal action. Dangerous Waters is in Florida. You said you live in Canada. He's bluffing - the legal costs would be many multiples of the value of the books. It's hard to get court judgments when two different jurisdictions are involved and both are in the same state. Two countries? LOL. Die of old age before anything happens. Besides that - if the books were submitted under the owner or stores account THEY FILLED OUT THE RETURN ADDRESS. You don't need to worry about actions by CGC. CGC sent the books where they were told after they were paid. They have done their part. As an aside - Dangerous Waters does not have a Dealer Account with CGC. At least not according to the CGC Dealer look up. Nor do they list on their website that you can send books to CGC through them. With shipping $250 is in the general ball park - a little high - for five moderns. Retail would be $25 a book ($125) a five dollar invoice fee and $80 return shipping. That's $210 - plus whatever he charged to ship the books to CGC. So you certainly were not saving any money going through the store's account.
  2. Many with dealer accounts have books shipped directly back to the client
  3. Example: https://www.ebay.com/itm/284226451331?itmmeta=01HQCN20SE9M6AYS4BR9P98SMR&hash=item422d377783:g:jS8AAOSw4qBgVhaI&itmprp=enc%3AAQAIAAAA4AZh5b5nOIiD93ANP7%2BZDB%2FSuJ0Kbg3NU0j%2Fyre%2B5nEkZVfqj1JX%2BXoF0d4rSnUdRnSNV4BGJ3rFpef4INGO2tgGJd0qgttUOvsQKPTgWkaTWleGWk9y4%2BUGW1QO9yDalLG7ZqaomYDUSfSzJYlYDzY38PoCCa3yJFUxW1srqogyyi3Yv1ioOpZbIKyIx58dmB8Q2RZaauPBnJbGgk9WEMYsGJ09BgivraFpkdpXf3k5MgXQMYNTgFjkCkJJf9bwUNiq3pyvTdtNVi1ki63FdrRz3PeT%2FMrjn6TuJwJTs0n7|tkp%3ABk9SR-qMiJW7Yw
  4. Usually this arrangement is with someone you are good friends with and/or that you already have a business relationship with. Just to assist with clarity, what you are looking for is someone here in the USA that you could use as a "ship to" address for your purchases from various sellers. eBay most common, but it could be most any seller. Then once the person has a decent size box of books for you, they ship your purchases to you in Switzerland. So the idea about mycomicshop is never going to work. No way they agree to receive and hold your purchases from eBay or Facebook or Mile High Comics until you have a box full. They MIGHT hold books you purchased from them until you can fill a box. Might. The reason it has to be a good friend or someone you already have a business relationship with is because it can easily be a fair amount of effort and time by the person serving as your USA receiving address. You will also find that some sellers - and it should be nearly all sellers - will not ship to an address other than what is associated with your payment information. Because sellers - the people you are buying comics from - can end up getting ripped off when shipping books to an address not associated with the credit card or PayPal account. One final note. One big box is pretty much always cheaper than multiple little boxes to ship. But here in the USA, there are NO inexpensive international shipping services. Just none. And there are limits on how much insurance can be purchased on international shipments.
  5. If high grade - and it looks to be - the book will get a green label qualified grade. So if the book is otherwise 9.8, the numeric grade would be 9.8. But with a green label that says "Qualified" . You can find CGC graded examples of this and similar books (say FCD Umbrella Academy) for sale on eBay. No, it cannot be cleaned off.
  6. The book you speak of is full of bad advise. It is not highly regarded except by those that have little knowledge and are unwilling to take the time to learn. The answer to your question is simple. It's not safe to do much in the way of cleaning on comics with erasers anywhere except the white areas. But if you clean up the white areas it makes the rest of the book pop. Myke's book literally defines the old adage of "those that can, do. Those that can't teach."
  7. Why who knows. But the Unlimited as you note is just poorly explained. It is $100 minimum on unlimited - minus any discount the submitter qualifies for. My best guess on why is competition. That place in Texas has made a big deal of grading high value books at a much lower price than CGC. That CGC is responding suggests that they noticed.
