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  1. On 12/27/2023 at 6:44 PM, BrashL said:

    Serious question: Why do you feel like you should get to control what people hear? Why not let them consume the information and decide from themselves, even if it’s different than what you think. Wouldn’t you rather some feathers get ruffled than someone in the group buy a switched slab when it could have been prevented?

    People can hear whatever they want, and post whatever they want, on their own site. Our group is not for all the constant arguing and just plain nasty-ness that so many of these groups have. Certainly, this is the best place to get the info, and we have a link to it. I have far more people PM me saying they are sick of constant complainers than people upset because we don't give them a forum to complain in. And when it is verifiable facts, from a trusted source, we will link it or post it. But most people have had enough of Fox News, so we choose to not be that way.


  2. On 12/27/2023 at 3:01 PM, Ron C. said:

    I disagree with the contention that no criticism of CGC is allowed on that FB site. You can't post Voldy books and you need to be civil in your interactions with others. 

    That's me. I am in no way associated with CGC other than using them like any of us do. Pretty much our only rule is no CBCS and be nice. Many of us simply can't seem to do that, so I gladly help them move on. And no one was banned for talking about this, but their post was removed, and the first 10 or so were given the reason why. After that, if I removed one and the person kept re-posting, I removed them. When CGC finally has an official post, we will gladly post it. But going off of some you-tubers with a bunch of allegations, and then allowing the more enthusiastic members to try convince the majority of us that the sky is falling is not what we are there for. Lots of work has gone into this problem by several of the members here, and I am sure we all thank you for that. Lots of accusations and theories have come from others, and we don't thank you for that. Enjoy this great hobby, and don't let this kind of problem ruin your month. Remember, at least in my group, 80% of the members don't and likely won't ever have a Hulk 181, and no one is counterfeiting the latest Venom variant.