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  1. A great collection of books there! Thank you for all of your hard work here. I look forward to working with you for future shows.
  2. Unless I'm overlooking it it does not appear their sigs fall under CGC Sig. Series.
  3. Looking to connect with owners of this book. Would love to hear from, or know who has, the Pacific Coast, Northland, Rocky Mountain and Slobodian pedigrees. If there are others, beyond these, that aren't recorded in gpa would like to hear from you as well. Thanks, Scott
  4. I'll also add that in my case with Heritage, at the time, I had the top registry set from a title that had some future developments enhancing its appeal.
  5. I would agree. I'm sure a lot of each instance is based on how high the demand is, value, etc. Someone with an Action #1 or Amazing Fantasy #15 is likely going to be in a better position than someone with a Howard the Duck #9. Likewise the only way the 'deal' gets known is via the seller sharing it vs. the site. It's why I used my own experience as an example. Unless I provided the details, Heritage certainly would not. So if any sellers are willing to share their experiences, and it's up to you on however much detail you care to provide, here's the forum to do so.
  6. Hi, As the title says I'm interested to know if sellers are having, or even trying, to negotiate reductions in the premiums some of the popular auction sites are charging these days? This can also extend to whether any seller's have been able to negotiate receiving either a portion, or all, of any 'buyer's premium'. I've sold through Heritage (2005) and negotiated the seller's premium down to 0% at the time (think they were taking 10% back then). Buyer's premium I didn't see whether I could negotiate receiving any portion of that (think maybe it was also 10% at the time) for the collection I sold. I've used Pedigree, Metropolis/ComicConnect and ebay. Don't recall if I've used CLink. I have a high-value collectible that I'm not planning, or looking, to sell anytime soon. Just more curious to see how negotiable the sites I note, and feel free to add any I didn't, are with their growing fees these days. Thanks for any input shared here.
  7. Hi Mollie, Thanks for adding these. I just learned that the latest story arc only ran through 54. The series will be on a break for somewhere around a year (but only the creators can say for sure). Sorry. They've taken breaks before but usually only for about 3 months. Can issue 55 be removed from both sets for the time being? Thanks
  8. Hi Rich, Have you heard anything about Brian Vaughan or Fiona Staples showing up? They weren't on the list of scheduled attendees last I checked. Wondered if you may have any inside info either way. Thanks, Scott
  9. Taking a shot at trying to reach the owner of the recent listing of a CGC 9.8 #18 Error version of Sandman on ebay via Mycomicshop. If you are on the boards please get in touch with me via messaging. Thanks, Scott
  10. Taking a shot at trying to reach the owner of the recent listing of a CGC 9.8 #18 Error version of Sandman on ebay via Mycomicshop. If you are on the boards please get in touch with me via messaging. Thanks, Scott
  11. Hi Mollie, Would you please add issues 50-55 to both Saga 1st Prints Only and Saga Complete with Variants. In addition if you would add #50 Virgin Variant to the Complete with Variants set. Thank you
  12. Received my books today. Thank you very much Rich for the books and the bonus books! Look forward to dealing with you more.
  13. Hi Rich, I'll take this and the #342 if I haven't overlooked someone claiming them first.
  14. Hi, I originally posted this in Comics General and I'm adding it here from a suggestion I received there. I'm interested in options for CGC 9.8 Subscription service. I know of 2 personally (3204 Auctions and Made the Grade). I've also heard about BeachBum comics but don't know anything about them. Any other recommendations members can suggest or feedback to offer on the few I've named? Thanks, Scott
  15. Hi, I'm interested in options for CGC 9.8 Subscription service. I know of 2 personally (3204 Auctions and Made the Grade). I've also heard about BeachBum comics but don't know anything about them. Any other recommendations members can suggest or feedback to offer on the few I've named? Thanks, Scott
  16. I'm looking for any assistance, advice, help, you name it for a problem that I've run into over a recent attempted purchase of a unique CGC 9.8 GOTR #1 Sig. Series The book, The auction I won this auction and made my payment the same day. The next day I received an email on the item. At first I thought it was just a confirmation that the item had been sent out by the seller. Instead it turned out to be cancellation of my purchase from the seller along with a corresponding refund! I emailed the seller right after to find out what was going on. Here was the reply I received: I was in the process of shipping off the comic when I accidentally dropped it on my kitchen floor. I will need to ship the item to CGC for a new case. Sorry for the inconvenience! I told the seller to just send it to me and I could decide if I would need to reholder the book. I noted he could give me a small refund off the purchase price if they chose. I followed that message up with a question of why they cancelled the purchase in the first place. I felt the seller should have contacted me about the problem to discuss it and possible solutions. None of those would have been me choosing not to buy the book. I received a reply back hours later saying they did not see my response and that they had already sent the book to CGC in that time! Here is the picture I received of the "damage" Damage? I was, and continue to be, highly skeptical of both the circumstances of the damage as well as the sending off of the book for, I assume, reholder that quickly. But I let the seller know that I still wanted the book and expected them to notify me when the book was back and to honor the price I paid for it. I asked if they would do that and heard nothing back. It is getting to be about the time a reholder submission may be completed. I tried again recently to reach the seller for an update and whether they were going to fulfill the, imo, wrongly cancelled order. Nothing. So I contacted ebay to see if they could reach the seller and use their involvement to get the seller to follow through with the deal. I heard back from the ebay representative this afternoon and they had been in contact with the seller. What they shared from that contact seems very contradictory. The seller was dealing with family issues and they were in the process of closing their ebay account. Yet they would supposedly let me be the first to know if they listed the item again. I'll note here that according to gpa this book sold for $1500 back in 2014. You can see that if the seller is the buyer from that time they would have been taking a decent loss on the book. Needless to say I'm very frustrated by all of what has taken place. I don't know if I'm dealing with a scam artist or not. On one hand I have not lost any money so that is a positive. On the other I thought I would be the owner of a truly special book based on all of the sigs from a great show at a tremendous value. Now I'm not and I'm skeptical that I ever will be. So that is a BIG negative. So I'm putting my story out to the board community for their insights and suggestions. This may also serve as both a warning to others about this seller and a request that if anyone happens to see this book pop up for sale anywhere to let me know and be forewarned yourself. FWIW here is the seller info I received from my paypal refund: Anthony Rey anthonyrey83@gmail.com Thanks in advance for any help you can give me here.
