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  1. A great collection of books there! Thank you for all of your hard work here. I look forward to working with you for future shows.
  2. Unless I'm overlooking it it does not appear their sigs fall under CGC Sig. Series.
  3. Looking to connect with owners of this book. Would love to hear from, or know who has, the Pacific Coast, Northland, Rocky Mountain and Slobodian pedigrees. If there are others, beyond these, that aren't recorded in gpa would like to hear from you as well. Thanks, Scott
  4. I'll also add that in my case with Heritage, at the time, I had the top registry set from a title that had some future developments enhancing its appeal.
  5. I would agree. I'm sure a lot of each instance is based on how high the demand is, value, etc. Someone with an Action #1 or Amazing Fantasy #15 is likely going to be in a better position than someone with a Howard the Duck #9. Likewise the only way the 'deal' gets known is via the seller sharing it vs. the site. It's why I used my own experience as an example. Unless I provided the details, Heritage certainly would not. So if any sellers are willing to share their experiences, and it's up to you on however much detail you care to provide, here's the forum to do so.
  6. Hi, As the title says I'm interested to know if sellers are having, or even trying, to negotiate reductions in the premiums some of the popular auction sites are charging these days? This can also extend to whether any seller's have been able to negotiate receiving either a portion, or all, of any 'buyer's premium'. I've sold through Heritage (2005) and negotiated the seller's premium down to 0% at the time (think they were taking 10% back then). Buyer's premium I didn't see whether I could negotiate receiving any portion of that (think maybe it was also 10% at the time) for the collection I sold. I've used Pedigree, Metropolis/ComicConnect and ebay. Don't recall if I've used CLink. I have a high-value collectible that I'm not planning, or looking, to sell anytime soon. Just more curious to see how negotiable the sites I note, and feel free to add any I didn't, are with their growing fees these days. Thanks for any input shared here.