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  1. They worked on Season 2 and 3 back to back, if I remember correctly. So hopefully that means season 3 won't be released that far behind season 2. Speaking of... just tell us when!!!!
  2. Speculation that Season 2 is coming July 21 per a Prime Video Portugal Instagram page. https://www.instagram.com/p/CuUvlLBM_lY/?igshid=MzRlODBiNWFlZA%3D%3D
  3. Wife and I went to go see it over the weekend. Was pleasantly entertained by it. We even watched the Bumblebee movie right before it, just because. I did not know much about Beast Wars, but loved what I saw of Optimus Primal and the others. As for the post-cred scene:
  4. Saw it last week with the wife.. Thought it was fantastic. Visuals were stunning. All the styles just nicely flowed together for me. Had to watch some of the YouTube videos of Easter Eggs to catch much of what I missed. Still feel that Into the Spider-Verse was better, IMO. More humor. More Peter B. Parker. Loved Spider-Punk!!!
  5. Saw it the other day.. and I don't if it is just me, but I am not abuzz about the film likes others I've seen. Is it better than Thor L&T and Dr. Strange MoM? Yes. To me, that isn't something that would be difficult to do. Was I entertained? Yes. Did I understand what the villain's intent was? Yes What I didn't understand:
  6. Was just coming here to post this after my wife shared the link. Crazy story.
  7. Saw it yesterday with the wife. Was I entertained? Yes. Were there some questionable scenes/dialogue? Yes. Was it better than Love & Thunder? IMO, yes. Some missed opportunities for not having some previous scene stealing characters from earlier films.
  8. Both the app (on my phone) and web (on my desktop) work as normal.
  9. Can't seem to find an actual link to this story, so take it with a grain of salt. I like the idea though to see more and different storylines.
  10. Wish I had waited a little longer before pulling the trigger on a 8.0. At the end of the day, happy to have it in my collection. Don't plan on selling it anyhow. This might provide an opportunity to get a higher grade at a reasonable cost and sell the other if the prices go back up.
  11. It had me laughing, smiling, and singing the songs I knew. Makes for a good time.
  12. Had a quick and easy transaction with Chris. Books arrived quickly and in better shape than expected.
  13. It's bittersweet. Want the new season now, but know that once I binge that season I'll be at this stage again waiting for season 3. If they are truly working on both season 2 and 3, it'll be nice that we don't wait 2+ years for season 3.
  14. That's pretty cool. I backed the Kickstarter project for the books. Got 1 out of the 3 books so far. Read a bit of the books and like what I saw.
  15. Overall enjoyed the two shows. My thoughts: - Third Sister/Reva's acting is over top at times, to me. Trying to sell what she is saying, but comes across as just forced. - Leia was taken because it is known that Obi Wan fought alongside Bail Organa, not because she is known as Vader's daughter (imo) - Feel like there were a few times where the light saber did not look right or the angle was off (to the point where it look like if it was correct, it would go through a person) I agree about Kenobi not using / losing his touch with the force (this was brought up in the video game Fallen Order, if anyone has played it) and waiting/wanting to train Luke. "I am little rough in the force right now but let me train you anyhow." Still enjoyed it. Got extra excited about seeing the Bad Batch second season trailer.
  16. Just received some Spider-Man books I purchased from Jeff. Books came in as described (possibly even better). Very happy and would buy from again.