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  1. In response to Adam's request of PL for me I completely AGREE I should be placed on the list. I have been so wrapped up in everything going on that I haven't had a chance to get on here in almost 11 weeks to respond to questions. Reasons I should be on here stretch more than the Eastman opp and until I can set the status back to clear I will not take another commission request nor sell on the boards. No need for voting, or large discussions of why or why not I whole heartedly believe until I can get everything done that j do belong on here. The Eastman opp: Yes SDCC was a huge sketch opportunity and almost everything has been completed and turned into CGC. If you check with Doug (dscott) he is just now receiving the last of his order from San Diego and I'm really trying to get this one completed. I have three large scale commissions to include Adam's request and I'll finally be done with SDCC. The Hawaii Eastman opp: I am waiting on 10 commissions left for it to be completed. These are 10 full body commissions and not part of the opp conducted on here. The ones completed were some different commission requests such as Nightwing Turtle, Harley Quinn Turtle, Batman, and several others which were completed as can be verified by Adonis (Not sure what he is called now) and Yaw (yagyare) who were in the hotel room while he was drawing these for everyone. Someone asked why I took commissions at NYCC, I did not. Darrel F happened to accompany me to Kevin's hotel to pick up some commissions as well as books signed and asked me if I could ask him on the spot. That was the only commission done at that show by Kevin outside of the small stand in line he did at IDWs booth. It's because of being behind by the 13 commissions that I did not take any requests for Canada, NYCC or the past weeks Amazing Oklahoma City Comic Con as we have been able to whittle down numbers during it. Usually his work load is pretty enormous and why I try to slide a book in on him a week as I figure one at a time is at least something. As for grading for these, one hang up was something I didn't see, licensing. Everything should be taken care of and should finally start seeing these completed though. Other stuff and Cleaning out laundry here: Jamie Biggs, Adam himself warned me about this one but following commission requests and then receiving them back before my requested cut off I ran an op with Jamie. Currently waiting on a single book to be completed and have been trying to contact Jaime about closing this thing which has been an enormous headache. (Self Inflicted) Alfred Trujilo, his books are either at CGC or at my home... Yes they could be at my home but I honestly have not had a chance to open boxes I have received due to my travel schedule. Usually I'm home for Wednesday long enough to wash my clothes, kiss the kids, and pat the wife on the head. This I need to check on when I get home hopefully Friday which I have a weekend off finally and will be back. Kokkinakis, currently awaiting a single book as well, been in contact with him about it though so should be near the end of the tunnel with him. Harley Quinn Amazing books, these are spread between three places, CGC, my home, and just getting to CGC. The ones just getting to CGC were just signed by Palmiotti and Conner a few weeks ago due to Amanda not attending NYCC. I will get on messaging every single person back as soon as I can but I really am bogged down. The biggest reason I am replying to this isn't to keep myself out of the PL but because I've received several texts, calls, and an email this morning alone and I know I need to respond to everyone on a PM by the end of this week. I WILL find a way to get back on here more to respond. Lastly I truly do apologize for the delay in everything. It's not my intention to keep books away from you all whether to keep or flip and I am not against me being on the PL but would even wish to nominate myself until I can get things cleared up with each of these issues as well as a few extra ones I have going on as well.
  2. Last but not least... Bryan Singer stopped by at Amazing Hawaii... so here are a few of those as well.
  3. All of these will be getting to CGC within the next week but were done primarily at Amazing Hawaii Comic Con: Kevin Eastman playing with the Remark thing... probably the first and last attempts at blacking out a cover... Especially after him going a little overboard with this one: Also remarked these Jetpack Variants: And what remarking would be complete without a Stan remark...
  4. Absolutely amazing set of books sent safely, securely, and quicker than I could send funds... Absolutely amazing transaction and can't say enough good things about dealing with John.
  5. The blue label was simply us getting the layout for approval. Nothing more to take from it...
  6. Following this coming Amazing Hawaii Comic Con (18-20 September) in partnership with CGC and Kevin Eastman, "Team Eastman" are now proud to present the new Team Eastman CGC Label's for Universal and Signature Series books. The Team Eastman Amazing Hawaii Comic Con variant will be the first book to be eligible for the newest label Signature Series Label Universal Label
  7. Have you ever had a secret, forced to hold it, and then finally given the ability to share it? Well stay tuned as tomorrow I'll finally be able to share some Turtle news finally.
