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  1. That Jimmy Olsen splash was a steal. I know cuz I'm the one who stole it! Thank you for being a Peanuts collector.
  2. Incredibly impressive result for a Frenz page. But look how closely the cover matches the panel. I'm sure that gave it a solid bump!
  3. I've always believed that the oa market would stay on fire as long as buyers felt that they could profitably flip their auction winnings through he same venue within a span of six months. With this auction, I'm comfortable saying that we've finally passed that point and the wave of speculation that brought almost everything up in value has finally passed. Does this mean that I see a great deal of pain coming for the hobby? Not exactly. Anyone who needs to sell something that they've bought over the last 18 months may very well be disappointed with their results. But oa collectors are, by and large, long term players who really enjoy owning this stuff. The ones who remain will continue to collect, but perhaps not with the fear of missing out that has driven things lately. Eventually, I believe it will all work out. If prices continue their squishyness, consignors will send less to auction and supply will eventually meet demand. But with a metric ton of art under consignment, it could take awhile to do so! I hope all you oa fans pick up something nice in the back half of '23 for a cheaper price than you would have paid in '22. Lots of lots coming up tomorrow to choose from!
  4. The auctioneer keeps saying that our money is no good where we're going. I find it...disturbing.
  5. Maybe you should open a gallery & show them how it's done.
  6. One would think so. But nowadays getting a bargain means buying something at last year's price. Either fortunately or unfortunately, I don't see any real weakness that would lead me to expect any more of a discount than that.
  7. I think it's that Bill Cox is a pantydropper. Try hanging out for more than a few minutes around that sexy beast and see how long you can keep your pants buttoned!
  8. Here is the standard reply. Alex gives the best answer you're going to get. Ultimately, it's on you to do your research and decide what's best.
  9. This was certainly the liveliest show that I've been to since the pandemic hit. Folks seem to feel ready to get out & rub elbows again. It was great to finally meet the Foolkiller in person, as well as other friends that I don't see as often as I'd like to. And a special thanks to the Unstoppable one for helping me get back into my car after I locked myself out! As far as art deals go, most of the stuff at the show was the same material that I've already seen, albeit with higher prices. That said, there was plenty of fresh art to go through with some agreeable pricing. Jim Warden had a ton of new Byrne art, Bob S was set up with a whole bunch of affordable 70s DC stuff, and Albert always has a new gem or two on display. I fell in love with his Fabry Preacher cover and was able to take it home with me! Best show since 2019. I hope more collectors make it out to the next one this September!
  10. Was anyone else expecting the Avengers #16 splash to go higher?
  11. Where would this hobby be without Heritage's auction archive? I shudder to think.
  12. Wow! I see stuff like this happening more & more these days...
  13. I am happy to say that I'll be setting up a table with a few pieces. I'm really looking forward to hanging out & talking comic art!
  14. I can't speak about the book shows, but I did attend the last NJ art con. As others have said, it was well handled from a safety perspective. But attendance was definitely off. Given the current environment, who would expect it to be otherwise? The show is literally a 10 minute drive for me, so I'm in. But I'm really hoping that more of my buddies from the city will be willing to make the trek. Anyone know if Albert is showing?
  15. I hope a few of you are following this week's auction. Several of the lots are mine, including this nifty Jughead #59 cover. But what I really want to talk about is the Blue Thunder helicopter toy art. This piece has been with my family since its rendering, about 40 years ago. I'm not a toy collector so when I gave Heritage some comic art, I threw this on the pile. With the current bidding at $12, I think that might have been a mistake.I don't profess to know the market, but that seems cheap to me. If you can find the toy w/box on ebay, you're spending over $500, so I have to believe this lot isn't finding its audience. Or maybe it really isn't worth more than $50. What do I know? If any kind-hearted boardie knows where toy art collectors congregate, feel free to pass this post along. Maybe one of them can appreciate this.
  16. And it ends at $1725. I had no idea where it would end up. I loved Why I Hate Saturn, but see very little interest in Kyle Baker's stuff. My first thought when I saw the page was that it would end somewhere around a grand. I was lucky enough to get a better page in a trade last month. It would have been a tougher deal to pull off if this auction happened sooner!
  17. Seeing as how the auction ends tomorrow, I though I'd bump the thread. With a few exceptions, pretty much everything looks cheap. I expect that to change as we approach the finish line. Good luck to the bidders & consignors!
  18. Am I the only one who forgot it was SDCC weekend? In a last minute effort to get in on the fun, I posted a couple of nice pieces for sale until Sunday. Check them out here. Please feel free to give them the once-over, ask me a question or two, & complain about my prices to your buddies. For a minute, it'll be just like you're on the show floor!
  19. I tried to remove a sold piece from my virtual booth, but the pieces seem to be locked down. So don't expect anything new to walk into the room tomorrow.
  20. Only 18 hours to go! Many thanks to Bill for putting Comic Art Live! together. It's much more like a real con than the CAFCON thing we slapped together in March, & any comic art fan would be crazy not to check it out! I always try to bring fun stuff to the art cons, and this time will be no different. Highlights include: Perez IG & Teen Titans art, a Kirby Thor page, a Byrne WCA cover, Bolland Green Lantern art, and much more, including some 80s pages that haven't been offered publicly in thirty years! You'll find one of those long lost treasures in the pic below. So be sure to drop by Dan's Table and see you all on the show floor!
  21. Another rule to keep in mind is You Must Own - or be the Creator of - the Artwork You Post to a Gallery Room , as per point 3 of Bill's Terms & Conditions. About four years ago, you publicly offered the cover to Fables #125 on behalf a friend. As you might recall, I almost bought it from you until I spoke to the artist's rep, Cheeky Joe M.. He explained that the piece was still in the artist's possession, not your friend's, and was being made available at a lower price than your friend wanted.
  22. The art from that pic in David Harbour's home is the cover to Cap #321. I'd bet good money that it's not the real one.
  23. And CAFCON is officially on! They can keep us inside, but they can't keep us from collecting comic art! To search all of the convention offerings, go the search option and look for CAFCON. Also, do a second check under CAFCON2020. This was a last minute show, and there might have been a couple of crossed wired on the keyword. In any case, check out my CAFCON GALLERY. Multiple Ditkos under $500!