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  1. Simple and smooth transaction, fast and secure shipping. I'm 110% satisfied with my purchase and would buy from him again. Here is a link to the 2 SA ASM's purchases.. http://boards.collectors-society.com/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=4912716#Post4912716
  2. Bought one of the Amazing Spider-Man books Greggy donated during the VCC. I can't complain, the book arrived even before I made my donation to the Hero Initiative. If it took me any longer to make my contribution, I was going to place myself on the probation list.
  3. You're not living up to your name, BurnallMARVELbks. MA is abbreviated for Modern Age. I've already burned a few MA DC's. I should have taken pictures. There may have been a few flash books, I can neither confirm nor deny. In that case, Burn All BurnallMAbks! You're close enough, I'll call you over to come to my home and you can personally burn all of burnallmabks'. Except my Spawn #1 in 9.2, that's my grail.
  4. You're not living up to your name, BurnallMARVELbks. MA is abbreviated for Modern Age. I've already burned a few MA DC's. I should have taken pictures. There may have been a few flash books, I can neither confirm nor deny.
  5. I'm going to say the Hulk, because he's green, he's tough, he's Marvel.
  6. yikes, Roid rage! yikes is right, that pic scared me back into my half shell.
  7. I never played, it just always seemed to complicated and like it required more creativity than I ever had. edit: and a little fact that I omitted, I never really had any friends who played. edit 2: I didn't really have many friends. edit 3: do G.I. Joe figures count as friends!
  8. Never knew these existed, I have never seen or heard of them.
  9. I'd really like to one day collect a run of BS conans.
  10. Purchased some ASMs from buckycap a week or so ago and am satisfied with the transaction. Books were securely packaged with newspaper and bubble wrap in a nice oversize box. I guess it also doesn't hurt to say what a great price buckycap gave me on the lot. Thanks buckycap! Chris
  11. Received my second purchase from mazman77, again very satisfied with my purchase. The items arrived as described wrapped in bubble wrap in an oversized box, quickly and securely, despite Media Mail. link to items purchased... http://boards.collectors-society.com/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=4421184&nt=31&fpart=29 Thanks mazman77!!! Chris
  12. Purchased a lot of ASM Mcfarlanes, the books were as described and at a great price. I'm very happy with the transaction and communication. The comics were securely packaged with bubble wrap and packing peanuts in a nice oversized box. I wasnt' expecting such secure packaging. Thanks Chris link to items purchased... http://boards.collectors-society.com/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=4421184&nt=21&fpart=20
  13. that looks like one hell of sketch, very nice commission!!!
  14. Like several people have mentioned the price difference between true acid-free boards and regular coated boards is neglible - and considering how much of a difference it makes from a conservation standpoint, it seems like a complete no-brainer decision to me. The switch from polybags (which, btw, are never archival-safe either, no matter what the manufacturers claim) to mylar, however, is a bit trickier - there's no question that polybags degrade over time which, in turn, produces harmful chemicals that also hastens the comic book's natural aging process, but the actual physical effect this has on a comic book is much less severe than the one caused by a non-acid-free backing board. I made the decision years ago that every single book in my personal collection - whether it was worth $1 or $1000 - was to be stored in mylar with a true acid-free board. Considering I own about 13,000 books that was a bit of an undertaking, but not having to swap out the bags or boards again made it worth every penny. Not to mention that books in mylars just look With a regular coated backing board it's actually both - both the comic book & the backing board are happily off-gassing acids inside the semi-sealed environment of the comic book bag, and therefore speed up the natural aging process of both items. A buffered, archival-safe board, however, is meant to address those very issues - not only is the board itself acid-free (and therefore doesn't contribute to the acid build-up), but the calcium carbonate buffer also helps to absorb & neutralize the acids that develop in the comic book as it ages. There's no question that the environment a comic book is stored in is just as important as using archival-safe products (oxidation is part of what causes paper to turn brown), but using the correct storage products will go a long way towards protecting your book from environmental factors. I personally never use open-top mylars unless it's a double-bag combo. Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions. It's greatly appreciated, I just recently changed the bags and boards. Had I known that the E.Gerber boards were the same price or even similarly priced I would have purchased the E.Gerber Brand.
  15. +1 Dan +100 Agreed. The irony is the E-Gerber back boards are the same price as the others so it's a no-brainer. Surprisingly E-gerbers doesn't see MCP so any links to where this could be bought would be greatly appreciated. $8.00 for 100, didn't know that, i guess from now on it's Gerber boards for me.
  16. This is great!!! I think this pretty much proves that E. Gerber products are the best. I think this is great information for the high end collector, but what does someone like myself with a small not too valuable a collection do. My question is at what point is my comic collection worthy of being Gerberized. Most of my comics are coppers and early 90's drek. I have maybe 200 comics worth over $5 bucs, 100 over $10 and maybe 30 comics over $20(of about 1000 in total). What's worthy? Granted my collection is small enough that i can Gerberize everything over $5. (you serious collectors stop laughing at me...) Another question, is it the board acids that interact with the comic of the acids that the inks and cheap paper in the comic that interact with the boards? Seems to me whether you board or not, the comic itself is probably releasing more acid than the board. Eight years ago I purchased new boards to replace the old ones. I only got around to doing about 100 or so and still had an open pack of boards that remained unused for nearly eight years. To my surprise, the boards remained relatively white compared to the ones that were used eight years ago. I've spent the last couple of weeks rebagging and boarding my comics and came up with some conclusions. I would rather have them in bags than not in bags. I would rather have them supported with boards than not with boards and store the comic to the coated side rather than to the uncoated dull side. Of course, it seems prudent and wise to rebag/board every few years. Call me ignorant, and i'm sure you will, but for my personal collection, I've seen little side effects leaving them in the same bag and board for 10 years or more. As a matter of fact one thing that disturbed me was the one comic in my collection that was stored in a mylar and was maintained in the same mylar for the last 15 years had tanned somewhat. It was a mylar without the folding flap, it was open ended. The top of the comic had started to brown/tan and the top of the pages of the comic had also tanned. I think air might have something serious to do with tanning pages more so than the board. This was my recent experience rebagging about 1/2 of my small collection.
  17. being a big spidey fan, the comic that brought me to Moon Knight was that #57 stephen platt cover with the homage to mcfarlane. I was fortunate to buy it at book cover off the rack. Unfortunately, it was my introduction for platt, were I would eventually pay the most for a comic book that I have ever paid for a book. Paying $25 for a copy of number 55. I have about 4 of those six covers that platt did for moon knight. Thinking I had discovered the next mcfarlane, i went on a frenzy buying everything platt. Supreme, Prophets, etc. I gobbled it up at a frenzied pace. Something I regret...