  8. For me its the Uncanny X-Men #297 Pressman Variant. I've been trying to buy a 9.8 copy of that book to have signed for almost two years now and every time I have funds for it something happens and I have to either put it off or the copy I have my eyes set on disappears. I figure I've owned a Wolverine #1 JSC variant... and sold it. I've owned a Walking Dead #1 and sold it. Bat that book... That book is a screw you my children daddies getting buried with it book.
  9. Congratulations And if you are looking to let go of anything let me know as i'm willing to pick up a few.
  10. The Joe Mad signatures I'm pretty jealous about. Actually looking for the #2 and #3 Inhuman books signed by Joe Mad and graded 9.8. Had my 2 come back lower grades.
  11. I purchased a $200 toy at San Diego Comic Con for little man and this is what I got...
  12. They are willing to crack them but no they do not use CBCS as a legitimate witnessing form. It would give CBCS legitimacy and ultimately that's not something they want to do to a competitor.
  13. You need to go by CGC first and have a witness follow you. Some creators Stan Lee, Kevin Eastman, etc, have dedicated authorized CGC witnesses that work for them but artists like Campbell and Hughes require you to get a CGC red shirt witness to follow you. The benefit to cracking your own book is in the preparation and window bagging of it. CGC is obligated to crack Yellow Sig Series books but not blue labels. Personally if you know how to yourself I would simply stick with it. The graders don't see the grades and honestly you could basically throw the blue tag in the trash once done cracking. The only thing CGC may do with the blue label is change the census by deleting the old number... Maybe. Entirely up to you. An account is not necessary to have to submit at a convention. No it's not, this one and not to be cruel or sound like a but should be common sense, at artist alley in NYCC you're looking at 100 plus artists 50 plus celebs and tons of other random individuals, no way in hell is CGC going to have a witness at every table. That's a comic store signing pure and simple and not something done anywhere else.
  14. The inaugural "Team Eastman" Variant for Amazing Hawaii Comic Con in September. Cover by Greg Horn.
  15. Awesome to see the one got through as a 9.8SS after adding the two others
  16. The CA Sticker apparently got placed on the slab at CGC to my understanding. I didn't do anythjng as far as sending CGC a sticker or even notify CGC that they were even there.
  17. Ahhh, you caught that Huh? Thought it would be cool for him to say. Also like how Monaghan wouldn't write joker on it as he technically isn't the Joker and how Penguin underlined THE
  18. Cast of Gotham from Wizard World Philly, Comicpalooza, and Fan Expo Dallas all with remarks. The Celeb Authentics sticker is new though...
  19. Oddly enough the Registry states only one of these has been graded but I know I have seen one other signed. Anyways this one has been signed by: Signed at Alamo City Comic Con last year by Greg Land Signed at Amazing Arizona - Herb Trimpe, Steve Epting, Greg Capullo, Mark Bagley, Adam Kubert, George Perez. Signed at Comicpalooza - Joe Rubinstein, Bob McLeod, Louise & Walt Simonson Signed at Fan Expo Dallas - Nick Bradshaw, Greg Horn, Stan Lee, Jim Cheung, Dexter Vines, Bob Layton Getting ready to crack it for another show and more Marvel Alum's to sign...
  20. Having already seen the six prelim's Kevin did and the cover for one and two Freddie turned in I gotta say it's going to be a good looking book. Already working a Signature Series opportunity with Kevin on the release of this one and #50
  21. Just posting this here in case anyone is interested: Kevin Eastman Remark and Sketch opp for SDCC pickup and CGC drop off. Will also have a good amount of books that will be up for sale in the next few weeks much like this one: Just going through the list of books and building prices based off what the boss man and his wife ask me for. Figured I would give individuals here on the boards who created this section the chance to see them first before I start having to post them in other areas.
  22. I know right now Mike has had a lot of personal issues on his side and while not an excuse I do know some of the issues have caused the delay in communication. I don't want to put his personal issues out here but just give the guy a little more time and you all should see something. If it were me I would be right there in the same boat so I do feel for the guy.
  23. Kinda Sorta All New Spider-Gwen. Gotta reboot Spider-Gwen, as its already becoming hard to understand after such a large and rich history of issues.