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  1. ooh i'm beating Bosco to some info here, someone on reddit claims to have found were they are filming Arkham scenes has the sign up too, it's on Staten Island
  2. Didn't Marvel move Cap 3 directly on the same date as Superman vs Batman in the first place?? So that was a strong play by Marvel, and it worked in Warner backing down. I expect Marvel to the same thing on any of these new dates that Warner just announced. If Marvel wants the date ...you better move it. It's funny to see Marvel and DC continue their rivalry, yet now cinematically. how is trying to make as much money as possible backing down? Cap 3 would have also made less money aswell, this is just the smart business move
  3. How is Guardians's results what made DC/Warner move its date? This date change had to be done by either company, which a few detailed analysts clearly called out as the right move for both studios to benefit. Take the Marvel blinders off, and see reality. Plain and simple. WB got scared. Fearful that it would lose money competing with Captain America 3. There is no way that this announcement today is a coincidence and not a direct correlation with the success of the GOTG movie. Ask yourself this. Why didn't WB announce this a SDCC when it had the attention of the international media. you are deluded IF they were worried about being outgrossed (which likely wont happen) then the success of CA:TWS would surely be enough to convince them that a date change is necessary this is a film that is already a fair way into production, they could be way ahead of schedule
  4. i wonder why they went for a 3D rendering instead of actual footage?
  5. i think it's more that it is hinting at a certain costume from a certain storyline
  6. Batman is generally billed as 6'2", Sperman 6'3" (i've seen 6'4" too) Affleck is arond 6'2"/3" Cavill is 6'1" maybe a reason for the shorter ears so Affleck doesn't look too tall
  7. There is so much wrong with this I don't even know where to begin. 1. Knee high metal plates to cover her skinny legs. 2. High heels to make her look taller 3. Not even a hint of red, white or blue. If I was American I would be insulted. 4. Upside down tiara or head band 5. Her top made to look she has a bigger breast size. etc...... Xena the Warrior Princess had a better outfit. these seem to be observations more than faults in the costume it's pretty clear by now that they were never going to go bright and colourful i have zero problems with the costume, you can tell who it is so it has fulfilled it's purpose
  8. Is this official or fan-made? Peace, Chip official, Zach Snyder released it
  9. it's yiddish for the "S" word
  10. really Yeah. I remember getting excited and explaining why to my wife. Kord has definitely been mentioned / shown on Arrow at some point. it was a fundraiser or something that Moira went to wasn't it? also Bludhaven was mentioned (Deadshot lived there) so Nightwing is possible
  11. Im catching up after a few days and I'm a bit confused. The article says the release date for BvS: DOJ is scheduled for May 2016 release with Shazam set for a July 2016 release, is that correct? Isn't that cutting it a a little too close to one another? Don't get me wrong, I love the idea of not having to wait a whole year for a DC installment but I figured it would be better to space them out more. But if DOJ is rescheduled to 2017 (bummer) I wouldn't mind Shazam filing in but boy is that movie going to be difficult to pull-off. Also, this Flash/Green Lantern movie is personally my favorite one of the bunch because I absolutely love those Silver Age funny books. I can't wait to see the castings for those two roles, that's assuming Grant Gustin isn't their decision for the cinematic version. Speaking of Green Lantern. I wonder who or what version of Green Lantern will in the movie? Hal is easily explained moreso than Guy/John/Kyle, the rest kind of need Hal to have been GL already and i'm thinking they're not counting the last movie (shhh) (it wasn't that bad)
  12. not much word on Cyborg after his announced inclusion still waiting for info on Lex too, Eisenberg is a really good actor
  13. i noticed that at 48 seconds, this program has potential to bring alot of the forgotten characters back
  14. to be fair it is about a film that is 2 years away... ...where's the Cap 3 thread?
  15. She definitely wasn't top on my list to play Wonder Woman. But I am trying to think positive, and hope this turns out well. I agree with you, we should try to look at the positives. Someone is spending a ton of money and going to bust their to make a movie we'd all (well, a lot of us anyway) would like to be made. Still the casting choices confound me . . . it's rare i think about casting choices when the movies come out