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  1. Just curious why you waited til Jan 3 to ask for tracking info when he said he would provide it on Dec 10th. I would think you reach out on the 11th, 12th or Monday the 14th with "hello that tracking number was?",but no you waited another 3+ weeks. Yes, due diligence is necessary. Lawyers!!!!
  2. There’s a good chance, AMC will be reporting higher DVR playback gains for “Fear” this week due in part to stronger live competition from the VMA Awards. http://variety.com/2015/tv/news/amcs-fear-the-walking-dead-declines-in-week-2-1201581803/
  3. It's ok, I mean, it's not as bad as the original series. Really, who wants to see a bunch of hillbilly zombies anyway. Every episode I pry to Kirkman for him to kill off the whole horrible cast. No one quality actor in the bunch. In fear the walking dead at least we have some good actors. If this show doesn't get any better, at least by season 7, I don't think I can bare to watch more than 10 or 15 seasons of this .
  4. Bumping this post since the 5K numbers are a tad deceiving...
  5. Bumping this post since the 5K numbers are a tad deceiving... That's a lot of variants assuming the 5318 are all covers a/b. I had imagined a number closer to 1k for all the variants combined.
  6. I bought a book that a seller had listed at a BIN price since January 1 of 2015. What I'm trying to say is that if you are patient as a seller, eventually a buyer will find its way to the book at your asking price.
  7. That thing hanging on that door, is that a large piece of dried up human skin ala buffalo bill from silence of the lambs?
  8. Probably because if PP finds out a seller is abusing personal in this way, they will get shut down. Exactly, if someone is abusing it, they will get a warning and may be told that they cannot use personal pp. I know at least 2 dealers who were told they could no longer use it for "excessive use". However, whenever I called about the charity threads and said we were selling books, I got the same response, that it was not a problem and we never had a problem except for the first time, when we hadn't called and someone's account was temporarily locked, until we explained. That's the reason I or someone else calls each time, to prevent that. If I'm ever involved in another charity thread, I plan to do the same thing, call them and ask. So although I'm not looking for arguments, I think the word "thief" is a bit strong. I hope you will atone for your sins at some point. May god have mercy on you.
  9. It's stealing, never the less... Let he who is without sin cast the..... I'll see everyone in hell.
  10. If kraven ever should show up around my parts, I'd burry him in a shallow grave.
  11. 3 generations of entitlement. It's going to get much worse. And people wonder why I say what I say. I know someone who feels entittled to take his time pressing books, these entittled elites, I'm ready to start a revolution and overthrow them. I don't need a thesis explaining why you take your time. You already explained it to me.
  12. It's distasteful, but I don't think it's wrong for a buyer to try and renegotiate. Of course if you decline to renegotiate I believe he is still liable to the original price. If he reneges on the deal, then at that point there is an issue.
  13. That's nice! So are the other SOL pieces in your CAF, especially those covers.
  14. I'm a real cheap arce. Will this do or should I consider a more professional frame with matting? $9.00 at Michaels arts and crafts. Medium is pencils inks and water colors on bristol paper.
  15. That's a cool book and very unusual to see in blue!!! Most all got qualified grades for the hand written limited edition numbering.
  16. I decided to consolidate those six post of my recectly acquired Stuff of Legend OA. These are my first pieces of Original Art or any art for that matter.
  17. While we're calling out board members...I would like to call out Vintage comics for only having two books listed on his website a few weeks ago. Not that I can afford anything he has for sale... but I still like to look at his "spoon".
  18. Manifest Destiny #1 cgc 9.8 LBCC, finally got one courtesy of Court AKAjjeanius. I waited and waited until I was finally able to snatch one up on the cheap off Court's ebay store in an auction. I have another Modern grail I'm pursuing but I'm reticent to share that info currently while I hunt one down.
  19. Seems to me that this particular point is being overplayed. If I have someone on ignore, it's because I find them so annoying that I simply don't want to hear them speak, speak to them, or deal with them whatsoever. It's not like I have some deep seeded feeling that I must keep a book I once owned out of their hands. Is that really what "ignore" means to you all? If I'm selling a book, Boardie A buys it, and after they receive it from me they hand it to Boardie B (who I have on ignore), why should I care? My purpose for ignoring Boardie B was fully served...that is, I didn't have to interact with them. It's not exactly like it's an action 1 9.0 and you have no choice but to deal with the seller no matter how reprehensible you find him. Where is your dignity MAN!! It's a modern book and eventually another one will pop up and probably cheaper. You should also apply that logic to sellers that insta-drop their ignore on people when there's a few extra bucks to be made. If they are on ignore have some DIGNITY man leave them there. I suppose you say right... I'm not sure what that means.... I guess you've never seen "In the Heat of the Night" Goodness...not for 20 years at least. I've got to watch that again. One of the great movies of that era. Did you get the theme there, falsely accused and redemption at the end.