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  1. Its like that song Honky Tonk Heroes. "Where does it go? The good lord only knows".
  2. Might want to edit this without your IP address being visible in the attached image.
  3. I don't understand why there is a picture from mycomicshop? Might have nothing to do with anything but was the book sent directly from MCS to CGC?
  4. I kind of remember seeing one or two purple label books that said "pressed" on them from the old case. Can't find images. Was that just another fever dream?
  5. Sure but my understanding was when submitting books they were in a secured facility. I assumed they would have lots of cameras so when looking at something like how many items an employee stole, it would all be on camera. But I'm basing all of this on what I want to believe. Weird stuff.
  6. So does CGC not have cameras that cover the entire "secured facility"?
  7. Remember, most of the companies grading these games would charge people submitting those same game "fair market value" grading fees. Reminds me of the stories I heard a few years ago where people were being told they couldn't grade Walking Dead #1s with CGC through the modern grading tier because the value was too high. Not sure how that ended up working out but I am interested in what is going on with the WATA price manipulation lawsuits.
  8. If you google "Regional police exchange zone" you'll see that almost every police department in Ontario has a special area dedicated for this.
  9. Meet him at a police station. Seems normal, maybe he thinks he can slickly talk you down in person? Not that odd but something I almost never do. Toronto police stations have these "Sales and Exchange Zones for online sale" areas for these kind of things.
  10. So Rob Liefeld the creator of Deadpool is charging $210 for his "chiseled signature" while Clayton Crain charges $235 for a "murder infinity signature". Checks out.
  11. Yeah but it makes a great match with this book which I also own.
  12. it is kind of weird that CGC would play the moral police and not grade certain magazines when they grade books that Diamond can't even legally ship out of the US. Of course I am talking about Boundless books.
  13. Any update on the days SHARON AND BRAM will be appearing? Saturday only?
  14. Every publisher is different. In my experience Marvel and DC just give you a list of preapproved artists to pick from and it is difficult to get someone to do the cover that hasn't already been approved by the publisher. Sometimes they'll send you in progress images, sometimes they'll just send you the finished cover.
  15. Marvel sends you a list of artists that are preapproved to do covers and will tell the retailer the artists rate. Some are a lot more than others - most are included in the already established price. So if they said they wanted a cover from Dell'otto, Marvel would have done the entire run around with getting the cover done and produced. So its very possibly that Marvel didn't reach out to Dell'otto and just reused artwork they already had.
  16. You guys in this thread are so wrong. Everyone knows you can get print runs by dividing the variants ratio against the posted print run Diamond publishes that shows how many books they shipped on the release date and not how many copies are still in their warehouse. This is 2023 after all.
  17. What's the Image Comic Book that used Ai for its covers and for the character designs? Saw a few people mention it a few weeks ago. Nothing now. Edit: it was "the Last Barbarian"
  18. And just for fun, this cover came out a few weeks after the official announcement of the film. Notice the date of June 19 - when the film was officially announced in May
  19. A comic book was produced in 2022 AFTER the film was announced and now someone is saying its proof that the movie is based on the comic? Incredible.
  20. What? No. Alex Ross's online store is run by a company that also has CGC witnesses. Does he witness his own signature? No. Can you submit books to CGC with a Alex Ross COA? No. Once books are out of the artists possession they can no longer be graded with a yellow label- that's where the J Scott Campbell thing comes from - you can buy from his booth at shows WITH a CGC witness but you can't buy the books from the J Scott Campbell booth and submit them yourself - you need to have a CGC witness with you. Hope that clears that up for you.