  8. The new unlimited has to be a mistake. The price should - and no doubt will be - 4% FMV minus 20 percent. That's 3.2%. $100 minimum charge becomes $80 minimum charge. There is no way CGC is lowering the minimum price of Unlimited to $55. That price is less than High value/
  9. My question too. I'll be inquiring tomorrow. If dealer accounts are not adjusted (improved) I expect a lot of dealer accounts will become Elite memberships instead. Which will happen quickly - as renewals are next month. Is the ability to submit to NCG and PMG new? I don't remember that being included before. CCS cannot seem to make up its mind on the cost of pressing moderns. $15 forever. $10 for a few months of 2023. Back to $15 the end of 2023. And now $12. Time settle down guys Update. I mocked up several submission. Dealer discount looks to be 25%. And the discount on pressing is new. Used to only be on grading.
  10. If your customers or you are most concerned about damage or getting lost, Registered Mail is the Gold Standard. It also is the slowest. Sometimes lots slower. Ten business days not uncommon. But lose or damage is nearly unheard of. And insurance costs much less once the package is registered. But I'm pretty sure you know all of this. And probably have private shipping insurance. I cannot say about the US Postal Service. But I worked for a State Agency where deadlines and accuracy of benefits given were the most important. I was middle management. And at least where I worked, the big bosses had a view on timeliness just the opposite what you express (and is most fair/reasonable) Their attitude was that once it was late, it was late. That counted against our benchmarks. But it didn't matter how late. One day late, three weeks late. All the same on the stats. So the focus was getting as many done on time as possible. Once a case went late, it became a much lower priority. . Again, I have no idea if there is a similar view at the USPS and other delivery services. And I disagree - now and back then - with that view. But that view was the prevalent view at the top. Because for them it's not about the individual case/person and maybe package. It is about meeting the benchmark. Stats. Once late, no reason to hurry.
  11. I have no good answer LOL. NASA has billions and every once in a while a rocket blows up. Ford sold 4.2 million cars in 2022 - and a some were lemons. USPS doesn't meet it's stated delivery time - in my experience - more than seems reasonable. Maybe it didn't get scanned properly. Maybe too many people called in sick so it just sits a day. But USPS gives the sender the postage costs back if you ask on the Express service. Which I will do if they are late. But that doesn't happen often with me, because I strongly encourage customers to just do regular priority mail with some extra insurance and a signature. The difference in delivery time is often only a day and sometimes - like this situation - no difference at all.
  12. It's not lost. It shows in the system as in transit. It's going to arrive late. Just file a claim to be reimbursed the postage costs when it finally does show up.
  13. I doubt that 40% figure. Here is why One thing that hasn't been mentioned here is that the higher the restored grade, the lower the percentage of the same grade it blue label it brings. Low grade keys will often fetch 50-70% of blue. High grade not even close. Example AF 15 - New record set at 3.6 MILLION for a CGC 9.6 AF 15 - Restored CGC 9.6 - take your pick of one at $86,600 (Slight professional) or $52,800 (A3 - or moderate professional) Either figure is tiny, TINY percent of blue label. Let's do 100,000 restored to make the math easy. Less than THREE PERCENT of blue label. The reason why is easy to deduce. One hundred grand can still buy you decent, unrestored copy of AF 15. Which would you rather have - a 9.6 restored or a 6.5 unrestored. Your B&B 28 is going to hit that problem much earlier. A blue label 8.5 is a $34 - $35K book.40% is $14,000. For $14,000 you can get a 7.5. That's not a decision worth even a few seconds of consideration. Anyone with any knowledge of collecting would take a blue label 7.5 over an purple 8.5. Now anything can happen on any given day with any given sale. But 40% of blue for a CGC 8.5 restored is doubtful and not a good purchase for the buyer. Not meaning to pick on your book. But this was a good example of the "higher the restored grade, lower the percentage of blue it's worth" guideline that had not yet been discussed.
  14. I have never used Instagram. Is there a way to post up "I am slammed and cannot take on any new restoration jobs for xxx time?" A quick Google search indicates that there are some auto response features with Instagram. Both to frequently asked questions, welcome messages and away messages. So Kenny should take a few minutes and set such up. The front end of any business is important. That old saying is "you only get once chance at making a first impression." No response at all is not a good first impression.
