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  1. Girls had cooties at 14? I must have been an early adopter of, not only do girls not have cooties but, I really like them. I was 6 when that happened. post the book and let us see it please!
  2. Yeah, that's an awesome statue for sure! Nice pick up.
  3. I'm screwed! As soon as my 11 year old sees this, he will be screaming at me to buy it. This may be my first sideshow piece.
  4. My son says WW isn't custom. He has one If you go back and read the thread, the guy states wonder woman is a regular issue. Some of the figures are put together from parts, others are full custom.
  5. Batman: Assualt on Arkham, isn't really a Batman movie, it's more Suicide Squad. I will agree it isn't appropriate for kids. It does have a sex scene with Dead Shot and Harley, it is also violent. I really like it but, I wouldn't show it to an 8 year old that's for sure.
  6. I still wonder if Heath would have won, if he was still alive. As stated already, I'm sure big hero 6 will get nominated. I can see some technical nods possibly for a couple of the other movies but, that's it. Don't expect the top categories, aside from music, any time soon.
  7. I actually like this show the best, out of all the DC shows on tv. I was never a fan of the hellblazer books so, I don't know how true to the books it is, therefore I have nothing to judge it against. I also didn't have any expectations for it, I just hoped it would be a good show. I have been pleasantly surprised so far.
  8. Yeah, that thought crossed my mind, when I was watching The Flash last night
  9. I loved the cross over this week. My favorite Easter egg from tonight was,
  10. True - but there's trimmed and then there's hacking lumps off a book From the picture, to me, it looks like the whole top was trimmed. It could just be the angle of the picture though.
  11. It says in the description it has been trimmed and has color touch.
  12. First print (thumbs u the green color on the print is how you tell. Each printing has a different color. I was thinking about collecting them all.
  13. Great book and story. I have one of my copies off for grading right now.
  14. Hey Swicky...I have an extra I might be willing to part with if you're serious. How much? 2nd editions are pre-selling for just under $70. Swick could use a nice gift for all the good he has done around here lately. Feel free to PM me if we can make a deal. So I'm now the proud owner of this statue - thanks to Randy for offering it and Robb for paying! Talk about a surprise! Thank you sooooo much! Awesome gesture! I fell asleep when these were being pre-ordered, so I had to pay double for mine on feebay, but it's well worth it. It's such a sweet statue. I was thinking of pre-ordering the 2nd edition... I had my pre-order for this Harley cancelled by dcbs, because it was sold out before shipping. Congrats on the new piece, it's awesome.
  15. Mine arrived Saturday. I opened it today, I love it.
  16. I never thought about that, or that he might say no. God that would be awful my 11 year old will be standing there with me.
  17. I need to know if Mamoa is playing aquaman. My youngest son, is a huge aquaman fan. Mamoa is going to be at Boston comic-con in 2 weeks, he wants a book signed by aquaman. Should I just take the chance and have a book signed and ss? I didn't even want to get into the celebrity signed stuff at cons but, if I can make one of my kids ecstatic, I'll always try.
  18. Kevin Eastman, is one of the nicest people I've ever met period. Easy to talk with, and very friendly indeed.
  19. Man, people really go crazy for those little Harley statues. Go for the Sideshow PF; you will never want for another Harley. PF's over everything! I agree the sideshow stuff is incredible, but I don't have the space or the cash for those statues. I have 5 black and white statues, that's why I wanted to add Harley to the collection, aside from the fact she's a great, fun character.
  20. I checked my email this morning. I was informed, my pre-order of the black and white Harley Quinn statue, was cancelled by discount comic book services. I'm guessing it was a heavily ordered piece. I'm still pissed, I really wanted that statue, to go along with all my other black and whites.
  21. Shill bidding at its best. The "winner" has 63% bid activity with the seller.