  17. Hello, I'd like to request the following books be added to both the Saga (2012) (Complete with Variants) and Saga (2012) (1st Prints Only - No Variants) respective sets please. They are: 43-49. In addition I'd like to request these books be added to the Saga (2012) (Complete with Variants) set as well. They are: Image Firsts: Saga #1 (1/17) along with Saga #1 - Mexican edition and Saga #1 - Mexican Variant edition. Thank you
  18. Andrew, I just emailed you a group of books from this post I'll buy.
  19. It was still mine. I can thank the NPB from a couple of years ago. Their loss, my gain.
  20. I agree with everything you stated. 1. I spent about a year trying to figure out what and how to collect. For example, collect some of my favorite titles---(ASM, FF, Avengers, X-men, Justice League) in VF or better (raw). Or collect low to mid-grade GA titles (ie: More Fun with Spectre/Dr. Fate, Detective, Action, All-star). Or Collect 1 title in high grade 2. I eventually decided to collect only HG JLA #1-100. I would have liked to collect issues in CGC 9.4 or better, but that was not financially feasible, so I decided on CGC 9.0 or better on most of the expensive issues and CGC 9.4 or better on #50-100. 3. My slabs do just sit in a box, but right now the excitement is in the hunt for more slabs to add to the collection and moving up in the registry. I am right behind you at #6 on the registry---I think you need to sell some of those books 4. The manipulation of comic books is a big concern. I don't find anything wrong with restoration, pressing, etc... (however not trimming ---as long as it is fully disclosed, so that I can make up my own mind. Simple solution to your #3. Buy my copy of #2. You'll pass me then. (thumbs u
  21. I had a few reasons Spookley. In no particular order I'd list a few of them as the following: 1. My goal was a 9.4 run or better for the first 50. I realized that even if I could find all of the remaining books I needed to complete the run it was doubtful I'd be able to afford a copy of #1 in that grade. Barring some financial windfall coming my way that I didn't see happening. So what would be the point of getting so close to a goal when there was a very real chance I'd come up short in the end. 2. While I certainly enjoyed the hunt for new additions to fill the run. And I was pleased to put together the books I did. At the end of the day my collection was still a group of books that essentially just sat in a box. It wasn't like I was going to crack the books out of their slabs to touch or read them. Obviously for fear of doing anything to lower their grade. So I got to the point that I couldn't see a lot of sense in continuing to invest the $$$$ collecting. Nor did it make sense to me to just sit on the books I owned waiting to see what they may be worth in the future. So I put my collection up for sale and sold most of them off. You can see from my registry what I have left. (It's kind of funny to me that my "set" is still top 5 with just 3 books left). 3. Concerns about the pressing of books and some of the other problems that have cropped up involving HG stuff (take Jason Ewert as an example) that made me question how legit future purchases might be. There were probably a few others but this probably gives you a good idea of why I'm not in the game any more.
  22. Yeah, good thing you were out of the market by the time one came up on eBay, so I was able to pick it up for some ridiculous price like 2X Guide without you driving me up. There's another copy on Heritage right now to tempt you. Prices are on the move in HG JLA-land, though, so I'm guessing this copy will go for more than the last. I was going to ask if the copy pictured was yours or not. I thought I remembered you telling me you got a #20 in 9.4. Might have been fun to see what a bidding war between us might have led to for that book if I'd still been collecting at the time it came up. You know me Tim. If I wanted it, I usually wasn't shy about paying the price to get it. Then again we might have just discussed how much our max would be and let the higher commitment take it. But we'll never know how it might have played out.
  23. Still haven't figured out how to use the quote function, I see. Hit or miss.
  24. I see that the CGC Book of the day is a JLA #20 in 9.4. If I was still in the hunt I'd have wanted that one. It was one of the few I never could find in 9.4 within the first 20-30 that I needed for my run.
  25. Welcome back to the boards, Scott! I figured I'd give you a head start on post count so now I have a moving target to shoot for.