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  1. Yes. it surprisingly was! I think what happened was when I sold mine there was only 4 graded copies in total, with mine being tied for the highest. When the 6.5 copy sold for $11.4K it doubly surprised everyone; first by the amount it sold for and secondly, 2000 AD #2 collectors/fans were not aware that CGC were now grading them. I capitalized off of both and that why I feel my copy sold for $22.8K as opposed to the recent 9.4 copy selling for a lil over $14K. There are now many more high-grade copies available with a 9.6 at the top!
  2. Sorry buddy, this sold last year on HA for $22,800. A CGC 9.4 sold a couple of weeks ago on HA for a lil over $14K!!!
  3. Congrats my friend!!! I'm happy for ya!!! Hopefully this will lure some more hg copies out into the open and submit for CGC grading! Truly rare key issue for sure!
  4. I'm a fan of Judge Dredd, but not a HUGE FAN like some, so here's my question: Is it just the current dynamics of the genre market or is Judge Dredd that popular a character that my 2000 AD #2 CGC 9.0 could command such a price? I mean I was kinda shocked by the June final hammer for the CGC 6.5 of $11,400 on HA! So what's the real scoop?
  5. Yeah, thru the years I've sold a few of my comic books similar to what I paid for this one. Prime example: I bought a raw IH #181 VF/NM in 1998 for $250 and had it cleaned/pressed/graded. It came back a CGC 9.2 and in 2018, I sold it for $6,500!
  6. Cool! It'll be nice to see more of these get graded and come up for sale/trade! Thanks!
  7. Yes it is and I believe it's the same book⁉️ So unless the owner was very impatient to wait for another Signature Auction or needed the money yesterday, why take such a loss!? Thanks my friend. I didn't want to sell it honestly, but what is the likelihood it'll stay at the top of CGC census for much longer?
  8. Thanks buddy! That's way less than the one on HA 2 months that sold for $11,400 with the buyer's premium. Probably not as visible as the HA since that CGC 6.5 one was in the last Signature Auction.
  9. Yes it is and doing quite well for now! Hopefully, it'll set a new precedent for 2000 AD #2's!
  10. Thanks my friend! I sure hate to sell it but I need the loot for home improvement projects. Your copy looks great and should come back with a nice grade.
  11. Hello All, Here you have the highest graded copy of 2000 AD #2 CGC 9.0, the first ever appearance of 'The Dude wit da Tude', the iconic Judge Dredd! With this being 1/4 copies graded on the CGC census this Bronze Age key is a must have for every Judge Dredd fan! Bid with confidence my friends! https://comics.ha.com/itm/magazines/science-fiction/2000-a-d-weekly-2-ipc-magazines-ltd-1977-cgc-vf-nm-90-off-white-to-white-pages-this-was-the-very-first-appearance-of-judge-dredd-/p/7279-195001.s?ic2=myconsignmentspage-lotlinks-12202013&tab=MyConsignment-112816
  12. I believe they started last year or early this year for the 2000 AD's. Even longer probably depending on how long they've been grading magazines.
  13. I bought my 2000 AD #2 as a raw NM in 2017 which at the time CGC wasn't grading mags. I was hoping for at least an 8.0, but since we all know raw grading is subjective I was very happy with a 9.0. I also believe it's even more difficult to grade newspaper covers like 2000 AD's have IMO.
  14. The Biotronic Man stickers are also encapsulated with the comic magazine. It wouldn't be as valuable without them.
  15. Thanks buddy! It's gonna be a surprise to a lot of people for sure!
  16. High grades are extremely uncommon, but I'm sure are out there. I bought mine as a raw NM back in 2017. Looks much better in person for sure! I was hoping for at least an 8.0 grade, but I'm damn happy for the 9.0! Mid-grades like the Bloke said are quite common. A 2000 AD Prog #2 CGC 6.5 sold for $11,400 with buyer's premium a few weeks ago on HA. I'll be selling mine in the next Signature Auction in September.
  17. I had to submit it as a magazine. I had my raw copy since 2017 and waiting until CGC eventually started grading magazines and 2000 AD progs not too long ago.