  15. If Kenny Sanderson was the last man standing, he's also super busy. I contacted him a year ago and while he initially responded (as near as I can tell you can only reach him through Instagram) he never followed up so I did not get my book restored. But Kenny isn't actually the last person standing. CCS - the in house pressing service for CGC - also does restoration. They do a lot more restoration removal, but they do offer restoration services as well. CCS is - almost certainly - the easiest to reach out to and most likely to respond. Just send scans of the front and back cover of the book(s) you want restored to submissions@cgccomics.com
  16. Probably just your bad luck. And probably not cracked when leaving CGC, but happening during shipping. Probably. Get a PO Box and have books shipped to it. That will force Registered Mail (same price) instead of FedEx. USPS Registered mail is going to a far more gentle ride. It will also probably take a lot longer to arrive.
  17. I first thought the purple vertical stripes along the spine looked suspicious, but that is how it was printed. I don't see obvious color touch.
  18. I have seen books - under CGC's current standard (adopted 4/30/2013) - grade as high as 7.5 with a very small amount of tape. Things to consider: This much tape I would not consider "a very small amount". You have two pieces of tape probably 1/2 inch each. That might be small but not very small. And then there is the fact that the tape isn't really sealing any tear or defect. Just a reinforcement. I believe the BEST grade you could get is 7.0-7.5. This is also how the grading is done with a defect like this. If the book is otherwise a 4.0 the small amount of tape probably has no effect on the grade. If the book is an 8.0 a small effect on the grade. If the book were a 9.4 it's BIG hit on the grade, because it is likely limited to 7.0-7.5 by the tape alone.
  19. I sympathize with your disappointment. But - you say "I knew all that already". An adequate understanding of CGC's grading standards would have resulted in NOT sending this book in. Pressing cannot fix light staining and light scuffing. Staining especially is a grade killer. The stains and scuffing no doubt limited the grade - whatever grade you received. "light spine stress lines" and "light bends" to cover you can find on NM and NM+ books. If you get grading notes that is. A lot of 9.4 and better books that are not expensive or key don't have grading notes. So we don't want to see "light bends to cover" on pressed books. And in fairness I've cracked more than a few CGC graded books that had notes of light bends to cover. Only to find a perfectly flat cover. IDK - maybe the books flattened out in the slab. But for you and this book, this was just a poor pressing candidate. Do not send in books with cover scuffing and light stains on the cover - unless you will be happy with a book graded in the VF range.
  20. Wow! A lot here..... I don't even want to read all 14 pages even though some are members whose posts I always enjoy. Maybe later CGC's new policy is bad. 14 days isn't long enough. If there is spoon in the holder or the labels are wrong CGC should WANT TO fix it, no matter who currently owns the book. Does CGC really want defective product out in the market? Every single slab graded by CGC is an advertisement for CGC when sold. They should want it to be positive advertising.
  21. Yes, it is surprising the search doesn't show anything. There is a difference between This item cannot be found. and no graders notes available. Your serial number is "item cannot be found". Check and make sure the number is correct. Those old labels had tiny little serial numbers. Keep in mind that even if there are graders notes, the notes are not a detailed account of every single defect. It is just what the graders took the time to write down. Welcome to the boards!
  22. Once in a great while I have seen graders notes on prescreen reject. It is rare. I've never seen a grade (that was lower than the prescreen) listed. I believe it is likely - as Lightning55 says - that a pregrader looks at prescreens and passes or rejects the books. But sometimes then the graders decide it doesn't meet the minimum grade so you might see a rare graders note. But like Lightning, I've never seen a grade on a PS reject.
  23. CCS doesn't list 10 month TAT. It's much, MUCH less. Like a month or less. https://www.cgccomics.com/submit/services-fees/ccs-pressing/
  24. You need to call customer service and confirm it will be a reholder. There have been threads here in the past they say 9.9's and 10's are not automatically given the same grade with reholders. What you picture is only in the label area. Which is completely separate from the book. So the book is a 9.9. Just the label is.....a bit unattractive.
  25. Well - the short answer to your question may not be a satisfactory answer. Your CGC dashboard only has information on submissions and their status for current and the --maybe two years?. There simply is not and never has been any information regarding your account. You cannot see payment histories, ,stored payment methods or account credits. . There has been some improvement here. Used to be you had to call accounting. Now the frontline customer service agents can fix most billing issues and answer most questions. And you can update payment method online yourself. Too bad - I kinda liked talking to Jose in accounting from time to time LOL. The competition in Texas is no different. Online you can update payment methods but there is no way to look at account history and credits. And it is vastly easier to reach a customer rep with CGC