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  1. I like the artistic direction of the prelim more than the published cover, but realize that the intent was to build suspense and stand out on the spinner rack.
  2. A local credit union; pm sent.
  3. Check with your local banks to see if they have oversized lockboxes. I rented my house out while living abroad for a year and considered multiple options for a safe yet affordable storage solution. One of our local banks had oversized lockboxes that were able to accommodate 6 portfolios. While not all my OA, it was a substantial amount and I felt better leaving the remainder with someone else. I checked with a fine arts storage facility in Scottsdale and the fees were
  4. Good luck in your quest, sounds interesting. Post your findings if you are able.
  5. I was new to the hobby at the time; sounds like I stubbled into a better deal than I had realized and my original post was not fitting for this topic.
  6. Recently returned from spending a year in NZ in the Wellington area (working-sabbatical) and left before the exhibit opened And yep, the Te Papa museum is a fantastic museum (and free!). NZ is an incredibly beautiful place, so spend time exploring nature if you go
  7. I know Grasscutter is a popular Usagi storyline, but still an impressive result.
  8. I bought the endpage from Godzilla #1 off ebay in 2013, so we were probably competing in same auctions at that time lol. Re: the Shogun cover, I didn’t save an image, but the cover was similar to the published #3 cover except the robot was not catching the derailed train. The description said something to the effect of the cover was rejected due to not being able to pass the Comics Code. It was inked and had the trade dress, so it looked like a completed cover.
  9. When I first started collecting (2009/10) and scouring eBay, Godzilla panel pages seemed to come up frequently for ~$100. Around that same time, an unused cover for Shogun #3 (IIRC) that I bid on which ultimately sold for well over $1000 and (as a newbie) that blew my mind.
  10. Visited Kings Comics (mostly due to proximity to where I’m staying and limited time). Nice layout/design and a little for almost every type of collector. Top floor is moderns and graphic novels with statues in the back. Bottom floor was mostly dedicated to back issues and slabs/display books. Located in the downtown business district, near museums and walking distance from Sydney Opera House.
  11. Will spend a few days in Sydney later this week and I want to break away from wifey a few hours to visit area LCS's. Google search turns up three: King's Comics, Comic Shop Liverpool, and Cody the Cartoon Dog. Which of these would be recommended? Any more not in listed? Bonus points if there's comic art.
  12. Andy's method is a good thought exercise to go through even if one isn't selling.
  13. Ah, I was misinformed then...It certainly reads like a Chick Tract. Still, some Chick Tract art is memorable for being over-the-top.
  14. I was reminded of another piece of infamous comic art I would love to have... art from the Chick Tracts, especially this one...
  15. I gave mine to a local comic dealer last year... he seemed excited to get them.
  16. We all love panel pages that advance our favorite stories, but sometimes you can squint and there seems to be another story that can be read into that page. Occasionally you don't need to squint at all. What are some of your favorite panel pages that can be read out of context? My favorite in my collection is from Rachel Rising. I get a chuckle from this page, but it's actually a sinister meeting. Terry Moore art and story
  17. More famous as a meme than infamous as a comic, but Batman slapping Robin would be a great one to own! Another similar one is the Joker 'Boner' panel.
  18. These are nice ink washes. But this seems to be a trend among some artists the past few years, no? Detailed pencils straight to digital color.
  19. Beautiful work, thanks for posting clear images @Nexus. Dr. Strange seems like a perfect vehicle for Tradd’s style, just as it was for Dikto’s more psychedelic style (which blew my mind the first time seeing it as a kid). Excited to see Tradd’s trajectory.
  20. I assume you mean Ice Cream Man? It was optioned for TV show a couple of years ago, but I haven't heard anything lately. Comic seems fairly popular and has some cool cover homages.