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  1. Acesilver,

    Good to have you on the boards. (thumbs u

    I saw on your registry that you stopped collecting HG JLA. Are you actively collecting something else now?



    If you mean am I collecting any other HG titles or Silver Age, then no. I'm no longer in the hunt (which helps Tim out on carrying on the HG JLA legacy along with Rick :baiting:).


    I have gotten hooked on a number of current DC storylines, GL, GL Corps (love the Sinestro Wars story arc), JLA, JSA, Checkmate, etc. But unless today's age becomes tomorrow's Silver Age I wouldn't call it a Pacific Coast collection of stuff. :grin:

  2. Depends on the grade range you're shootin' for.


    9.0 or higher, a decade seems overly optimistic...even in these "internet-available" times.


    Unless your Uncle's last name is Gates or Buffet.


    But :wishluck: anyways.






    What are the 10 hardest JLA issues to find in high-grade?

    (I'll define high-grade as CGC 9.0 or better for issues #1-26

    and CGC 9.4 or better for issues #27-100)

    For 1-26, I think there are only four issues that are really hard to find in 9.0 or better: 3, 4, 24 and 26



    I would agree with 3 and 4. The best copy I could ever come across between the two was the #4 at 9.2 that I passed on and I believe Rick now owns. At the time, the other issues I couldn't locate in 9.4 range were #6, 10-12, 22-25? Although I did find most of them in 9.0 range.


    It seemed like after the mid to late 20 issues you could find 9.4 with much greater frequency than anything in the first 20 or so imo.

  3. What are your minimum grade requirements for your JLA collection?


    For me, #1-50 in at least CGC 9.0 or better

    #51-100 in at least CGC 9.4 or better

    #101-200 (if I decide to collect them) in at least CGC 9.6 or better



    1-29 9.2 or better

    30-99 9.4 or better


    I started at VF or better. Then got tired of paying to upgrade. So I finally settled on 9.4 or better for 1-50. And stopped collecting books outside of those. Even though I had 9.4 and 9.6 books scattered up through 120 or so.