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  1. The response from customer service that was posted above is correct. This occurs when USPS is overwhelmed with mail, which often happens after a long weekend. The PO Box is actually in our facility itself; we have never picked stuff up from the post office. Please be patient, your packages will eventually show as delivered either through USPS or our internal package tracking system. Thank you, Paul
  2. Hello, The difference is due to the fact that your pack is from the earlier "Shadowless" print run, making it much more valuable. Paul
  3. Hello, Great question! I just looked up your submission. Lines 2 and 4 were deemed too brittle to holder. The ink on the Celebrations Metal cards sometimes comes flaky around the edges. If the graders see a flaky portion like on your cards, they consider it NC or Not Suitable for Certification, and it is returned raw. You should be credited back your fees as well. Please email customer service to confirm the fees for those two cards were credited. Thanks, Paul
  4. Hi @PichuCollector, I apologize for the confusion on this. We will grade your card as their are no known sheets of this set. Please submit it again for grading. Thank you, Paul
  5. That is completely normal and the cards will be perfectly fine. Reholdering will not change the size of the holder. Paul
  6. Thanks for the heads up. I just unblocked them in our internal systems this morning, so it might take a day for them to be back on the form. Paul
  7. We are doing the best we can to complete everything by tier and date received. Thank you, Paul
  8. Hi all, Here is the announcement you have all been waiting for! CGC Trading Cards is once again grading these cards! -Paul
  9. I sent you an email about this. I apologize that these cards were damaged in shipping. Everyone else, please note that this was an earlier style of holder that was only used for a very short while because the cards could move if mishandled while shipping back to the customer. The new holders eliminate any of these issues. Paul
  10. I am very sorry for these issues. I will reach out to you via email to see if there is something we can do for you. Thanks, Paul
  11. CGC employees would be fired immediately for such an offense as they are not allowed to do such a thing. The first batch of these was done over the last couple of weeks using cards submitted by our largest dealers who understood that they were partaking in the final round of testing and would provide their feedback on the holder. We are happy to announce that it went well, and we are once again accepting these cards for grading! We apologize for the delay. It took far longer than expected, but we hope everyone will be happy with the final result. Thank you, Paul
  12. Very cool error! I wrote the guide a while ago. While new error types have been added, I have not updated the older text. At the time, it was only the energy cards known. Currently, there are reverse holos from Vivid Voltage like this card that we have graded, as well as one common from Sword & Shield Base set. Paul